We are at a time of great change. I see it not only in the world,I also see it taking a great toll on my clients, family and friends. I have always said that the Universe gives you clues. It’s like it starts by whispering in your ear. Then it taps you on the shoulder and gives you outward sign.

Than if you still don’t listen it vigorously and sometimes painfully forces the issue.

But what is it?  is it an unseen force? Is it an omnipotent god? Or is the god force that we are all connected to? Could it be like some say, we have a contract with someone or something to do certain things? Maybe we do. Or maybe the contract is with our essence, or collective, maneuvering, testing and strengthening our understanding and command over our innate power. As we learn to command that power we in turn strengthen and raise the consciousness of the universe. Much like all the cells in your body that go through growth processes to strengthen and renew the body as a whole.

As we look at the political scene from an observer’s point of view we can see a pattern that is mirroring the scale of consciousness in our country and the world.

In the beginning the mankind was absolutely built on a “might makes right” type of system, like any animal species that has ever lived. As time went on the leader attained his position by might and manipulation and held it for generations by convincing the masses that these families were somehow more important and evolved. Unfortunately and to the detriment of mankind that thinking is still prevalent today.

Though much of the world the title of king or queen has been replaced with other names but the ultimate effect and behavior is the same. In the United States instead of a king, we have a president the name evoking a more modern and more businesslike sound and effect. We still however have the same situation for the most part. The president is treated as if he is a king while his wife are called the first lady and his family is the first family. The names were changed but the system is still in place. We have elections to “hire” representatives then we proceed to treat them as if they are better than the average man or woman in the country. In truth they are employees of the population and should be seen that way with the same expectations of any employee with the same checks and balances to keep them honest. There is a quote by someone I am not sure who, said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” this was and is a true statement and needs to be addressed in all situations that effect the public.

It is because of this mindset we have a cast system that says some folks are above the law and some aren’t. A person with little assets are more apt to be arrested and incarcerated that someone of means especially if it is a person of color. There are people and businesses that bilk the population out of money and many time cause great harm but never get prosecuted. While the average person will be incarcerated for the smallest thing. It is in this way that our judicial system has become corrupt and untrustworthy. A police officer can maim and sometimes murder a suspect during an arrest for a traffic ticket and never be prosecuted as long as the government on that city or state can cover it up.

As we make changes in our society, balancing the scales of justice and power. Working to keep things as close to fair as possible the consciousness of the population in the country and the world raises and things become more manageable and more progressive for everyone.

But it isn’t something that can happen easily or quietly. Those in power and their benefactors will of course rail against the enlightened ones scoffing and defaming their hopes and ideas. The idea of everyone sharing equally the fruits of our society brings great rage. They fear the loss of their assets and station as prosperous and elite. They are so convincing, they actually have the people suffering in this greed based system fighting to keep their oppressors in control. Then, we have the people who base their beliefs and political leanings on mutual support among all of humanity. As they grow in numbers they inevitably overwhelm the opposition until they finally see the benefits of this way or thinking. When will this happen you ask? If you have noticed the rise in the public outcry for animal rights, rights for women and all sexual lifestyles. You can easily see it is happening now.

As we watch the political races between the authoritarians, ultra-conservative and the ultra-liberal it is easy to see the battle that I spoke of.  We see corruption in politics and media as the establishment does all it can to squelch the uprising. We see their underhanded methods being uncovered at every turn. This is in a sense the battle between good and evil we all have been told about. How will it end?

We shall soon see.

Robert Caruso ©2016

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