Stop the madness

          During this election year I have seen folks almost come to blows over political views and choices. I am constantly hearing Republicans did this,Democrats did that etc etc.  It is a horrible reflection of our knee jerk, reactive society. There isn’t anyway the elected president will be able to turn the country into anything but what it is. Change takes time and a multitude of painful lessons. It is never instant comfortable change. Nirvana isn’t coming anytime soon. it certainly won’t be brought into being by a particular president or party. 
          There has to be a societal change that moves us out of the apathetic mentality to a hands on approach to government. A government monitored strictly by a civilian watch dog group with a means to report to the people with out the constraints of the need for ratings and investors.  Our system now is not broken it was set up to put the power into the hands of a few. It gotta change before anything else does.    
         A persons choice for the presidency doesn’t necessarily mean the person agrees with all of the candidates views. I have been a Bernie fan for years cause of his obvious honesty and integrity . I don’t agree with he stance on abortion ( allowing it past the first trimester) guns ( I don’t believe in Banning anything just strict licencing standards)
I don’t agree with his immigration stance almost open borders.( I believe their should be easy but totally vetted visas )
        To me,  beyond the first black president or the first woman president the most novel of all presidents (Or congress person) would be a man or woman of honor and integrity.
I know its a long shot but it is a dream of a father.
Robert Caruso (c) 2016

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