The refocusing of a Society

It’s a sad situation, the way our people are succumbing to the will of the media and political factions. It has people believing that the world is getting worse, that our society is getting more separate and more violent. The truth is, though it’s hard for us to see it is getting better. The reason for that, of course, is that the media is able to draw more attention to them by using a violent or mean-spirited narrative.
The truth is very simple, yes we have terrorism, racism, and bigotry. But this isn’t new. These aspects of thought have been around since the beginning of time. One group of people looking down or feeling fearful of another. This not only goes on from race to race, religion to religion, sexual orientation but also political views.
The sad truth is it will always be this way. We have always had fearful, narrow-minded people that look outside of themselves for their problems and solutions. As long as we have people that are governing their lives by how they measure up to others, expect others to adhere to their point of view, this is going to be part of our society.
So how do we deal with this?
We pretty much know, that people aren’t going to change until they’re ready, and some may never change at all. So a radical protest, angry email or anything else is going to make a difference in their point of view. It’s going to take a constant refocusing of the masses.
That doesn’t mean we need to ignore the negative aspects of our society or fool ourselves into believing that things are better than they are. But we absolutely need to promote the positive is much as we do the negative.
We must try to focus the people we come in contact with on the good things and progress that we have had as a society. Eventually, they will start seeing that the negative press, political rhetoric, and social media, many times is overblown, slanted or completely false.
It is only through promoting the raw truth alongside a positive narrative, that we as a society can get our balance back and our people back on the path of growth in consciousness.
For example:
Back in the days of Martin Luther King, it was very rare to see a black man or a black woman with a white spouse. Black people or Hispanics were localized in certain areas of the city, if not by law, by societal pressure.
Now, all races are mixed in schools and businesses and it is common to see a person of color married to a white person. We see it in movies, commercials, television and all over social media. NOW THAT’S PROGRESS
Not too long ago, if someone was gay they were shunned by their families, churches, businesses, and friends.
Now although that does still occur from time to time it is common to see gay people in all areas of life thriving and having
a fully satisfying life.
Robert Caruso (c)2017

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