Mass Shootings





There is always some debate about what’s causing mass shootings and widespread violence that occurs in our country.

  1. Some people that think it is incredibly violent video games creating it

But some say no that can’t be it because so many play them and don’t kill anyone.

  1. Some say it is the incredible violence in cinema

Of course, others say that’s not what causes it because so many people flock to the theaters or online to watch them but never kill anyone.

  1. Some say it is the violent lyrics in music.

But of course, the people that create it say it isn’t it because so many enjoy the lyrics and compositions and never rape pillage or murder anyone.

  1. We have so-called reality shows where the star of the show is expected to curse and berate the person they are supposed to be helping. (exp: Gordon Ramsey and those like him)
  2. Some would love to believe it is just because the president said something rough or off-color. He does indeed say some crazy stuff, but so many hear it but never cause any problems. So I assume that can’t be it.

We have had guns around for centuries. It was common when I went to school to see a rifle in the rear window of a pickup truck in the student parking lot. But no mass shootings.

So which is it?

Maybe it is all of the above mixed with mental illness, whether it be organic issues or temporary problems.

Mental illness? That makes sense because you have to be missing a few bricks to want to hurt so many random people. But even in this case it usually requires some stimulation to send the ailing person to that extreme.

If you think of mental illness as a common denominator of these occurrences, then we have to look at what caused the disease (assuming it wasn’t organic) stress of trying to fit in might be one.

Maybe an abusive upbringing, bullying, or the fear of inadequacy. There are a lot of issues that add to this problem.

We could try to pass laws hoping to keep people from hurting someone’s feelings. But that would be tough to enforce.

We need to be teaching in our schools and educating our public as to how to deal with adverse situations without taking it personally or escalating it. Use our media for good instead of evil by publicizing good deeds and make it stylish to be a decent person as opposed to promoting the act of being a raging asshole as an example of strength.

What do you think?

Robert Caruso




R.Caruso © 2019


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