Dream interpretation is a valuable part of the metaphysical and psychological field.  I have been making dream interpretations for over 30 years. Here is what I have discovered.


Not all dreams matter.   Much of the time, they will be due to food you may have eaten ( Especially Cheese). The intuitive ones can have a treasure trove of information for you to use.

The dream interpretation books are useless. Here is why imagine you had a dream you had a snake crawling up your leg. If you love snakes or are just even fascinated by them, it would be a good dream and probably mean something good in the future. If you were deathly afraid or saw them as creepy, the dream would be conveying a negative message. EVERYONE has intuition. A part of your mind that allows you to sense things. A dream uses mental language to deliver that message, and the language is unique to you.

My job is to get a sense of your vibrational frequency and read you from there. Dream interpretation is one of those tools.

The thing I will ask you when interpreting:

  • How were you feeling during the dream?
  • Location?
  • Brightness: ( Light, dark, hazy, etc.)
  • People: Their demeanor, how did they look? Was it bright around them or dark? Eye contact?

These are some of the basic info that will make it possible to Interpret ( not all needed ).

If you feel you want your dream analyzed, I AM HERE TO HELP.

I also facilitate past life regressions and readings, Spirit Animal discovery, and of course, Psychic Readings and Intuitive instruction.

Speak to you soon.

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