As you hide all your lies.

You say things will be better

As our debt grows in size.

But then


Take our liberty away

Distract us by saying

 You’ll be safer this way.

Then you’ll,


Tell me not to lose sight

While you quietly smile

 As you outlaw our rights.

You say you are for us

But you prove that you’re not.

Though your rhetoric’s pretty

You’ve begun to get caught.



You yell “no deceit”

While you hide what they put

 In the things that we eat.

And then


While diseases go wild,

While cures are kept hidden

From a poor persons child.

You pardon the affluent and jail the poor

Our children’s lives wasted, in the oil man’s war.



So we’ll think its ok.

But your intentions are showing,

Despite what you say..

There’s coming a time,

 When YOU’LL feel the pain.


Stops working the same.

Then the

People will rage, your power will slip

 As you lose your position, as a corporate lip.

As the people get vigilant in the search for what’s true

You’ll feel your trial coming, could be jail for you.

You Know,

This can’t be avoided, was your fear all along.

When people rise up, when the see they were wronged..

You’ll see the game you’ve played ending.

Not much can you do.


We are coming for you.

R.Caruso ©2017




Nothing More to Say.

He said, “I see you waiting, in my mind”.

To a girl, he never met.

I know you come from another time

We were as close as two could get.

Will I see you in this life I live?

There is no way that I can know.”

So he took a trip to a land not traveled

And he let the vision go.

He set his mind. His path was clear

He thought he will reach the highest heights.

Then a voice he heard, brought the Vision back,

One dark and rainy night.

He said “you’re the girl I’ve been seeing

In my heart I know it’s you”

She said, “For you I feel this soothing

Love, so I think it might be true.

 Though love may come, I know when it goes

 It’ll leave me wracked with pain.

I am afraid if I let this love come through

 I’ll be there yet again.”

He said “I feel you in my heart  again

I can lead you to a place.

Where the pain becomes a memory

 You’ll feel love and you’ll be safe.

But her eyes stayed dark, her suspicion raged

Couldn’t believe his words weren’t lies.

He couldn’t free her from her icy cage.

She was too afraid to try.

She wasn’t ready to leave, that cold dark place

There was nothing more to say.

So one last time he professed his love

Then turned walked away.

Robert Caruso © 2018



                              My Path

I never wanted to be a psychic. I didn’t wake up one morning with it. I didn’t find out I had it after a near death experience. The fact is that I had never wanted to be anything that I have become. Although I am proud of what I am, it was not in my plans.

As a young child I was taught that a real man was violent and controlling so I became a real man. When I was violent and controlling I didn’t want to be loving, sensitive or anyone’s role model. Then I became a father. I never wanted to be a psychic but on the road back to the person I started to be, I became one.

I never wanted to be a medium. But as I read people and told them of their path I began to see spirits. The more I contacted spirits the more they contacted me.

I never wanted to be a teacher, but the need made it impossible to avoid. So I began to teach. I never wanted to facilitate regressions but the blocks my clients were experiencing made it necessary.

I never wanted to be a writer, but the information that needs to be shared made it important. So I was asked to write. I never wanted to believe in god, angels or spirits but because of what I have seen and experienced, I do.

I never wanted to care about strangers or show unconditional love. But now I can.


Robert Caruso (c) 1992



The Minister and The Prophet

The word came down from the spirit realm

It said an Angel fell.

The message spread with amazing haste over every hill  and dale.

A prophet was told this would occur, but ignored everything they said.

Not insensitive to the angels plight, but preoccupied with death.

In hearing that the angel, was captured where she fell.

The prophet rushed to the where she laid prepared to face down hell.

As he steps through the sage that enveloped him he soon was face to face.

There stood an egocentric minister invading the Angels space.

They locked eyes as the minister, said prophet you will lose.

I have made this angel mine just now and she is here for me to use.

The profit felt a stabbing pain in the center of his heart

How could I have let this happen, I could have avoided this from the start.

I could have stopped this all from happening if I had listened long before.

When spirit said pay attention, you’re not listening anymore.

The prophet looked at the minister seeing all that he could see.

Minister, the angel can never be yours I am taking her with me.

There was a Bible on which the minister stood and with one he hid his face.

This was a disguise he had always used, to feign a life of grace.

The prophet noticed the Angels glare that she was in a hypnotic trance

she was told that since she fell from grace she will never have a chance.

She must live in the minister’s presence or back to heaven she won’t go.

She screamed dear prophet I’m no good, I must reap what I have sewn.

The prophet looked up to the spirit realm said “what do I do now?”

Do I rescue her against her will?  If I am just tell me how.

Suddenly a light shined through the clouds that hung above the   land.

It streamed bright and strong to the prophets heart transforming this mortal man.

Battle scars were quickly healed and confidence filled his being.

Spiritual power streamed from him that the minister had never seen.

It knocked minister to his knees he used the Angel for a shield.

The Bibles were only shopping lists now scattered across the field.

The light enveloped the Angel and her mind began to clear

She saw the fear on the minister’s face feeling sorry for his tears.

The minister began to scream in pain as the light beam burned his skin.

He then ran into the darkness and was never seen again

The prophet took the Angel in his arms and brushed back her sweat soaked hair.

He looked up to the spirits with a smile and thanked them for being there.

The prophet held the Angel to his chest caressing her warm soft cheek

I am sorry love for not being there when you started feeling weak.

I promise never to leave your side you can count on it as truth

She tearfully looked into his eyes said “But I feel I’m of no use”

The prophet brushed back her long dark hair and caressed her pretty face

You’re an angel love and that’s the truth but this worlds a scary place.

Although you are a child of god you still feel the people’s tears, sometimes things can be too much and force you into fear.

Just learn from your experience and teach it far and wide

Tell the people that they are still ok and god is on their side.

The prophet helped her to her feet and held her body close

She felt his heart beat in his chest; he said there is something you should know.

Though I tell people of their future and help them let go of things that’s past.

At the end of the day when I am done I am still a mortal man.

When you fell it changed my life, and I will never be the same

My love for you consumed me and my priorities rearranged.

My toughness remains within me love ,though my angers completely gone.

My prophetic abilities are enhanced my love my empathy twice as strong.

I ask you to walk this path with me and help the people of the world.

Forever you are my Angel love my partner and my girl.

The Angel smiled a radiant smile held his hands against her cheek.

She said I have always loved you, even when I was feeling weak.

He listened to her words and gave a happy grin then they walked their path

into the sunset where their life can now begin.


R.Caruso © 2010




From my heart just let me love you

Let me stay free I won’t have to go

The depth of love and light you’ll find with me

Locked in fears chains you’ll never know.

R.Caruso © 2012




The Message 

It’s 2 am and I’m sitting here typing on these keys

As visions, words and scenarios spin inside of me.

Sleep thus far evades me as I think of what they mean

I know I’ll never sleep a wink, till I’ve told you what I’ve seen.

I see treachery and bigotry, poison food in all the stores

While people we hired to keep the peace use lies to sell us war.

Our children are used as pawns, as their lives were about to start.

There, They are sacrificed needlessly leaving families torn apart.

Health care only for the wealthy, justice bought and sold by phone.

Schools teach competition, but understanding is never shown.

They teach pride in school and football plays.

But a class for tolerance is not the way

If you’re not happy take your pill today.

It is a robot you will be one day.

That’s just the way it goes.

Then the disasters came and millions died for them help would never come.

Then the economic tapestry began to come undone.

Corporate thieves and politicians pretend each other is to blame.

The society has destroyed itself like a Phoenix in its flame.

During this vision I wondered why it had to be this way.

A voice said, people won’t make a stand, they’re afraid to have their say.

They find their peace in ignorance, false images in their eyes.

They find solace in political rhetoric as their planet starts to die.

Vote for change they’d always shout, our needs you have to meet.

The only change that’s ever made is who occupies the seats

Then the scene began to change as dust settled on the land.

A world of understanding came as new leaders took a stand.

The voice said these leaders, are nothing like the ones you had

They have no greed or prejudice they know why things got bad.

When they saw the changes coming, they tried to warn and educate.

All they could do was share what they knew and then stand back and wait

They addressed the abuse of animals and came to their defense.

They tended the needs of the common man, and put injustices to rest.

They fed hungry people the best they could.

Collecting donations from whoever would.

When a protest was needed that is where they stood.

They did their very best.

Now they will lead this world to the place it needs to be.

A place that compassionate behavior is what people expect to see.

No more will virtue, be seen in cold and greedy acts.

When the masses show integrity the will be no changing back.

The scene disappeared completely

But the voices went on to say

You saw a piece of the future but the work must start today

R.Caruso © 2006




The Final Act.

On a mountain precipice an old man stood thinking about his life.

He took a pen and paper out and quickly began to write.

He wrote, “I faced my inner demons; I stood strong through every test.

It has been a long, hard road to get here; I have done my very best.

To my kids: I love you deeply; beyond this life, that love will stand.

Your birth gave me life, your life gave me strength to be a stronger man.

You were taught to stand strong against adversity, though it’s hard to tell just when.

Are you standing strong on stubborn ground? Or should you step back and start again?

I watched you face your challenges, my hopes and prayers with you.

I listened through your painful nights wishing there was more that I could do.

The years went by so quickly; not enough time to keep you close.

Of all the things I’ll miss in this life, I’ll miss you both the most.

To friends and lovers that have come and gone: I hope that you can see,

No matter what happened, I did my best. I was all I knew to be.

To God: Please send this letter to the ones I love, something I know that you will do.

People I met who cried for help, I gave a message to them from you.”

He wrote, “My health is failing, but won’t be useless in this life.”

So he tossed his letter to the Universe and stepped into the light.


R.Caruso © 2011



Cross Roads 

The spirit of a man began to stray

From within the body in which he laid

It traveled the ethers and rested where

There was a sleeping woman with silken hair

He stroked her hair, she made a gentle sigh

A smile returned, among the tears she cried

He stroked her cheek, she dreamed he cared.

She snuggled close, she felt him there.

Her heart was full her love was back

She dreamed her world was bright, her life intact.

He said, my love it is up to you

The time has come. What will you do?

My love is here my body’s not.

We both learned the lessons the spirits taught.

We know our love is strong and true

Time is now love, it is up to you.

She felt the truth as he explained

It is time to stand up and make a change.

He held her close, made her heart melt

She reveled in, the love she felt.

Then with a start she felt the lack

a weak, cold hand had touched her back.

The gray world was back the spirit gone

Her lonely tears continue on.

 © 2011




Take a Stand!
(We are all in this together.)

So you say that you are powerful,

Spirit is close at hand.

But you sit, scream and cry about

The plight of your fellow man.

Is that really where your power stops,

Begging for help as your freedom dies.

Tyrants rape and rule the world

While you just sit and cry.

Instead you gaze into the Universe

“Please Angels make them stop”.

While treachery reigns, you watch TV

And wonder where to shop.

Prayer and meditation is a solution,

But you still must make a stand.

You are the hands of the Universe,

But you have been paralyzed by man.

In your mind you feel you’re powerless,

But your heart says it’s not true.

Pray to the Universe, get help from spirits

But the rest is up to you.

Just draw your strength from the light

Face the dark and don’t lose sight.

Things that are wrong you must make right

Be loving and positive but prepared to fight

It is the only way.


If you are one with the Universe there will be no fear

You can face the dark while you mind stays clear

When you conquer the darkness with the strength of light

Then the haze of confusion will leave your sight.

You will see no reason for fear to reign.

So the hand of Tyranny cannot remain

When spiritual strength has been attained

That’s just the way it is.


So join with me my friends, and your fellow man

Shoulder to shoulder we will make a stand.

With love and spirit, victory is close at hand

Then peace will reign across the land

From tyrannical darkness we will be saved

As Universal consciousness smiles and waves.


R.Caruso © 2012




Sister J

We met long ago in a childhood place

A combative world we had to face

No malicious intent it was just their way

These lines are for you, my Sister J

As the years flew past we walked along

I pushed the boundaries of right and wrong

By nurturing others you found a way

To keep your peace, my Sister J

Consumed by the rage beneath my skin

You held your anger deep within

Family unity was the way

You kept us together, my Sister J

Cold dark storms from time to time

I watched your back and you watched mine.

We helped each other find our way

We made it through, my Sister J

Decades have past my rage is gone

Touched by spirit I continue on

Smooth and steady has become your way

To carry on, my Sister J

Through spirit I help people see the light

You help yours make it through the night.

Helping people has become our way

We are finally home, my sister J

The time has come it is here at last

To heal the physical scars of a life that’s past.

It will take a while but that’s ok

We’ll do it together, my Sister J

Many years ahead, here comes the sun

The battles over the fight is done

Expressing love in poetry, has become my way

This one for you, my Sister J


R.Caruso © 2011



 bobby 023

My Girl

Thank you for the gift my girl, you gave me years ago

Through an injured arm and broken hearts you let me watch you grow

I watched you grow into a woman as you took your life in hand.

I feel anyone you choose my girl will be a lucky man.

As you move through the years my girl the truth will always be

I honor the gift you gave me my girl, the gift of sharing your life with me. 


R.Caruso © 2011




Lady in the Mist

I saw your face in my mind many years ago

Thought I’d love you in future time but how I didn’t know

I felt your softness through the mist of the dream that you became.

I felt I knew you for a real long time but I didn’t know your name.

I thought of the life, that I lead then and the change I would have to see.

While lying next to the one I promised that with her I’d always be.

I asked the spirits for the answer to ease my troubled mind

They answered soon relax my friend it will come to you in time.

I remember that with patience things seem to happen as they should.

When I am ready to meet the girl in my dream I know I surely would.

Then one night I saw the answer to the thing that troubled me.

I saw my wife; follow her path and how happy she would be.

I remember the relief I felt as we eventually parted ways.

Couldn’t help but feel we both were in for better days.

Little more than a week went by, till you spoke to me.

Though tears of pain you asked me please just tell me what you see.

My life has taken a sudden turn; I lost the love I thought I had.

Am I wrong, what could I have done, that could have been so bad?

I held you close in my heart as we talked about your past.

I told you of love that was coming soon but wasn’t sure how fast.

I thought of the closeness that I felt, for this woman I’d never seen.

I still hadn’t seen your face I didn’t connect you to the dream.

I could hardly believe, when we met my dream was in front of me.

Your beautiful eyes and soft sweet smile was all that I could see.

I thought what should I say, that I saw you in my mind.

I thought not giving you time to heal would really be unkind.

I convinced myself we met to let me help you with your strife

Like an eagle is what I should be, solitary in my life.

I told you I was wrong for you that I’d only be your friend.

We made a pact that we would be close friends until the end.

I watched you grow in heart and mind your spirit touching me.

I realized that only friends is something we’d never be.

You’re the woman from the mist, my dream from long ago.

Becoming stronger every day a love I need to show.

I love your loving spirit in my heart you’ll always be

Your loving softness soothes my soul your voice just comforts me.

I hold you close with in my heart every time you are away.

I touch you from the mist my love, several times a day.

I caress the soft skin of your cheek, I whisper in your ear

I love you more than you could know and wonder if you hear.

I look forward to the next time we touch, and share a gentle kiss.

I love you; you are in my heart my sweet lady from the mist


R.Caruso © 2002





Your mind starts spinning with logic and fear

You feel yourself slipping, insanity near

Conflicting emotions are now in your path

You know your irrational but how long will it last.

You try to understand this pain that you feel

Your mind tells you something but in your heart it’s not real.

You reaction is first to just stop the pain.

You get control for a moment but start slipping again.

This could last for an hour or a few days or so.

What happens when it is over for sure you don’t know.

Now you are in your right mind hysteria’s past

You understand the confusion your sanity’s back

You look around feeling embarrassed and shamed

Are your friends still your friends will they let you explain.

Will they feel the real you had finally came out

Did you lose their respect is your friendship in doubt.

Can they really understand what just happened to you?

Will they remember the time when they were there too?

Have they ever felt confusion or been riddled with pain?

Will they remember a time when they too felt insane?

Though this feeling is fleeting it can change your life

You can lose a husband or boyfriend a girlfriend or wife.

If this occurs and you lose your best friend

Just dust yourself off and start stepping again.

The strength comes from understanding what just happen to you.

Just figure out the real problem and what next time you’ll do.

Now you say you know how to keep hysteria at bay.

You’ll just block your feelings so the pain stays away.

I admit this is one way but it comes with a price,

You’ll never have an understanding of love or of life.

So walk through this life with your compassion maintained

Be there for your friends when their hysteria reigns


R.Caruso © 2002




I watched you though the haze my love and held you in my heart.

My spirit will keep you safe my love even though we are apart.

Even though we were pulled apart by life’s torrential winds

The storm is clearing now my love, and then life will start again.


R.Caruso © 2010





I gaze upon and eagle while standing at the door

I look again behind me not sure I want this anymore.

The eagle’s life I knew to be tranquil and so free

I look behind me once again it’s sure not that way for me.

I remember my flight with the eagle flying high above the crowd

Detached from turbulent emotions and egos screaming loud.

I watched as people attacked each other aiming for the heart.

I noticed the people who professed their love quickly torn apart.

I asked my friend the eagle why do you think they act this way.

He said they crave protection they don’t know any other way.

You see they never rise above and see the world I see.

They feel a life of beauty for them can never be.

They just need to relax their mind and follow their own heart.

For if they did this one small thing their lives would have a better start.

I listen to him intently and then asked what am I to do

Do I go back in to my path my friend or stay out here with you

He looked at me a second, thinking of what to say

Your mission of life is not about keeping things away

You’re here to live among them and help them to see the light.

To show a way to live their lives with out a constant fight

You can do your best to understand and help them find a better way

But if you choose to join them, then fighting will fill your days.

Remember the sights you’ve seen flying here with me

Take it with you now my friend and help them all to see.

Tell them of the sight you’ve seen the beauty from above

That they to can see this too they just have to rise above.

I pondered what the eagle said as I stepped back inside the door.

I think I’ll live my life from now on not fighting anymore

I’ll try to live life gliding the way the eagle does.

To do my best to live my life balanced, with strength and with love.

I looked around with this conviction amazed at the sight

The world that looked so dark before had completely filled with light.

The sight of brightness helped me put my hard feeling down to rest.

So now my path is clear I understand my Quest.

To help people find their way to the future that they seek

To help them find a way out of pain and strength for when they’re weak.


R.Caruso © 2002



A strong man stood upon a platform cold wind blowing through his hair.

looks around and thinks of all the ones that left him there.

He thinks of all the words they said of protest and their rage.

but when time to stand up for their cause they left him alone there on that stage.

He thinks of all the good that would come from people wanting to be heard

But although they call for someone else to fight they seldom say a word

He thinks of Jesus and how he was beaten and dying on the cross

but instead of standing up for him his followers whined about THEIR loss

They say that Jesus was sent to us to die for all our sins

but maybe the sin we were guilty of was not standing up for him.

He stood up for what he believed in teaching that life and love should reign.

His followers talked in agreement of his words but just watched as he was maimed.

The man thought of all the people he’s heard boasting of the power that they wield

they say power of the universe they hold, but still hide behind their shields.

They look to the spirits in the heavens; they think that’s all they need to do

While the spirits say we have done our part now it’s time for you.

The man sits down on his platform wondering what to think

His thoughts just spin around in his head ,as his convictions start to sink

He thinks maybe I should have listened to the demons from my past

just get all that I could from life and tell the world to kiss my ass.

I think I could have been a mogul getting all that I could get.

step on all the people in my way wagering millions on a bet.

Maybe I should have amassed a fortune just lie, cheat and steal

never worrying about the people who seldom get a meal.

I would never stay awake at night thinking of a better way

to save the masses from their plight let the world just rot away.

I could spend my wealth on a coat that meant an animals death.

and when I hear a child scream in pain I ‘ll act as if I’m deaf.

I would stand here quiet watching as we throw away our lives

being poisoned by drugs and hormones that we blindly go and buy.

we buy drinking water now from a store how long could it be

before we buy air from a store because the pollution we can’t breathe.

He began thinking that the solutions to the problems that we face

could all be solved finally making the world a better place.

I feel the answers lie with in the mind of a woman or a man

but will they have the nerve they need to rise and take a stand.

The man looked around at the empty stage and the crowed that never came.

It seems no matter what I do it always ends the same.

I could stay quiet and live my life but it is simply not my way

So he gathered up all his protest signs and proudly walked away.


R.Caruso © 2005




Angel went to her husband and said “Rob, I have it bad

I used to look like the girls you see in Victoria Secret ads.

I remember the way you looked at me in awe of what you’d see

You acted shy and stuttered a bit the first time you talked to me.

You couldn’t wait to hold me close when we would go out on a date

You called me just to hear my voice; no longer could you wait.

Now when I look in the mirror I see changes that I can’t bear

I cover wrinkles in my face and wash gray out of my hair.

My breast aren’t pointing out they way they did those years before

Now if I go without a bra they point right to the floor.

There are other changes I have seen too depressing for me to say.

I worry with me looking this way how long you will want to stay.

Maybe I need a doctor to make me look like I used to be

Just a few thousand bucks for some lifts and tucks so you can worship me.

Just a couple of little implants and maybe some Botox for my face

And then when it’s over and I have healed, twenty years might be erased.”

Rob looked intently into her eyes thinking of what to say

He held her close and whispered “Love, it’s really not that way.

You’re right I was drawn to you because the way you looked before

But the time we’ve been together has uncovered so much more.

You are right I was really nervous the first time you talked to me

But now your soft and soothing voice helps to comfort me.

I don’t call you daily to hear your voice but it’s not that I don’t care

Your voice is always in my mind and I am grateful that it’s there.

You want the doctor to make you into what you were before

You say you want to do it so that I will love you more.

We’ve been together most our lives but it’s like you don’t know me

Listen now to what I say; there are things that you don’t see:

You never see me watch you, as you lay near me fast asleep

You never look deep into my eyes and see the love I feel so deep.

Or feel me gently touching you and stroke your soft dark hair

I touch your soft smooth skin, thanking god that you are there.

When you are away you never see this thing I often do

I hold your pillow close to me wishing that it were you.

I see you hide your body ashamed of what I see

You never believe me when I say you always look good to me.

I would never leave you; where on earth would I want to go?

You’re part of me and I am part of you; I love you more than you could know.”


R.Caruso ©2005




A Day in the Life

Hello Mrs. Smith, how are you today

I am sorry to hear your lifelong love

has recently passed away.

I know you loved him dearly

I know he loved you too.

You have trouble thinking clearly

You are left wondering what to do

You feel him close to you at night.

But his absence gives you pain.

You see his form just out of sight

And you think you’ll go insane

I settle back into my chair deep breathing is my way

Of tuning into Mr. Smith maybe

There’s something he needs to say.

I see a man Mrs. Smith tall, lean and a little gray

he has a crooked smile ms Smith

but he is missing his right leg.

He lost his leg the day he died she said

as her voice began to fade

Then tears trickled down her grief worn face

“Oh my god that must be Wade”.

Mr. Smith says he loves you,

he is sorry he had to leave.

he has stayed with you after he had passed

to help you while you grieve.

His vibration started to envelop me there

was a lot more he had to say.

So I settled back into my chair and

let him have his way.

Tell little Wade I love him and

that his daddy is ok.

Tell him I‘ll see him in his dreams

and in his heart I’ll always stay.

Tell him that I will be there

If  he needs me anytime.

I’ll miss holding him when

he gets scared.

But I will hold him in his mind.

You both made my life worth living

Those memories I will keep.

Like the night you kissed my shoulder

when you thought I was asleep.

I’ll miss holding you against me and

the sweet smell of your dark hair.

Your soft warm body felt so good to me

I thanked god that you were there.

Don’t be afraid to love again

It’s no disrespect to me.

No matter what you do my love

our love will always be.

I wish for you the best of life

That has always been my way.

When you love another, I

will be happy too that day.

Tina, please know I love you

I haven’t gone away.

Your are in my heart and soul my love

We will be together again one day.

I felt a shutter consume me as

Mr. Smith went on his way.

Mrs. Smith just sat and stared at me

Not knowing what to say.

Through tear filled eyes she forced a smile

She said “I have just one thing to say”

The things Wade said

you couldn’t have known

was what I needed to hear today.

I watch Mrs. Smith as she left the room

lighter than when she came.

Full of hopes for a bright tomorrow

as her life gets rearranged.

I felt sadness for Mrs. Smith

But I said all I could say.

So with a cleansing breath released it

I had four more to do that day.


R.Caruso © 2008



A  Captive Heart

Through miles of darkness I see you love

In a dark and icy place

Your hearts locked in an icy prison

As tears run down your pretty face.

What can I say to tell you?

That it’s you that holds the key

I can show you the way to a life of love

Just listen close to me.

Your beauty is unmistakable

But you refuse to see

Your heart and mind completes you love

You’re as beautiful as can be.

Your sterile world you must leave behind

Just stand and walk and you will find

That love is more than just in your mind

Your world you live in can be warm and kind

Just trust it and you will see.

Just whisper into the darkness

When you’re lonely or your scared

Just open up your heart and mind

And you will know that someone cares.

I will help you along your path to love

I will do all that I can do

I’ll show to a world of love and light

The rest is up to you


R.Caruso © 2009



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