The Power Of The Munay Ki Rites

It is a cool day.

I have at this point facilitated over 400 people with the Munay Ki Rites. The Munay KI is a very special energetic modality that helped me through one of the darkest times in my life. It helped me align my energetic field and has taken me to a place in my career as a Professional Psychic/Intuitive and as a human being that I had never imagined. It helped me let go of things that has hindered my spiritual growth for most of my life, and has allowed me to have fuller more satisfying relationships with my family, friends and girlfriend.

I get to enjoy connecting with other souls with a breath and feel their humanity as I look into their eyes.

As rough as my persona can get I can revel in a feeling of love anytime every day with just a thought and a breath.

When I administer the rights I get the honor to mingle energy, vibration of love and the simultaneous feeling of the person I am working on and the universal love of humanity. With all of this my ability to manifest things that are important to me has multiplied beyond my previous comprehension.

It doesn’t get any better than this (not yet anyway)

I recommend it to everyone, not as a practitioner but as a fellow spirit (if I didn’t have to pay to live I would surely do it for free).

I can tell you this. If you walk away from the Munay KI Rites feeling nothing I can tell you it wasn’t done right. I recommend giving it another try.

May you never be the same again



In Gratitude

I woke up today in a reflective mood. I realized that the anniversary of my 28th year of becoming a professional Intuitive (psychic) has come and gone (October 25th).
I thought about all the clients/friends that I still read from back then and the new ones I get to meet and work with every day. I have made a great living and have maintained a straight forward and brutally honest prediction style that have brought me a huge clientele that for the most part are focused on their own development in all areas of life and ready to be honest with themselves and do what it takes to progress. They have concluded our sessions sometimes elated and other times in tears but with the clarity they came for. Some have left hating me but come back thanking me because they were forced to deal with a painful situation which allowed them to grow through serious issues.
I have read folks while sitting on Paia beach, Maui Hawaii , North Shore and Waikiki beach in Oahu Hawaii, from the pier in Kodiak, Alaska and from the edge of the Amazon River just to name a very few. I have talked to clients from countless cities and countries around the world and have traveled all over the world reading and teaching.
Many times it has been emotionally taxing and confusing but ALWAYS followed by clarity and enhancement of my abilities.It has provided friendships and cost me relationships. Showing me that both the attainment and the loss of relationships are not personal and always positive.
I am proud that I have never felt the need to sell out for attention by offers from media or social groups. I take my craft extremely serious and refuse to be merely a source of entertainment.
All this has been afforded to me because of my many clients/friends I work with every day. Although there are too many to mention here.You have my undying gratitude and affection.

Thank you for this amazing life.

Robert Caruso


Join me at
Addison Conference and Theatre Centre THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY @ 11 AM TILL 6 PM
at the Addison Conference Hall Address: 15650 Addison Rd, Addison Texas, TX 75001.

I will have a booth and offering reading I will also have some of my self-help CDs and

more information about the up coming classes at The Intuitive Academy
I will also be doing a forum called:
Psychic Ability: GIFT or HUMAN NATURE

I will show you that you have the ability by just being human.
I will also give you a technique on how to develop it.

In his
27+ years as a professional psychic Robert
Caruso is well-known to people all over
the world and from all walks of life for his
accurate psychic readings. Robert believes
that developing the intuition that is within
everyone can enhance and even save lives

So I’ll see you at the EXPO
Should be a lot of fun


Are you afraid?

Are you afraid of the ISIS issue? Afraid they’ll come here and kill people you know and love?

We have always had Killers and predators in the country.These are just another type

Are you afraid of Ebola?

We are always dealing with wicked diseases and viruses in this country like swine flu, HIV and cancer to name a few. This is just another one that kills different.

Prepare yourself, stay aware of your surroundings and then relax.

Being aware and prepared isn’t living in fear, it is living in reality.

Are you worried that corrupt politicians and corporations are destroying the environment?

There has always been crooks in politics and big business. Get involved in the system, protest, petition and blog. Vote for a person not a party. There has been a lot of politicians and celebrities that have been destroyed by popular opinion.

In dealing with corporations, buy only from businesses you feel are playing it straight (or close) Even if they are backed by the epitome of evil, shutting off their life’s blood (monetary income and popular opinion) will starve them to a point that they are eaten up by competition.

If you’re prepared it’ll be easy to stay in a positive frame of mind and maintain a high vibrational frequency. The alignment of positive thought, connection with spirit in (which ever form it takes for you) and physical work will keep your life running at optimum level of vibration. Doing so will enable you to more easily manifest things in you need or want.

Look out for you fellow beings, but leave them the space to make decisions and grow.

We are all in this together

Robert Caruso

Professional Intuitive and life coach

Help me help Them.

Holidays are coming fast. There are thousands of homeless and underprivileged people, with an increasing number of homeless families with children. The food bank continually runs low this time of year and I believe we all should do our part to help those that have fallen through the cracks of this failing system of ours.

I talked to a woman recently who had been arrested for theft, she was caught stealing food and is now running the risk of losing her children because her husband left suddenly clearing out their account. She didn’t have the documentation she needed to get help. So now she is on the systems radar because she was trying to feed her kids. Although many feel we have a welfare problem, the real problem is that the welfare system is a lot of times  serving manipulators of the system as opposed to the one that really need it.

Sending love light and well wishes is great but what they really need right now is help.

This holiday season as I have in every holiday season for the past ten years I intend to do my part.

I am offering $5 off of any of my services for articles of clothing, toys to donate to homeless shelters or food to donate to the food bank or even a receipt of donation from any of these facilities through December 31st.If you already donated and have a receipt bring the receipt and

If you would like a reading, past life regression, frequency healing or any of the other services I provide while helping the people who so desperately need it. Call 469-546-8017 or e-mail Robert

Conquering the Dragon (New Series)

My hands trembled as I looked down the barrel of the pistol I was holding, its hammer was slowly drawing back. “Just a little more” I thought “and all this could be over”. Just then my young son ran into the room, “DAD!!” shocking me back to reality.  I immediately put the gun down on the table. My six-year-old son Bobby was excited because he heard the ice cream truck drive up. “Can Ty and I have Ice cream, the ice cream man is here.” he asked as he looked over at the gun. “What ya doing with that?”  I answered quickly wiping my eyes “I was just cleaning it, here get some ice cream money, make sure your brother actually gets his”. He giggled a bit as he started to run out of the room when he looked back “Are you sad? Cuz you look like you need a hug” he came back and hugged me “Thanks for the ice cream dad “turned and ran out of the room. I put the gun away. Never underestimate the awesome power of a child’s love.

I sat back in my chair thinking about what had just happened. I thought about how close I came to ending my pain, while at the same time causing horrible pain to my little boys, the two people who made my turbulent life worth living. How selfish could I be? I thought. It was then I decided, No matter how much depression I felt, no matter hard things got. I will endure anything. I’ll take whatever steps I needed to take to make sure Bobby and Tyler knew they were loved and honored. They were absolutely the light that guided my life. The light that guided me from a life of no holds barred sex, drugs and rage, to a life of love, spirituality and dedication to helping others. This composition is for them as a thank you for being in my life.

continued on October 1st


Conquering the Dragon*   is a metaphor for over comeing a destructive life of drugs and violence

“US against THEM” (a Recipe for Destruction)


I saw a picture this morning of a guy with an assault rifle strapped to his back while he was shopping at a local grocery store. It made me think, just how afraid of your surroundings do you have to be to feel you need to carry such a weapon in public. We aren’t in Syria or Iraq the odds of this guy being engaged by a terrorist is slim to none. There is however a possibility of being assaulted. But think about it. If someone was going to assault this guy, they would focus on getting close enough for the attack. Our hero wouldn’t have time to take his rifle off his back, take off the safety (taking for granted he even had it on safety) and shoot it.

Though I don’t carry a gun myself, I support the right of someone to do so if they felt the need. I also support a person’s right to own whatever weapon he or she sees fit. But maybe everyone would be safer and more of a threat to criminals if he had a hand gun concealed strategically on his person. It could be easily retrieved and utilized possibly saving the day for himself and his fellow shoppers. At the same time letting the people who are wondering if this guy was a threat to relax.

But instead we have pro an anti-gun activists battling over if the average citizens should have any guns at all. It takes just a look around to realize there are threats among us. We live in a violent society and because of that it would be irresponsible to not have a plan for that contingency. But a little common sense would be a great thing.

The problem is that in this country, there is always the mentality of “I want my rights! Even if it curtails someone else’s rights.  Any problem in society can be resolved with compromise, but that would require of course that all parties be rational enough to listen to the each other and come to an agreement based on tending to each other’s fears and needs. For example maybe required training for a person to be licensed to own a gun. The criteria being they have to take a course on gun safety and a check to see if there is a history of mental illness. They would be licensed to have guns but not be required to register each gun which addresses the fear of 2nd amendment activist that the government will confiscate their guns at some point.

We live in a “type “of democratic society the idea being that we hire people to decide who is going to get what they want and who isn’t. This of course leaves us with up to 50 percent of the population not getting what they want or need. I read one of the 2016 presidential hopefuls saying addressing the needs of the collective is more important than addressing the needs of the individual. Isn’t it just common sense that if you preserved the right of all individuals it would ultimately save the rights of more of the collective?

There was the debate recently of “Hobby Lobby” company refusing to provide birth control for women. All though I don’t agree with their reasoning it is in my opinion their right to make that stand. They should be required to inform all new hires and employees of that fact giving the employees the information they need to exercise their rights as to whether they want to work there or not. A compromise could be that they provide insurance as they normally would and the employee have the opportunity to add the birth control availability to their policy at their own cost. That way the employee can get what they need and the company doesn’t have to go against their religious beliefs.

We are all human beings. No one really has a right to decide what another is to believe or desire. If we honor EVERYONE’S rights there is a good chance we would be on our way to some level of peace.