I have known Robert as my spiritual council for over 10 years Robert is a dedicated energetic, gifted, intuitive. He has been my support and window to my path ahead. He always helps me find my own inner answers.

I have and will continue to confidently recommend his intuitive capabilities to all my friends and family.


Robert Caruso has been a great help to me in guiding through life’s tricky times.  I consider him to be deeply connected and intuitive and uncannily accurate in his guidance and advice.

Ali M.

I first sought out Robert Caruso when I was experiencing darkest in my life, the loss of my daughter.  When circumstance, situations, people didn’t make much sense and  I needed guidance I received more than that from Robert. Through out these years he has been a great source for decision making, encouragement and self enlightenment. Robert has helped me in many ways. His compassionate, empathetic, genuinely caring heart and direct manner makes him a wonderful counselor. To me Robert is a true earth angel and friend that I recommend highly to anyone currently seeking guidance, and or clarity in their life.


Kaye C

Robert is the real deal!  I’ve been visiting him on and off for 20 years and he’s always spot on.


For more than 20 years I have benefited from Robert’s no nonsense authentic insights and information.  Even if months or years lapse between sessions they resume naturally.  Thanks for the consistent and timely support Robert.


I was introduced to Robert via a friend of mine whom he helped. I was in a tough place at the time. I was going through the divorce and custody battle for my daughter and was very worried what might happen to  my daughter and me. Robert saw right through everything and calmed me down by saying that in a couple of years or so I will meet another woman, a beautiful brunette with a daughter. We will fall in love and we are going to be a very happy family. My daughter would love this woman and she will love her deeply as well. Robert also saw that we would get a dog and that dog I will love as well.

Guess what? After about 2 years this predication came true to every little detail. Robert not only helped me to stay positive, but gave me hope and support!

Alex A.

Robert was instrumental in helping in negotiating contracts and getting better deals for my company. I would ask him about my decisions, my partners, my clients and various strategies and he would help me pick the best and the most effective one. With Robert my business grew considerably and I consider him my personal spiritual and business consigliere.  He is a very critical asset any businessman should consider to retain. Amazing ROI with Robert’s help.

A. Hawk

I consider Robert a 5 star personal adviser and person.  I have known him for more than 15 years or more.  I am truly amazed at how accurate his ability to be able to bring up something to help me solve a problem, that happened years ago.  That worried me for  long time.    I find him very truthful and a great comfort. It has helped me understand my self, and to deal with some situations that are perplexing.  As I am now going into my 85 yr and have not been one to trust many I meet.  He has a very calm personality and delightful speaking voice,  that relaxes one so you are talking to a friend.

His ability to point out a medical problem with my husband has always been correct.  He can nail a friendship problem and advise on it blows my mind, as he is always correct. Saves one a lot of unneeded stress.

I hope he continues his writing and publishing as they are worth reading and saving.  Needless to say I am grateful we are friends….

JoAnn Johnson

Robert is amazing! I’ve been going to him for readings for over 20 years and he’s still the most accurate reader I’ve ever come across.  There have been times when he’s told me something and I thought ” oh, that’s not going to happen”, and sure enough it does.

Robert is also supportive when things aren’t headed on a positive direction. He not only does a reading, but gives you a path to make it through anything challenging going on.  He’s helped me through family issues, job issues and more. I currently have his flex account where I can ask questions as they come up and it’s been great as I’m facing change in several areas. I’m really grateful to have Robert in my corner!

Donna V

Robert if a very deep intuitive person who sees things within you that you haven’t even acknowledged or thought that they exist. He guides you towards your true life pass that a lot of times is very hard to see without an outsider that looks deeper into life. Robert is always there to help with any type of situation and ready clear out things that do not matter so you can continue to go towards the light.


When I was a manager of a challenging unit Robert helped me to understand the different personalities and motivations of people.  His insights helped greatly to resolve staff conflicts and infighting.   I highly recommend Robert if you are in challenging relationships, whether they are personal, family, or work.   Robert can help you to understand why something isn’t working and by approaching it in a different way, it changes the outcome.


Robert has been reading me accurately and honestly for more than 10 years.  I appreciate that he doesn’t hold back information and that he makes sure that all my questions are answered.  It was freaky in the beginning when his predictions came true, but I expect it now.


Robert predicted my marriage and was able to totally describe the man with detail 3 years before I met my husband.

I have sought his sage wisdom over the years and he has always been spot on!


I have been going to Robert Caruso a few times, and I will say that everything he has said to me is true or has come true , I’m always very satisfied every time! Robert is down to earth and all natural! I like that about him. If you are looking for a psychic I would recommend Robert Caruso.


I learned about Robert Caruso through a friend 4 years ago. I always liked his no nonsense approach but he would relay any information with compassion as well. His information that comes through is pretty accurate. Whenever I need a reading to help me in decision making, I can count on Robert. He has had a colorful life which I value as well. I’m so grateful for all the valuable information he shares.

Elyse H.

Robert has been a true gift in my life for the past 10 years.  Down-to-earth, direct, accurate and always a pleasure to talk to.  His ability to help people is truly inspiring.  He has been a beacon of light, navigating me through the dark waters of life and I will always be forever grateful.

D. Leal

I’ve been doing readings with Robert for about a year now. He is honest, detailed, and extremely accurate in his readings. I’ve had multiple readings with Robert, and each reading has been consistent and SPOT ON. He has also helped me find peace and understand a particular rejection in my life that I was very hurt by. Robert has always been so sweet and patient with all of my questions, even ones I’ve repeated over and over. I’ve sat through a friend’s reading multiple times and Robert predicted the timeframe and names of my friend’s love interests. I was blown away when he predicted the name and timeframe my friend would meet her CURRENT boyfriend. I am blown away by Robert. Contact him. You won’t be disappointed.


I have been doing readings with Robert fir several years now and he is always accurate with his insights which provide an informed path forward.


RC wastes no time getting down to business and answering your questions on any subject.  His readings are detailed, insightful, and a great tool for finding decisions and directions for your life.


Robert’s intuition is always spot on, especially with reading people. If there is a person or situation that you’re struggling with, Robert is able to explain the why behind it and empower you with a new way to approach it. Just changing your perspective or approach to a situation or person even a fraction, changes the entire outcome. And that’s something I’ve really learned from Robert. Not to mention he’s easy to talk to, personable and funny. Talk with him today, you won’t regret it.


Some older testimonials

Amazing! Don’t even give it a second thought! Robert is caring, kind, but very down to earth and realistic….and he’s spot on! I was going through a very difficult and unsure time and he helped me SO much. You can tell he loves what he does, too. Thanks, Robert!!

Bridgette Horak

Yes he is that good. He’s as good if not better than those ” famous” intuitive’s without the fluff. The only difference I see is what he charges. His prices are way too low for what he delivers. Totally worth it.

Monica Miranda

What Robert writes is very factual gives you a very down to earth way of thinking. I find his writings very calming. Has a good way of looking at both sides of the coin. Great thoughts, wonderful writer.

JoAnn Johnson

Spot on. Known Rob for 16 years. Down to earth, gifted, insightful, calls like he sees it, professional, accurate and unique.

Lisa Guiterrez

I am 33 years old and most of my life I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and depression. The first session we worked on some past traumatic experiences which helped me let go after suffering with PTSD for many years. After receiving munay ki rites I have had great relief from all of my issues. I’m not sure exactly how it works and was very skeptical but after the first session I saw improvement. After completing the sessions my mind is now at peace and I am able to relax. Every aspect of my life has been affected and made better. I’ve seen continued improvement since my last session.


I really enjoyed receiving the Rites of the Munay Ki at The Rabbit Hole. Best of all were Robert Caruso’s wonderful guided journeys into the magical amethyst cave. Others seeking group meditation and a sense of deeper connection between Spirit and Earth might well enjoy this work wholeheartedly.

Deb W.

I received my Munay-Ki Rites from Robert Caruso at The Rabbit Hole. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived for my first Rite. I was totally at ease and Robert explained everything and shared his own experiences receiving his Rites. I noticed changes in my life even after the first of nine Rites. Robert has a special gift. He incorporated his own guided imagery meditation each week which was an added bonus! I highly recommend Robert Caruso and his classes at The Rabbit Hole. He is a gifted soul and I am honored to have received my Munay-Ki Rites from him.

Thank you, Lori

It was a unique experience. I was scared at first because I did not know what was going to happen. But after the third Rite I started feeling different in the way that I trusted myself more and had more control of myself and felt grounded. Before attending the Munay Ki Rites I felt frustrated, mad and everything would come out wrong and was always undecided to do things because of the fear I had inside me . For me the rites clean and unblocked my life path and I am not scared to make any decisions.


WOW!  I have felt energy like never before. I can channel better than ever. Every person should learn the rites and teach them. Life is better when you do!


I am proud to say I attended Rob’s first Munay Ki class last fall. From the very first rite I felt my stress levels fall. By the 4th rite I was seeing and feeling things I never felt before. I was supercharged. I did not come down until my 6th rite and that is when I felt the Torus in my chest.


Just a short note to express my thanks and gratitude. As always, you have been so helpful to me in allowing me to find my own TRUTH. The past year has been somewhat challenging and your ACCURATE and PRECISE psychic readings guided me tremendously. Although, our psychic interaction has been long distance one, you constantly intrigue me by your honesty. You never tell me “what I want to hear”.. but rather the truth.

DID I MENTION.. EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER TOLD ME WAS DEAD ON ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!! As I always say.. you are my saving grace! The connection and bond that I have developed with you is great. I have been able to share some of the honest moments with you. You have remained professional, truthful, available ANYTIME I needed your services.

Again, thanks Robert for what you have done for me.. with your ability to foresee events.