Spirit Animal Discovery

One on One “Beyond New Age Psychic Development  Course” plus CDs $400 (in person)

I have to date taught scores of people how to do psychic readings. In the course I created, which I call “Beyond New Age Psychic Development  Course”. I teach not only Tarot Cards but also my most powerful techniques that I use everyday in my work as a professional psychic. Along with the course you will get a the course on CD so you can refer back to them as you progress.For a full year you have the opportunity to call me free if you have a question about your development or to help you with interpretation of information you will get. You aren’t left out in the cold wondering if you are making any progress or stuck with an intuitive impression you don’t understand. Since I will be teaching you one on one so we will design the course to fit you as an individual.This course is available online or over the phone, whichever fits you and your circumstances. The course in this situation along with the CDs is $300, This course is also available on CD. When ordering just the CDs Since I am not teaching you personally, the course is just $180. All Rites are now done on a one on one basis or a client arranged setting



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