Psychic ability. A Gift?Human Talent?Or Sin?

As a professional intuitive/psychic, it is my opinion that intuition is a talent that we all share. Every man, woman, and child. Every life form, whether an elephant, whale, bird, or insect. It is a fact whether someone is comfortable with it or not.
When trying to dispute this, the person I am speaking to will inevitably mention a telephone call that they knew would come or an ailment or accident that they felt would happen that did. Everyone has it, uses it at some capacity, and deep down, everyone knows it. If there is a gift to it at all, it is the ease someone has in its development.
I have taught hundreds of people the basics, and some have become phenomenal readers. Some who use it for themselves have reported better work and personal relationships and a less stressful life. There is an easy technique I teach first to allow you to assess someone’s character in seconds. The method merely accesses the intuitive part of the person’s brain. Others are way more complex But available to anyone.
Doing this work back when it was not a fad as it has become today brought me many different reactions. I have been called Devil, demon, Satan worshiper, etc., etc. I have had threats of violence from physical harm to death. Why? Because the craft isn’t understood. Many people’s understanding of the ability is mainly based on folklore and religious rhetoric and, of course, fear of what they don’t understand.
If you believe that we are created and overseen by an omnipotent God, you would see God as the ultimate father. If this is true, why would he give someone like me the ability if he doesn’t want me to use it.? If you are a father or mother, would you give your child a gun to play with or the keys to your car? You know he will have the ability. But not till he or she grows enough to use it properly.
Many of my clients have attributed immense positive life change to my services (testimonials on my website.) I have help folks avoid suicide, divorce, and dealing with problems with friends and family. Would God think that was a bad thing? How happy would he be if everyone used their ability to help each other? Would you be mad if you were him?
As I said, I believe everyone deep down knows and understands we all have this ability. There is a way to look at it from a more scientific point of view. Although I am not a scientist, this is what I believe.
Everything in the universe vibrates at some frequency. That frequency is affected by everything seen, felt, heard, smelled, or sensed vibrationally. Everyone has had an instance with no discernible reason; they could tell someone in the room was angry or upset or happy.
Imagine, for instance, a persons resting frequency was at a seven. Their partner was also a seven, so they resonate well. Their frequencies will mildly fluctuate for one reason or another, causing agitation, passion, lust, etc. The stimulation of the frequencies causing excitement and intrigue. A relationship most would love to have.
Then one day, one of them loses their job and has trouble finding another one; they may feel so bad about themselves that they start believing their partner feels negative about them. They may then search for a way to feel better. Many people become emotionally mentally or physically abusive, which causes the other person to feel hostile and defensive. At this point, their Frequencies may be at a two and three-level that is prone to combative behavior, ultimately leading to the demise of the relationship.
Maybe you are in a great mood. You’re at a nine frequency. Perhaps you go to the store to get a few things. You’re happy about what was going on that evening. You’re vibrating at a nine. Then as you wait in a line, you can feel the guy behind you is angry even though he isn’t showing it. Soon you start to feel tired or agitated and maybe even starting to dread the festivities you were excited about just minutes before. Maybe the guy behind you was at a frequency of two or three. With the prolonged exposure, your nine frequency is now a four. Since you may not understand what happened, You will naturally attribute it to something in your own life like a spouse, a child, or pet.

What do you think?
Life is a carnival.
Enjoy the ride.

Robert Caruso Intuitive

Nice to meet you. A little about me.

Not a novice or hobbyist A 30+ year veteran of the metaphysical/ paranormal field as a professional psychic. / Robert Caruso is well known to people all over the world and from all walks of life for his accurate psychic readings. He resides in the Dallas, Texas area but travels all over the world doing psychic readings and teaching classes. Robert speaks English with no New Age jargon to muddle the message for his clients. Robert believes that developing the intuition that is part or everyone can enhance and even save lives. He developed a program designed to show that psychic ability is in every human being, and teaches techniques that can be used to develop it.


                                                               My Path

I never wanted to be a psychic. I didn’t wake up one morning with it. I didn’t find out I had it after a near death experience. The fact is that I had never wanted to be anything that I have become. Although I am proud of what I am, it was not in my plans.

As a young child I was taught that a real man was violent and controlling so I became a real man. When I was violent and controlling I didn’t want to be loving, sensitive or anyone’s role model. Then I became a father. I never wanted to be a psychic but on the road back to the person I started to be, I became one.

I never wanted to be a medium. But as I read people and told them of their path I began to see spirits. The more I contacted spirits the more they contacted me.

I never wanted to be a teacher, but the need made it impossible to avoid. So I began to teach. I never wanted to facilitate regressions but the blocks my clients were experiencing made it necessary.

I never wanted to be a writer, but the information that needs to be shared made it important. So I was asked to write. I never wanted to believe in god, angels or spirits but because of what I have seen and experienced, I do.

I never wanted to care about strangers or show unconditional love. But now I can.

Robert Caruso ©1989

Point your finger at the Mirror

We have so-called songs about violence and objectifying women.
We have songs glorifying bigotry in one form or another.
ICE TEA got famous cause of his rap called “COP KILLER” and it was just the beginning.

We can hardly find a movie on TV without having to watch murder or violent Mayhem. We glorify Rogue cops who lie or blow off ethical protocol.
Much of our people have become desensitized to crooked politicians, lawyers, judges, and cops because they think “That’s the way it is”

We have video games marketed to kids that have them thinking in terms or murder, explosions and such
Hours upon hours being steeped in the mindset of murder and other destructive aggression in television shows and Movies.

we have actors like Sylvester Stallone and others speaking out about getting rid of guns.
while Hypocritically promoting the movie that glorifies the use of them. I understand the lure of the money but it is still destructive


Even Disney who used to be known for its positive programming now has many of its plots on kid shows wrapped around the obsession for the attention the opposite sex,
instead of the thrill of self-development and achievement.

Our kids are spending hours and hours idolizing a so-called recording artist as they spew out excessive sexual Aggression, SPEAKING ABOUT WOMAN ONLY IN TERMS OF OBTAINING SEX…
until many of or young women judged themselves on those terms

And we wonder why the objectification of women, rape and molestation acts are rising?

Everyone was up in arms about Trump saying that stupid shit he said on that bus. but our very culture is sinking in that same behavior.

Pres. Obama speaks out saying what Trump said would never be thought of much less said by a decent person but then he will invite the “artist that spews that crap to the white house.

We have become a country of whiny hypocrites mindless being lead by purveyors of filth and anti-social expression.
Having said all this

I am not a proponent of the censors
But I am asking
when will everyone take responsibility for OUR part of the decay of the mindful consciousness of our society?
It isn’t just the guns, they are just a tool.

Time to point the blame finger at the Mirror Because

Robert Caruso © 2018


Talk to Me.

The human language regardless of its origin is

Woefully inadequate when it comes to

Communicating in this day and time.

Setting aside the butchering of the language

by people going out of their way to be trendy.

The language doesn’t cover all the nuances and possibilities of the

human condition and human interactions.

Robert Caruso (c) 2017

Success and Failure

In the years that I’ve been in the metaphysical field it is always been interesting as my clients progressed in their lives. Many times they begin to grieve the loss of what used to be.
They grieve the loss of friends who seem to resent them for no particular reason. This hurts them deeply and many times we makes them regret their success. They began to try to prove that they’re the same person but no matter what they do those people still insist on saying derogatory things to make them feel as if they have become petty, materialistic or combative.
It is this behavior that basically tells us as human beings that we must let go of the old and embrace the new. The new is where you’re going, its progress, its enlightenment, it is the expansion of awareness. This conflict is to be expected if you are going to progress.
If letting go of the old means letting go of a friend who is bent on diminishing your success or ability, it is what has to be done. Until which time that friend relaxes their point of view and becomes either supportive or accepting of your success.
There is no shame in a failure, neither is there shame in success, they are both just experiences along life’s path. Nothing More.

R.Caruso (c)2017

Much thanks to our Tyrants.

We have always needed our tyrants, dictators and megalomaniacs. They have been essential part of our existence and a catalyst to our progress.

As hideous and repugnant as these people and organizations may be, they provide the pain and stress that humans seem to need in order to grow.

So now is the time to strive to understand our need for these conflicts, and relate them as you would a knife to a stone. The needed conflict to sharpen the edge of our eventual understanding of all that is.

Humankind can be likened to a butterfly emerging from the confines of a cocoon that was once vital to its existence.

As we move into the higher realms of thought and existence, the effort to grow understand and relate will be provided by curiosity and open-minded observation rather than the need to avoid pain and fear.

So don’t be fearful of the conflicts of our day. Instead see it as an indication of the trajectory of humankind. The battle between love and the illusion of power will continue, until the need to be controlled is eradicated from our consciousness.

Robert Caruso © 2017

Let’s Get Off Our Knees.

When are we as people, going to let go of the idea that we have to look up or pay homage to people in public service.


We call people the first family, the first lady or maybe the first dog just because of their connection to the president. The president is merely a position imparted on a person supposedly by population of the country. He is a hired employee to be respectfully scrutinized and evaluated while he conducts the business of the country to benefit all or as much of the population as possible.


The truth is there is no first family, royal families, saviors, messiahs or anything of the sort. These are just people that we voted in or were born in to a position that doesn’t actually exist.


The president, representatives, senators and all people in positions of authority are employees.




We have to see them as they are, human, flawed people ( not all good and Not all bad.)whose first obligation is to themselves and their own families. We have to drop the idea that they will be selfless in their efforts within their position.




When we start acting like they are public servants that work for us instead of acting as if their superior and we are there subjects then things will change.



R.Caruso (c) 2017

Behind the Mask

It seems to me that Donald Trump is the face of politics as it is today (with out the mask).

It is what our political system, government and judicial system has become.

His rhetoric is common thought throughout our government but it’s traditionally hidden behind a mask of selflessness, charisma and devotion to the American public.

Once in office many of our political figures say and do whatever is necessary to divert our attention from the sinister and violent atrocities that are perpetrated everyday in our name.While pointing fingers at the party across the aisle for doing the same thing.

They mesmerize us with soundbites, charismatic speeches that are written by professionals. Speeches containing information that is based not so much on their truth as it is on public appeal, that is determined by professional polling companies.

They lead us around like children captivated by shiny objects and toys while frequently scaring us when necessary in order to keep us in check.
Great sums of money and effort is spent to divert our attention away from what is happening to a more palatable Illusion of righteousness.

If you look around you see that we’ve been in wars since 2003 or thereabouts to this very moment. These wars started by Republican and sustained and expanded by politicians in both parties.

The blood is on everybody’s hands including the people of the United States. If we haven’t condoned it, but we have absolutely not protested it enough.

Why aren’t we putting our energy and protesting the dirty water poisoning our citizens and many of our towns.

Where other protesters when a man or woman is arrested or prosecuted for growing vegetables in their own yards.

Where the protesters for the man who is jailed for collecting rainwater, or taking steps to take his home off the grid.

Why are we showing the prosecution of corrupt police while also showing the faces in the names of those that are heroic and conscientious.

Why is most of our protests focused on only the most stylish of issues that happens to be getting attention at the time.

The curtain is been pulled back folks, we have to face the truth.

We have to use the power of the frustration of our people by focusing it in clearheaded protest. Rise up vigorously and nonviolently, or making all our voices heard and holding the politicians and everyone in government accountable.

Now that most people is woken up maybe we can get to work and clean this mess up.

Robert Caruso intuitive

Intuition Before Interpretation.

So many people are upset about what Donald Trump said at the inaugural event yesterday.
He said, we are going to put AMERICA FIRST again. A lot of the new shows grabbed onto that as an opportunity to upset people, by calling it a dark speech because he is telling people to believe America is better than anyone else. Telling them to believe no one else matters other than America.

I can tell you right now that Donald Trump is probably one of the worst speakers we have ever had as a presidential candidate.
But if you take a minute you can realize that if nothing else Donald Trump is a family man, extremely proud of family and accomplishments.
If you look at it from that point of view and put yourself in that position as if America was your family. When you go to your child’s sporting events do not cheer on your child’s performance.

     Are you not hypersensitive that your child is treated fairly.
In times of difficulty do you not focus on your family’s well-being ahead of all others.

If you’re at a lake and to children’s are drowning one of them is yours which one would you save if you couldn’t save both.

From what I can see this is his focus.
In my opinion whether you love him or hate him to bust him for saying, we will put AMERICA FIRST is a prejudice against the man not a statement or vision.

Just my opinion
Robert Caruso intuitive

Think For Yourself.

It is been said, that history is written by the victors. Of course this has to be true because the loser of any conflict is in given the opportunity to tell their side.
So that tells you that history isn’t always EXACTLY TRUE.

ALL religions are based on the interpretation of the founders or leaders of that belief system. They have faith in these, but no PROOF or EVIDENCE.

          All scientific decisions and proclamations are based on observances and the scientific communities belief in what they’ve seen.
These to believe the tomato was poisonous.
The sun revolved around the earth.
The earth is flat. (Some still believe that one)
and that disease was caused by evil spirits.

Most people in America used to believe that what was set on the news was true and factual. Where that used to be the case at one time there is ample proof that that is not true today.
People used to believe that our politicians, law enforcement and judicial system was fair, honest and had the best interest of the people at heart. There is ample evidence here to the contrary.
Example, one person can get a life sentence for possessing weed, while a young man to get probation after killing or raping based on his societal level and level of family income.

So we can see from here that everything we hear from other people is subject to interpretation and should be scrutinized to a person own satisfaction.

At this time in our society it is that the utmost importance to develop the human ability of intuition to the highest level achievable. This will allow every man woman and child to avoid promoting or following dubious personalities or thought processes.

Robert Caruso intuitive

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