Psychic ability. A Gift?Human Talent?Or Sin?

As a professional intuitive/psychic, it is my opinion that intuition is a talent that we all share. Every man, woman, and child. Every life form, whether an elephant, whale, bird, or insect. It is a fact whether someone is comfortable with it or not.
When trying to dispute this, the person I am speaking to will inevitably mention a telephone call that they knew would come or an ailment or accident that they felt would happen that did. Everyone has it, uses it at some capacity, and deep down, everyone knows it. If there is a gift to it at all, it is the ease someone has in its development.
I have taught hundreds of people the basics, and some have become phenomenal readers. Some who use it for themselves have reported better work and personal relationships and a less stressful life. There is an easy technique I teach first to allow you to assess someone’s character in seconds. The method merely accesses the intuitive part of the person’s brain. Others are way more complex But available to anyone.
Doing this work back when it was not a fad as it has become today brought me many different reactions. I have been called Devil, demon, Satan worshiper, etc., etc. I have had threats of violence from physical harm to death. Why? Because the craft isn’t understood. Many people’s understanding of the ability is mainly based on folklore and religious rhetoric and, of course, fear of what they don’t understand.
If you believe that we are created and overseen by an omnipotent God, you would see God as the ultimate father. If this is true, why would he give someone like me the ability if he doesn’t want me to use it.? If you are a father or mother, would you give your child a gun to play with or the keys to your car? You know he will have the ability. But not till he or she grows enough to use it properly.
Many of my clients have attributed immense positive life change to my services (testimonials on my website.) I have help folks avoid suicide, divorce, and dealing with problems with friends and family. Would God think that was a bad thing? How happy would he be if everyone used their ability to help each other? Would you be mad if you were him?
As I said, I believe everyone deep down knows and understands we all have this ability. There is a way to look at it from a more scientific point of view. Although I am not a scientist, this is what I believe.
Everything in the universe vibrates at some frequency. That frequency is affected by everything seen, felt, heard, smelled, or sensed vibrationally. Everyone has had an instance with no discernible reason; they could tell someone in the room was angry or upset or happy.
Imagine, for instance, a persons resting frequency was at a seven. Their partner was also a seven, so they resonate well. Their frequencies will mildly fluctuate for one reason or another, causing agitation, passion, lust, etc. The stimulation of the frequencies causing excitement and intrigue. A relationship most would love to have.
Then one day, one of them loses their job and has trouble finding another one; they may feel so bad about themselves that they start believing their partner feels negative about them. They may then search for a way to feel better. Many people become emotionally mentally or physically abusive, which causes the other person to feel hostile and defensive. At this point, their Frequencies may be at a two and three-level that is prone to combative behavior, ultimately leading to the demise of the relationship.
Maybe you are in a great mood. You’re at a nine frequency. Perhaps you go to the store to get a few things. You’re happy about what was going on that evening. You’re vibrating at a nine. Then as you wait in a line, you can feel the guy behind you is angry even though he isn’t showing it. Soon you start to feel tired or agitated and maybe even starting to dread the festivities you were excited about just minutes before. Maybe the guy behind you was at a frequency of two or three. With the prolonged exposure, your nine frequency is now a four. Since you may not understand what happened, You will naturally attribute it to something in your own life like a spouse, a child, or pet.

What do you think?
Life is a carnival.
Enjoy the ride.

Robert Caruso Intuitive

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  1. Joann Johnson

    That was fantastic Robert put into words that everyone can understand. I have always believed this but could not phrase it the way you have done.

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