Its 2 am and I’m sitting here typing on these keys
As visions, words and scenarios spin inside of me.
Sleep thus far evades me as I think of what they mean
I know I’ll never sleep a wink, till I’ve told you what I’ve seen.
I see treachery and bigotry, poison food in all the stores

While people we hired to keep the peace use lies to sell us war.
Our children are used as pawns, as their lives were about to start.
There, They are sacrificed needlessly leaving families torn apart.
Health care only for the wealthy, justice bought and sold by phone.
Schools teach competition, but understanding is never shown.
They teach pride in school and football plays.
But a class for tolerance is not the way

If you’re not happy take your pill today.
It is a robot you will be one day.
That’s just the way it goes.
Then the disasters came and millions died for them help would never come.
Then the economic tapestry began to come undone.

Corporate thieves and politicians pretend each other is to blame.
The society has destroyed itself like a Phoenix in its flame.
During this vision I wondered why it had to be this way.
A voice said, people won’t make a stand, they’re afraid to have their say.

They find their peace in ignorance, false images in their eyes.
They find solace in political rhetoric as their planet starts to die.
Vote for change they’d always shout, our needs you have to meet.
The only change that’s ever made is who occupies the seats
Then the scene began to change as dust settled on the land.
A world of understanding came as new leaders took a stand.

The voice said these leaders, are nothing like the ones you had
They have no greed or prejudice they know why things got bad.
When they saw the changes coming, they tried to warn and educate.
All they could do was share what they knew and then stand back and wait
They addressed the abuse of animals and came to their defense.
They tended the needs of the common man, and put injustices to rest.
They fed hungry people the best they could.
Collecting donations from whoever would.

When a protest was needed that is where they stood.
They did their very best.
Now they will lead this world to the place it needs to be.
A place that compassionate behavior is what people expect to see.
No more will virtue, be seen in cold and greedy acts.

When the masses show integrity the will be no changing back.
The scene disappeared completely
But the voices went on to say
You saw a piece of the future but the work must start today

R.Caruso ©2006