You feel like someone is standing near you, 

Or watching you from the dark. 

Who did you just hear saying your name? 

Or uttering a casual remark? 

We are always present around you 

You try to convince yourself that we’re not, 

You may sense us, like a breeze that blew by you, 

Or just an echo between your thoughts. 

You may think we are God or an Angel, 

That we are a spirit, you can’t see or touch. 

But it is just when you find out just who you are. 

That you’ll feel you’ve become one of “US.” 


The origin of my existence you will learn soon enough. Though I don’t have a name you could relate to, I will accommodate your custom of labeling things by telling you that you can call me “ATON.” Throughout mankind’s existence, individuals have been tasked to play a role in the development of human consciousness.

These people are tasked with learning how the Universe works as it pertains to human beings, and then they impart that wisdom to others. Often, these people don’t realize this is happening, but they feel there is a small voice inside them that guides them. In this case, I am that voice, and “Alexander Gallo” is one of those people. This is his story. 


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