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Blame the System


We all need to realize that we have a system set in place that eventually turns out a president or vice president. In that system is electoral process, delegate process/primaries etc. both of these processes allow for the decision of the person elected to be made by people that don’t necessarily have to vote the will of the people in their district.

What we have today in the Congress, and White House as a result of that system however flawed it may be. You don’t have to like it, few of us do. But it is what we have. You may feel the need to whine and complain, allow yourself to fill with rage and maybe even make yourself sick with fear and anger. Is it really going to help?

If you don’t want this type of outcome, if you don’t believe that the system is giving the country what it needs. Then it would be important to change the system instead of complaining about the outcome.

Maybe in the primaries if we didn’t have delegates or super delegates, the people’s vote would matter more. In the general election if we change the Electoral College system so that the popular vote has more weight maybe the vote of the people would matter more.

But as it stands the elections are over and we have what we have. It is useful to note, that almost every president that is ever been elected has been threatened with impeachment. No one has actually been taken out of office. Pres. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the only ones impeached by the US House of Representatives but they were subsequently acquitted by the Senate. So if impeachment is your call you can rest assured that it’s probably not going to work.

Now’s the time to have hope, give benefit of the doubt, and pay attention to the issues at hand. If you see an issue that going the wrong way, a politician that’s going against what you think is right for the country. Protesting that would be energy well spent.

It is the pressure on the issues, changing of the system and holding politicians accountable that will do more to change the world, than any tantrum or mean-spirited rhetoric ever will.

Robert Caruso (c) 2017


Cleaning up the Press.

Free press in the early days was important as a type of watchdog system. And it worked.
The press was known to out anyone they could but watched the validity of their stories.
Today our mainstream media is owned by corporations, that while posing as credible news organizations will pump up, bury or outright lie to slant things toward their agenda.
This is the behavior that is tearing apart our society.
There has always been terrorists, bigots and radical organizations that had radically hateful points of view.
But they are on the forefront now. Why?
Because fear sells even better than sex.
The more afraid folks are the better the ratings and the easier it is to slant economic and political views.
They need to be held accountable and forced to the absolute accuracy or to label whatever is an opinion as just an opinion.
And that’s my opinion.😉

Are you controlled by your Emotions?

      We should all be very vigilant, in controlling our emotions in this time of upheaval.
The tools of the political and corporate agencies, use the tool of emotional manipulation to control the masses.This is done several ways, through inflection by the narrator, “phrase sculpting”and subliminal messages in both print and through visual media.
FEAR is nothing more than an emotion that is evoked by lack of information or the time to consider it.
We must guard against this if we truly want to let go of a fear-based society

We the people of the world need to work together to abolish the idea of knee-jerk emotion. We need to make it a common practice to educate each other and to shun any media that employs emotional manipulation as a hook into their own self interests.
There only people governed by their emotions that have foregone the task of collecting evidence and qualifying information.
Imagine what would happen if it became fashionable to analyze every bit of information we are given.What if we created think tanks that was based on expelling emotional reaction and using strictly analytical thought?
What if in our schools the morning and evening classes were conducted as encounter groups to go through the current events so that students can become a custom to analyzing not only information but also the emotion that it evokes?
Within a generation we will have created a society of strong, thoughtful and ethical people focused on the health of the environment, well-being of the people and fair and nurturing treatment of wildlife.
The calm, consideration of the facts and information has never hurt anyone it is only the RAMPANT EMOTION that pushes people to seek to destroy.



Don’t Just Wake up America, Grow up

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that every time something goes wrong in this country, or even in the world they right away begin complaining that the president wasn’t there or wasn’t commenting yet.

The president’s job isn’t to be everybody’s dad. Are we so immature and shortsighted that we need him to tell us how to act?How to think? What to believe?

When something horrendous happens it isn’t going to change anything if the president comments one way or another.

Do we need him to tell us that it’s good or that it’s bad or how he’s going to save us from it?

Isn’t it about time that folks just make their own decisions, join organizations that help situations that are dear to them. Instead of waiting and wanting change in their lives without any real effort of their own?

The president is there to  be the representative of this country. When dealing with other  countries is there to deal with them according to our policies and interests. He is there to try to bring the country forward into a more fair and productive state of being. Not to save us from ourselves.

I heard it said, that the president sets the tone for the country.They said that his opinions and what he says affects the populations’ views.It seems to be true to an extent with much of the population.

How sad is that?

To me it’s the need of this parental type belief system that has destroyed the fabric of this nation.

In my opinion, it’s time for Americans to not only wake up but also to grow up.

R.Caruso (c) 2016


Gun Control

I am not a gun owner. Although I will have to become one in the near future due to a coyote problem at my farm in east Texas. I am not afraid of coyotes, so it isn’t an act of fear. But my animals will I’m sure be glad I had one when one of the coyotes are chasing them down. Now of course I don’t need an AR-15 to kill a coyote but I may need onto kill a pack of them.

I know when I buy that gun I will be in no danger of shooting myself or any unintended target. How do I know? Because I know what the weapon is capable of. I know that because I have seen the damage this weapon can do.  I know it, respect it and act accordingly.

I have a grandson and nieces and nephews under the age of responsibility so I would of course have a place to store the gun to keep them out of harm’s way. This again is the way to keep that type of tragedy from happening, so there is no need for fear. It is because of this awareness that no one will be hurt or killed because of a gun I bought regardless of model or capability.

I don’t believe in limiting the guns as much as I believe in licensing owners to be able to keep them. If someone wants to own a low caliber weapon for whatever reason it makes sense to make sure they can handle not only the responsibility, but also that they are proficient in its use and risks.

I think maybe there should be levels of licenses. The lowest level of gun license should cover minimal calibers and the top license only for the highly dangerous one. There should be liability insurance purchased on all levels and qualification covering marksmanship and weapon knowledge and storage.

It makes sense to register the guns to make it possible to trace a gun used in a crime. The owner of the gun should be held responsible for its use. If it is used in a crime and hasn’t been reported it stolen, they should be charged accordingly.

With all power comes responsibility in all areas from guns and weapons to political officials. Too much uncheck power is a danger to all. Disarming people when there is a very real threat of harm be it animal or human.

We are in a dangerous time and the need to be aware and ready is upon us. There is nowhere in our society that anyone is absolutely safe. It makes no sense to lay your safety solely in the hands of strangers’. The rampant corruption in our governments make it a possibility (However slim) a Nazi style takeover is possible. Being aware and ready is the best policy.

Hopefully someday we will have a society that everyone respects each other and believes in fair play and integrity.

But we aren’t there yet.

R.Caruso   ©2016




                                      Never Give Up!

In the sixties the much population raged against the machine that was our corrupt government. These soldiers of peace fought hard for peace and the end of the Viet Nam war . When that goal was realized and the war was ended, many  became appeased and slipped into social unconsciousness and became part of the “Machine”.

That can’t happen now.

Bernie helped start a movement that has the potential to make an amazing world for our kids and grand-kids.

It has to continue regardless if Bernie is elected or not.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, changes must be made.
From abolishing corrupt two party system and electoral college to ending big businesses ability to buy elections and control of government by keeping politicians on their payroll.
We have to bring the control back to the people.

Stay centered with spirit body mind and spirit.
Have a clean spiritual center but hands that are ready to get dirty

The act of changing the world for future generations,
Is a profound SPIRITUAL ACT. and the responsibility of us all.

Robert Caruso Int

Past Life Regressions can be one of the

Past Life Regressions can be one of the most life-changing events you can experience. But it can be expensive.
A group regression can give you a great introduction to it and at the same time allow you to experience a past life for a fraction of the cost.
Past Life Regressions made a huge impact on my life. It gave me a direction that changed my path from one of violence and drugs to a life of service to fellow seekers and people that just needed some clarity on something they were feeling or reactive behavior they were trying to let go of. In my opinion, it is one of the most dynamic therapies you can do. I facilitate PAST –LIFE Regressions at the Intuitive Academy in Richardson Texas.

In the past 29 years I have been amazed

In the past 29 years I have been amazed at that power and possibilities available in this field of study. The simplicity of the universe gives rise to such complexities of emotions due to the fear of the unknown, blind belief in control based rhetoric and the human predisposition of expecting things to be complicated.
The mechanics of the universe is simple, as is its connection to spiritual, mental and physical existence. The complication lies in the communication and understanding between beings.
The understanding that there are No bad people just bad behavior due to fear of inadequacy and vulnerability. Though I have no doubt of this fact it continues to test me most days of my life, at the end of the day always proving to be true.
My career has been built on using my intuition and experience delving into the maze of the human mind and spirit. My main task being to find a straight forward answer to the confusing situations my spirit brother /sisters may be experiencing.
Though metaphysical work is popular and to some fashionable. It is not a parlor game, it’s not a form of entertainment (my opinion) it isn’t about being gifted or a level above (a ridiculous idea)it is about helping others clear the way to personal growth, realization of their own power and the ability to courageously give and receive love.
I am available for Psychic readings, frequency healing, regressions and power animal discovery sessions Monday through Friday ( Saturdays and Sundays available on special request call now at 469-546-8017 or e-mail at

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