Intuition Before Interpretation.

So many people are upset about what Donald Trump said at the inaugural event yesterday.
He said, we are going to put AMERICA FIRST again. A lot of the new shows grabbed onto that as an opportunity to upset people, by calling it a dark speech because he is telling people to believe America is better than anyone else. Telling them to believe no one else matters other than America.

I can tell you right now that Donald Trump is probably one of the worst speakers we have ever had as a presidential candidate.
But if you take a minute you can realize that if nothing else Donald Trump is a family man, extremely proud of family and accomplishments.
If you look at it from that point of view and put yourself in that position as if America was your family. When you go to your child’s sporting events do not cheer on your child’s performance.

     Are you not hypersensitive that your child is treated fairly.
In times of difficulty do you not focus on your family’s well-being ahead of all others.

If you’re at a lake and to children’s are drowning one of them is yours which one would you save if you couldn’t save both.

From what I can see this is his focus.
In my opinion whether you love him or hate him to bust him for saying, we will put AMERICA FIRST is a prejudice against the man not a statement or vision.

Just my opinion
Robert Caruso intuitive

Think For Yourself.

It is been said, that history is written by the victors. Of course this has to be true because the loser of any conflict is in given the opportunity to tell their side.
So that tells you that history isn’t always EXACTLY TRUE.

ALL religions are based on the interpretation of the founders or leaders of that belief system. They have faith in these, but no PROOF or EVIDENCE.

          All scientific decisions and proclamations are based on observances and the scientific communities belief in what they’ve seen.
These to believe the tomato was poisonous.
The sun revolved around the earth.
The earth is flat. (Some still believe that one)
and that disease was caused by evil spirits.

Most people in America used to believe that what was set on the news was true and factual. Where that used to be the case at one time there is ample proof that that is not true today.
People used to believe that our politicians, law enforcement and judicial system was fair, honest and had the best interest of the people at heart. There is ample evidence here to the contrary.
Example, one person can get a life sentence for possessing weed, while a young man to get probation after killing or raping based on his societal level and level of family income.

So we can see from here that everything we hear from other people is subject to interpretation and should be scrutinized to a person own satisfaction.

At this time in our society it is that the utmost importance to develop the human ability of intuition to the highest level achievable. This will allow every man woman and child to avoid promoting or following dubious personalities or thought processes.

Robert Caruso intuitive


Blame the System


We all need to realize that we have a system set in place that eventually turns out a president or vice president. In that system is electoral process, delegate process/primaries etc. both of these processes allow for the decision of the person elected to be made by people that don’t necessarily have to vote the will of the people in their district.

What we have today in the Congress, and White House as a result of that system however flawed it may be. You don’t have to like it, few of us do. But it is what we have. You may feel the need to whine and complain, allow yourself to fill with rage and maybe even make yourself sick with fear and anger. Is it really going to help?

If you don’t want this type of outcome, if you don’t believe that the system is giving the country what it needs. Then it would be important to change the system instead of complaining about the outcome.

Maybe in the primaries if we didn’t have delegates or super delegates, the people’s vote would matter more. In the general election if we change the Electoral College system so that the popular vote has more weight maybe the vote of the people would matter more.

But as it stands the elections are over and we have what we have. It is useful to note, that almost every president that is ever been elected has been threatened with impeachment. No one has actually been taken out of office. Pres. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the only ones impeached by the US House of Representatives but they were subsequently acquitted by the Senate. So if impeachment is your call you can rest assured that it’s probably not going to work.

Now’s the time to have hope, give benefit of the doubt, and pay attention to the issues at hand. If you see an issue that going the wrong way, a politician that’s going against what you think is right for the country. Protesting that would be energy well spent.

It is the pressure on the issues, changing of the system and holding politicians accountable that will do more to change the world, than any tantrum or mean-spirited rhetoric ever will.

Robert Caruso (c) 2017


Cleaning up the Press.

Free press in the early days was important as a type of watchdog system. And it worked.
The press was known to out anyone they could but watched the validity of their stories.
Today our mainstream media is owned by corporations, that while posing as credible news organizations will pump up, bury or outright lie to slant things toward their agenda.
This is the behavior that is tearing apart our society.
There has always been terrorists, bigots and radical organizations that had radically hateful points of view.
But they are on the forefront now. Why?
Because fear sells even better than sex.
The more afraid folks are the better the ratings and the easier it is to slant economic and political views.
They need to be held accountable and forced to the absolute accuracy or to label whatever is an opinion as just an opinion.
And that’s my opinion.😉

Doing My Part.


One thing I can say for sure is that I’m extremely grateful for the work that I’m allowed to do. I have the freedom from working from anywhere in the world. I pick the times that I wish to work and ultimately decide who I will work with. I have clients that I’ve been with me for 20+ years. I have clients that I have been reading since they were teenagers now in the 30s and 40s. I could not ask for anything more.

I’ve always taken great pride in doing this work with as much love, understanding and straightforward integrity as possible. But now I feel ashamed.

I have come to the realization that I’m not doing enough for people that can’t afford the fee of a session with me, or those that are new to this field of study. Though I do answer questions for free from time to time. I don’t feel like I have been doing enough.

This is what I’ve decided to do to remedy the situation.

Beginning Monday November 14, 2016, every morning at 11:00 AM Monday through Friday.

I will be giving a 10 minute reading free of charge, to people facing specific issues that can’t afford a regular session, people new to the field and folks by referral. (One time per person) (by appointment only)

To book the session call 469-546-8017 or email at

Remember, when things get dark, by connecting with spirit and each other we can always find the light.

Talk to you soon

Robert Caruso


Are you controlled by your Emotions?

      We should all be very vigilant, in controlling our emotions in this time of upheaval.
The tools of the political and corporate agencies, use the tool of emotional manipulation to control the masses.This is done several ways, through inflection by the narrator, “phrase sculpting”and subliminal messages in both print and through visual media.
FEAR is nothing more than an emotion that is evoked by lack of information or the time to consider it.
We must guard against this if we truly want to let go of a fear-based society

We the people of the world need to work together to abolish the idea of knee-jerk emotion. We need to make it a common practice to educate each other and to shun any media that employs emotional manipulation as a hook into their own self interests.
There only people governed by their emotions that have foregone the task of collecting evidence and qualifying information.
Imagine what would happen if it became fashionable to analyze every bit of information we are given.What if we created think tanks that was based on expelling emotional reaction and using strictly analytical thought?
What if in our schools the morning and evening classes were conducted as encounter groups to go through the current events so that students can become a custom to analyzing not only information but also the emotion that it evokes?
Within a generation we will have created a society of strong, thoughtful and ethical people focused on the health of the environment, well-being of the people and fair and nurturing treatment of wildlife.
The calm, consideration of the facts and information has never hurt anyone it is only the RAMPANT EMOTION that pushes people to seek to destroy.



Don’t Just Wake up America, Grow up

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that every time something goes wrong in this country, or even in the world they right away begin complaining that the president wasn’t there or wasn’t commenting yet.

The president’s job isn’t to be everybody’s dad. Are we so immature and shortsighted that we need him to tell us how to act?How to think? What to believe?

When something horrendous happens it isn’t going to change anything if the president comments one way or another.

Do we need him to tell us that it’s good or that it’s bad or how he’s going to save us from it?

Isn’t it about time that folks just make their own decisions, join organizations that help situations that are dear to them. Instead of waiting and wanting change in their lives without any real effort of their own?

The president is there to  be the representative of this country. When dealing with other  countries is there to deal with them according to our policies and interests. He is there to try to bring the country forward into a more fair and productive state of being. Not to save us from ourselves.

I heard it said, that the president sets the tone for the country.They said that his opinions and what he says affects the populations’ views.It seems to be true to an extent with much of the population.

How sad is that?

To me it’s the need of this parental type belief system that has destroyed the fabric of this nation.

In my opinion, it’s time for Americans to not only wake up but also to grow up.

R.Caruso (c) 2016


Stop the madness

          During this election year I have seen folks almost come to blows over political views and choices. I am constantly hearing Republicans did this,Democrats did that etc etc.  It is a horrible reflection of our knee jerk, reactive society. There isn’t anyway the elected president will be able to turn the country into anything but what it is. Change takes time and a multitude of painful lessons. It is never instant comfortable change. Nirvana isn’t coming anytime soon. it certainly won’t be brought into being by a particular president or party. 
          There has to be a societal change that moves us out of the apathetic mentality to a hands on approach to government. A government monitored strictly by a civilian watch dog group with a means to report to the people with out the constraints of the need for ratings and investors.  Our system now is not broken it was set up to put the power into the hands of a few. It gotta change before anything else does.    
         A persons choice for the presidency doesn’t necessarily mean the person agrees with all of the candidates views. I have been a Bernie fan for years cause of his obvious honesty and integrity . I don’t agree with he stance on abortion ( allowing it past the first trimester) guns ( I don’t believe in Banning anything just strict licencing standards)
I don’t agree with his immigration stance almost open borders.( I believe their should be easy but totally vetted visas )
        To me,  beyond the first black president or the first woman president the most novel of all presidents (Or congress person) would be a man or woman of honor and integrity.
I know its a long shot but it is a dream of a father.
Robert Caruso (c) 2016