We should all be very vigilant, in controlling our emotions in this time of upheaval.
The tools of the political and corporate agencies, use the tool of emotional manipulation to control the masses.This is done several ways, through inflection by the narrator, “phrase sculpting”and subliminal messages in both print and through visual media.
FEAR is nothing more than an emotion that is evoked by lack of information or the time to consider it.
We must guard against this if we truly want to let go of a fear-based society

We the people of the world need to work together to abolish the idea of knee-jerk emotion. We need to make it a common practice to educate each other and to shun any media that employs emotional manipulation as a hook into their own self interests.
There only people governed by their emotions that have foregone the task of collecting evidence and qualifying information.
Imagine what would happen if it became fashionable to analyze every bit of information we are given.What if we created think tanks that was based on expelling emotional reaction and using strictly analytical thought?
What if in our schools the morning and evening classes were conducted as encounter groups to go through the current events so that students can become a custom to analyzing not only information but also the emotion that it evokes?
Within a generation we will have created a society of strong, thoughtful and ethical people focused on the health of the environment, well-being of the people and fair and nurturing treatment of wildlife.
The calm, consideration of the facts and information has never hurt anyone it is only the RAMPANT EMOTION that pushes people to seek to destroy.