Never Give Up!

In the sixties the much population raged against the machine that was our corrupt government. These soldiers of peace fought hard for peace and the end of the Viet Nam war . When that goal was realized and the war was ended, many  became appeased and slipped into social unconsciousness and became part of the “Machine”.

That can’t happen now.

Bernie helped start a movement that has the potential to make an amazing world for our kids and grand-kids.

It has to continue regardless if Bernie is elected or not.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent, changes must be made.
From abolishing corrupt two party system and electoral college to ending big businesses ability to buy elections and control of government by keeping politicians on their payroll.
We have to bring the control back to the people.

Stay centered with spirit body mind and spirit.
Have a clean spiritual center but hands that are ready to get dirty

The act of changing the world for future generations,
Is a profound SPIRITUAL ACT. and the responsibility of us all.

Robert Caruso Int