Much thanks to our Tyrants.

We have always needed our tyrants, dictators and megalomaniacs. They have been essential part of our existence and a catalyst to our progress.

As hideous and repugnant as these people and organizations may be, they provide the pain and stress that humans seem to need in order to grow.

So now is the time to strive to understand our need for these conflicts, and relate them as you would a knife to a stone. The needed conflict to sharpen the edge of our eventual understanding of all that is.

Humankind can be likened to a butterfly emerging from the confines of a cocoon that was once vital to its existence.

As we move into the higher realms of thought and existence, the effort to grow understand and relate will be provided by curiosity and open-minded observation rather than the need to avoid pain and fear.

So don’t be fearful of the conflicts of our day. Instead see it as an indication of the trajectory of humankind. The battle between love and the illusion of power will continue, until the need to be controlled is eradicated from our consciousness.

Robert Caruso © 2017

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  1. JoAnn Z Johnson

    Great article. So agree with you. People have to step back and see the big picture. A lot of good will come from all his confusion. But let’s face it between you and me he is on one strong vitamin. …………and believe his daughter has it together. Just hope he does not over load her by leaning on her so much. JoAnn inManassas

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