Not a novice or hobbyist A 30+ year veteran of the metaphysical/ paranormal field as a professional psychic. / Robert Caruso is well known to people all over the world and from all walks of life for his accurate psychic readings. He resides in the Dallas, Texas area but travels all over the world doing psychic readings and teaching classes. Robert speaks English with no New Age jargon to muddle the message for his clients. Robert believes that developing the intuition that is part or everyone can enhance and even save lives. He developed a program designed to show that psychic ability is in every human being, and teaches techniques that can be used to develop it.      

My Path

I never wanted to be a psychic. I didn’t wake up one morning with it. I didn’t find out I had it after a near death experience. The fact is that I had never wanted to be anything that I have become. Although I am proud of what I am, it was not in my plans.

As a young child I was taught that a real man was violent and controlling so, I became a real man. When I was violent and controlling I didn’t want to be loving, sensitive or anyone’s role model. Then I became a father. I never wanted to be a psychic but on the road back to the person I started to be, I became one.

I never wanted to be a medium. But as I read people and told them of their path, I began to see spirits. The more I contacted spirits the more they contacted me.

I never wanted to be a teacher, but the need made it impossible to avoid. So, I began to teach. I never wanted to facilitate regressions but, the blocks my clients were experiencing made it necessary.

I never wanted to be a writer, but the information that needs to be shared made it important. So, I was asked to write. I never wanted to believe in God, angels or spirits but because of what I have seen and experienced, I do.

I never wanted to care about strangers or show unconditional love. But now I can.

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