Don’t Just Wake up America, Grow up

It seems kind of ridiculous to me that every time something goes wrong in this country, or even in the world they right away begin complaining that the president wasn’t there or wasn’t commenting yet.

The president’s job isn’t to be everybody’s dad. Are we so immature and shortsighted that we need him to tell us how to act?How to think? What to believe?

When something horrendous happens it isn’t going to change anything if the president comments one way or another.

Do we need him to tell us that it’s good or that it’s bad or how he’s going to save us from it?

Isn’t it about time that folks just make their own decisions, join organizations that help situations that are dear to them. Instead of waiting and wanting change in their lives without any real effort of their own?

The president is there to  be the representative of this country. When dealing with other  countries is there to deal with them according to our policies and interests. He is there to try to bring the country forward into a more fair and productive state of being. Not to save us from ourselves.

I heard it said, that the president sets the tone for the country.They said that his opinions and what he says affects the populations’ views.It seems to be true to an extent with much of the population.

How sad is that?

To me it’s the need of this parental type belief system that has destroyed the fabric of this nation.

In my opinion, it’s time for Americans to not only wake up but also to grow up.

R.Caruso (c) 2016


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Can you choose?

Is a bigot or misogynist that voices his poisonous opinion (public affect aside) any more dangerous than the one that only acts on it while sporting a smile?
is it like this: “better the Devil you do than the Devil you don’t”
What do you think?
Unless what someone says is a provable fact it is just an opinion worth no more than anyone else’s.