May 23, 2020

Texan Rick Light former commander of American Militia Bridget Higgins and me.

in the past 50 years my observation I've

lost the we've lost the ability to drink

clean water lessons from the bottle by

whole milk and some states collect

rainwater on our own property believe in

the news media due to the corporation

ownership of the information we never

know if it's true

being able to say anything without

reprisal or without possibly being

punished ability to grow things and our

own property without being called cited

or prosecuted voting was for the most

part ethical ethical we never got

arrested for leaving the house

but now we eat food we aren't allowed to

know what's in it were threatened with

being forced to have poisons shot into

our body without knowing what's in it or

if it's harmful we can be snatched off

the street and held in jail without due

process if someone thinks you might be a

terrorist or politically against them

some are forced to have water to have

water that they can't drink or even

bathe in some political parties

effectively prevent former some of our

choices political for political art

office within their own party political

parties effectively prevent some of our

choices for political office within our

own party anyway IRS has been used as

attack dog so is FBI now these are all

things that's been going on for a while

but it's in a point where it is it just

has to be stopped but how do we do that

we have to hang together not symbiotic

like we're all one but like the Olympic


we're linked by a cause to cause to make

an ethical productive and a society that

everybody can live with some ability to

grow and progress we need to link our

strengths for the noble cause of a

better world for all our kids and

there's think about that as you look at

your children grandchildren we all have

to get off the bench if you're healed or

if your healer heal your advisor advice

if you're an educator educate if God

forbid at some point it's necessary if

you're a fighter and be trained to fight

as a repugnant as all that is

sometimes it could be necessary right

now we want to connect with our guests

today is Rick light

he's a militia Robert yes hang on what's

that guardian I'm introducing you right

at moment anyway he's a militia members

been there called quite some time far as

I can tell he'll say more about that

here in a minute but he's here to talk

about what a militia really is a lot of

people have the wrong idea that there's

some kind of Mad Dog gun fetish people

and they're really not the people that

are willing when things get bad if they

were to get bad they're willing to step

up as we all should there's no doubt

that this paradigm shift is gonna happen

there's no doubt that the consciousness

is gonna raise and everything's gonna be

okay but it's not gonna do it by itself

luckily we still have some politicians

with a stret threat of ethics police

that are still here for the people all

right now let's talk to our guest name

is Rick light and let him tell you more

about him go ahead Rick glad to be on

the show sorry we're a few minutes late

looks like everyone hand out okay

somebody else with this huh yeah this is

Britney I forgot to hi Randy are you


it's Britney but that's okay I'm great

to have you here well I thank you ma'am

I guess as Robert pointed out at the

beginning I've been a militia member for

since 1994 there's everybody knows in

the 90s we went miss Ruby Ridge Waco

take off

and it kind of woke people up in the

nineties to understand that okay wait a

minute we have a government that

overstepping its bounds constitutionally

and the more we check into the stories

behind the bridge and let go we were

starting to see us what we thought was

the development of a police state here

in America which you see now everybody

can see it so a lot of things have

changed within all those years since

1994 look okay in 1994 it's at people

like me looking for ways to guard

ourselves against the government you

know it's quite obvious that Wow wait a

minute if they can dim you up somewhere

shoot your wife while holding the baby

or burning you up in a building are you

going to protect yourself with something

like that so we started learning about

our Second Amendment a lot of people

think the Second Amendment solves I

haven't runs it Bobby that's just a

small portion of it the main reason the

Second Amendment was penned by our

founders which nation was that every

citizen understood that they were the

mainstay of their own safety that's why

the Second Amendment is and a

well-regulated militia being necessary

to the security of a free State I'm

going to stop there even though that's

half way through it

what's the militia start studying the

militia and you see again our founders

who weren't some men they were pretty

intelligent people they actually left

documentation and why they tend the

Second Amendment that it is that you

find in the Federalist Papers you also

find a lot of quotes from unfounded of

why they penned the Second Amendment the

way they did and why they named mainly

made us understood that every person is

part of the Malaysia every citizen they

steer in the United States is part of

that militia that's necessary to the

security of a free State devastated yet

actually is one of the very few things

it says necessary in it I mean think

about that it was necessary to the

security of a free State a

well-regulated militia okay when what's

well-regulated me no not controlled by

the government well regulated means

well-trained proficient in firearms

so that way just like back in 1776 I

don't know if anybody remembers the name

Minutemen Minutemen with militia members

yeah the reason why they would call

Minutemen is because within one minute

they could grab everything they needed

and head out the door to us to engage

the bridge in one minute now think about

what we could be called these days with

the stuff we've got yes it could be

called 32nd man you can do it in half

the time there's a lot better weaponry

we've got a lot better equipment a lot

of things a lot better than it was 117

parties one of the biggest things that

people don't understand is the militia

is not a game it's not a private game

it's not meant to have these guys it's

off in the Hills all by themselves do

not say private gang that's a gang it's

not a militia a malicious Berman's

community it actually has a functionary

community and that's to help with the

security of the community I mean okay

got a leak out to the sheriff you got to

be able to communicate with all your

elected officials which

I know you know this Robert but I'm one

of the very few people in taxes that

actually got that done on a county loved

it yeah 2011 me and my wife we actually

were able to get accounting to accept a

citizens militia we had a really well

well rounded layout for it what its

functions was and everything it got the

backing is not only to sheriff it got

the backing of the judge and the county

commissioners no we didn't run around

blaming wars that's not how you get that

kind of stuff done I actually gave my

wife the offers good will to it

community love yeah Wow start again I'm

a lot of militia members don't get that

a lot of militia we seem to think it's

their anger than their hate for the 7th

of July but I Got News for that's either

explosion the year when nothing our yeah

you just don't learn nothing else with

those kind of attitudes or which you

could call negative things it's not

something that's going to feed your

community as I try to tell people you

know if you think getting into the

militia movements all about going the

world with the government one day well

you might be like that isn't really your

main function the main function is to

have a functioning militia in the county

in case well the county gets in trouble

flash flood we made it so it's not all

about learning God you know it's another

thing some of these guys need to get out

of their head it's a lot about you can

in the woods where them and doesn't die

sorry you got to be able to get in there

and for the community now I know some

people out there have a really bad

environment let's say they have an

unconstitutional shirt okay there's a

way around that you know if you offering

goodwill to your community don't you

think the community's finally going to

ask the share

okay what's your problem what's the

problem with the militia here I mean you

don't seem to want to to do anything

with these guides at all because they're

continuously doing good things for the

community you know so what's your


so there's other ways to deal with

sheriff eventually you can get the

sheriff elected out of their questions

their work in some places labor not your

rural communities they're still good to

give you an example this covin stuff

that popped off look at all the Covino

boards popped up wow you talk about

tyranny - oh there you go everybody sees

it now yeah what August yeah it's kind

of odd people really I'm really actually

really proud of my elected officials we

didn't do that here they like oh no

we're not some there are citizens of

throne people they're just possible milk

alum watch off tell them what the

guidelines are and we'll let them be

responsible about themselves everything

around here was blind voluntarily

nobody's hands was forged yeah and we

had a few cases and accounts of carry

just didn't speak out seized power and

tell everybody all know that this really

lies in the name of this pirate they

didn't do that here and that we're not

the only County there's a lotta County

here in calculus that did the same thing

we did and other state so you know

you're in one of those counties and

stuff you know don't be afraid to patch

your electives on the shoulder and on

the back so if they didn't become

closing overlords target that's what I

call a mister closing over I just come

here W yeah you're mayor and things like

this and this is exactly why the militia

was designed is to keep those people in

check see those people lost their their

checks and balances in your own body

just second amendment work right well


don't you think a lot of that happens

because they get up there long and not

pretty soon they see the people is like

subjects or serfs you know exactly and

what their ego takes over megalomania

takes over then they're not even

thinking like human beings anymore you

know what I mean and there's a lot of

them probably don't even realize right

well like I've actually I'm pretty

intuitive and I got to listen in as some

of the bill gates does stuff like this

and what it's really apparent is the

mentality of I know what's right for you

I know how you should render on your

life I know I need to keep track of you

so you don't get yourself in trouble do

you say but all that does a step of

everybody involved

exactly it destroys freedom liberty

destroys the very structure with which

this nation was founded upon right yeah

yeah which I mean don't get it wrong or

our country's history is a perfect by no

means I mean look at what Native

Americans went through look at what

black people went through look at what

japanese-americans had to go through

there's other times in history where we

learn we shouldn't be proud but we

should be proud to learn from that to

make it better so we don't do those kind

of things to get the sad part is you

notice that our elected officials don't

see them they just don't the majority of

them it's crazy it's like every elected

official anymore has a real problem with

following the rules called the US

Constitution or their state constitution

which they're found to and they take a

note all of them step on every one of

them even President Trump now I know

what people hate me saying oh god we

don't like President Trump though I

support President Trump I'm gonna vote

for president Trump but I know we're in

the stomp on President Trump I'm not in

fact yeah I'm not a Trump fan

I am a trump supporter I praise the

president when the president's right and

does correctly Melissa but I don't have

a problem we're stepping up and

screaming at the president when he does

things wrong in this because that has

some things wrong equal has no business

with the Second Amendment what does he

do he does the bone stock people are

like are you crying about bone stock no

no no no it's nothing you're crying

about crying about the facto President


our people have a tendency to kind of

see thing kind of broad brushed in other

words exactly they didn't see the danger

of the bomb stocks wasn't spawn stop

what's the VHF going to do right now do

you semi-automatic they are right trying

to make them machine gun automatic

machine guns now folks and that was the

danger of the focus on things me and

that's what we was trying to tell you

everybody back there but nobody wanted

to listen they was too busy being a

Trump fan and now fold here we got to be

ATF trying to do exactly what we warned

that would happen so there you take that

farm stack bump stock use that bomb

stock because it's not a machine gun it

just induces them automatically to fire

much quicker real close hey if they can

get that outlawed then they can get you

semi-automatic related to it real right

quick real quick could you uh define bum

stock some people wouldn't know that

bomb stock is a device that is on a

slide mail then it kind of connects to

the back of your your the places you

your but on your gun and because it

slides as a slide thing that connects on

the trigger then you pull the trigger

the recoil goes back on the slide that

makes your finger actuate the

semi-automatic much faster I see Sarah

mine you can do this

there's a belt loop and some people are

talented enough they just got the bump

of the gun just right and they can hold

the gun and bumps are it without feet

and holding the bumper beltless have a

lovely day so basically what they're

trying to tell you is they're going to

fan you've been able to bump fire you

got and if they can't found that well

then have to make some automatic machine

guns and well would you take care of

that right so just mister wings yep so

that all this stuff is the main reason

the second member was handsome that's

what I'm trying to make is we have let

our government convince us that if they

had certain agencies out there that they

control well then they can take care of

your safety your security yeah we all

know that that the line anything yeah

since no how can you how can you process

me from walking out the door you can't

you know I could walk out the door I

didn't have an enemy that just decided

they didn't want me around anymore I

could walk out by also get done that

they can't stop that and then I can I

can if I'm all right he that was that

that was the reason that you know if I

was penned it the way they did now you


did our founders give us a second

amendment no they tended our founders

believe in God so do you believe in God

or not

no this the founder says in our right to

inherit from God and no man has the

right to come in and step on daylight

but look at what our government says

every day you know reason why the reason

why they do it is because the militias

have not evolved enough now we've

evolved enough we make them fret now

when they try to do Bundy Bundy ranch

style thing this is Waco style pain

they they're learning that all right

wait a minute they've got enough people

that they can cause us trouble but folks

we got to bring back the Second

Amendment folks long because they have

to show the things oh yeah oh yeah Oh

Jason we've got all those agent sorry

all right we've got politicians that

want to get rid of the Constitution

altogether I heard yeah I heard Obama

himself say that Constitution is an

unperfect document which it isn't but oh

we have a lot of politicians are in bed

with what we call a globalist no rain

some people call it the New World

Order's and I'm like well you know what

it ain't new know it ain't new anymore

it really just call it what it is one

global because globalist thing yeah this

one little dominant thing which

everybody knows everything from history

particle that somebody runs for the real

world right you know I can have that

mentality out there there's reason to

have a second Amendment so basically our

values just made sure that we couldn't

be terrorized if we didn't want to yeah

but more incidentally even 1%

yeah unfortunately we didn't adhere to

that and now we're starting to suffer

the loss of a lot of our rights right

this is okay though it has its positive

effect the good news is if I see a Great

Awakening happening right now yes it is

sorry a great awaken it's like people

around here in my small area I've never

heard really talk politics and even

though we haven't been run by Kovan

overlords just for what they've seen on

the news nationally from other states

yeah welcome

they're like holy hell we have no idea

yeah more and more yeah yeah

oh yeah yes it's like common talk now

you know people in the grocery store you

can hear them talking it what worked a

few years like that governor Wisconsin

is doing to her people and oh my Lorne

is just like wow that's like some people

like yeah if I lived in those areas

most people know me man yeah that's

really a good mentality to have I think

that's why we have it the way we do

around here because some of your rural

counties and cactuses really America I

mean really

America strong they even state and smile

at the militias you know I've made a

great impact on some of the sheriffs and

law enforcement here in Texas was in my

years of any of the fellowship because

even though I feed law enforcement isn't

perfect I realize human beings aren't

perfect so I don't expect Hopson perfect

I just expect cops to try to do the best

and maintain themselves inside to

remember just because I'm wearing this

badge doesn't give me so much authority

that I can diffuse my buddy's like well

yeah might be fun to add was stop I was

raising samantha is going to be from law


I've seen the better side of cops more

so than most people do and me myself I

don't have much of a problem I know when

I get for those never had a cop do me

bad in many ways have a further

conversation talk about why hold me over

most of time they're like usually when I

get pulled over I'm speeding something

like that I don't make the cops feel

like a fool when it gets to the door

freedom with respect yeah acknowledge my

wrongdoing if I was fading I'm not going

to say hey you live if you start calling

him alive what are you expecting to do

well the thing yeah yeah it's like just

on it you know you find out some cops

will let you go

I got a bathroom I think I went down

this road here about a year ago and I

my little Mustang uh you know I was

doing well logged wall cops leave me oh

me over couldn't hurt me to jail woke me

up to $1,300 worth ticket I gave him

this fat on what I did I walked not one

dime no ticket blown up well that's the

thing it's all about balance is about

you stand up for your rights but you

also show respect it's the only way to

work the world what you know the other

way you go you get crazy you got trouble

if you get to push them you get let

yourself to be pushed too much and it

goes the other way so you got to have

the balance either way yeah

do you have never be afraid for the

coffin check do if they do get out line

without a few cops you know I love me

say I look and I say quietly sir wait a

minute I'm not giving you that attitude

so why are you giving me that right they

usually don't settle down yeah I know

the one that different he lost his job

good what I got so bad so you have cops

in your in your ranks or what well when

as you know when the Edwards County

Rangers were up and running their

Sheriff's Department come out train with

us all the time that are out there

nice it's not are they part of the

militia no because they're part of an

elected structure right but it probably

still have to learn to train together

and work together is two different

things right no the sheriff doesn't run

the militia to share the militias don't

have a command that commander is usually

the one that does all the politicking

with the elected that's how that works I

when I was the commander the sheriff

used to call me up and if we got a food

board meeting we'd like you to be there

Rick we got some function going on it


Herr Kommandant feeder so I would draw

bullet functions be there shake hands

and you know we've got to get to know

the county commander right well yes

there's malicious pretty much all over

the country I would imagine every state

now are they linked together in any way

like the media a lot of them linked

together I'm hoping to see more

communication kind of see established

along state lines and county lines more

than national lines because we really

can't have a national delicious I know I

see a lot of these national servants

doing you know like you guys look back

you know we try to imagine a movement

back in 2008 we called it lamb the

well-regulated American militias and it

became a big website and it was supposed

to do things nationally state-by-state

well just seems like all national

efforts fall apart the reason being is

well how can you have one command

structures on a whole nation this is it

doesn't work because somebody in Maine

can't be telling somebody in California

what they need and what to did yeah

we'll see that's the thing

we started breaking it down even further

than that we even took it a step further

we took notice this data isn't having

problems yeah well now we run the county

by county and that seems to be looking a

lot better but also telling them to keep

them off of social media do not put your

militia group on you get a legitimate

militia group don't put it on social

media right it's going to get poverty

well the point is made the point you

just made about not having a national if

you take that same idea model and you

would say okay if it can't have a

militia a national militia because it

wouldn't work because people in

California is different somebody in

Virginia or something like that

well that's also like it's also a good

argument why blobel ISM wouldn't work


federal really federal mandates don't

really work that well

not all time you know like anything that

tries to control from the very top

everything down below becomes Gary how

do we help prevent so much censorship

you know on Instagram Facebook Twitter

YouTube there's so many people that are

trying to get information out with this

great awakening and they are just

censoring us like crazy yeah I know and

that's going to be a big problem I don't

know if government's gonna have to step

up to try to intervene our First

Amendment cases but then they got to be

careful because you take Facebook for

instance everybody says my First

Amendment right you're getting violated

whoa wait a minute no they're not

they're being suppressed on Facebook but

they're not being violated

why because Facebook has a known its

identity like say and yet anybody can

walk into my house walk up to my wife

and say anything to her and I got a scan

here let them do it don't work like that

so you gotta remember when you come into

Facebook and some of these groups you're

walking into someone's property their

own I think what's getting up happening

there's gonna be people that are really

seeing it and seeing an opportunity

because that's really what we're talking

about will really work with and when I

was talk about to think Olympic rings if

somebody sees the problem with Facebook

and Twitter where they're all being kind

of into YouTube all being censors it so

bad and somebody's going to stand up and

create something that will be an

alternative like there's unfortunately

that will have to take time so yeah

right happening yeah it's gonna take you

down the line

what the government can do government

can say well okay wait a minute

yeah if you're going to pick and choose

who you're going to spectre-4 political

lines well then we can do some things to

get Europe yeah that's what I'm hoping

will happen because this is going to

have to be something

I really believe comes from the

government unless you can get everybody

in the public on on the same page to say

okay like for one week we're not going

to use Facebook at all

and have millions billions of people

just drop Facebook for one week at a

time then you might start to see those

Zuckerberg or whatever musing is let the

current trend jump a bit because he

throws money at that place didn't

everybody to do that sees the problem

well unfortunately not everybody feels

like we do or they feel like Facebook's

too important to them that they just

can't lose that quick look like like

YouTube's been son sir in pretty

hardcore oh yeah there's a company

called bit shoot that is coming up as a

platform for yeah there and a few others

are coming up like that too patreon

places like that where they're not

censored so they're gonna they're gonna

feel it in their pocket and that'll back

them off you know what I mean open

that'll be the case then we got a logic

decision you get people like Google you

age more those are the big-money guys


yeah they do things right they're so

powerful that they can get those little

guys well down into a place where they

just can't move yeah so here again it's

gonna be up to people to do something

about that

yeah unfortunately anybody that comes up

on the internet that goes with anything

like that got a deal with Google yeah

yeah so until better providers come up

we're kind of stuck in this little be a

good censorship and all this other stuff

and I know that really structures you do

so well again a buddy finally someone I

have to say on Facebook yeah Facebook

will nail me in a heartbeat for I have

to really really watch it yeah

uh-oh I think I lost him I'll get him

back him anyway we're talking to Rick

light militia member and he was rolling

up pretty good there

yeah all right there yeah

it's the apple coming against me you

know so do you have one great story you

would like to share or maybe just more

examples of things the militia does I

know you gave us a few oh man there's

been a lot of stories throughout the

militia I don't know if love is familiar

with Charles Dyer sergeant girls died on

Oklahoma there's known as delightful

with Patriots very good friend of mine

very outspoken well spoken cases done a

few videos that captured America's

attention while he was in the Marine

Corps is punishment for at was being

railroaded for child rape Naxos in

prison for 30 years she had quite a

quite a rigmarole over that which I'm

sure a lot of people in the militia

listening to their shows were familiar

with history and militias I say yeah

we'll remember one look it's going show

all that he's in gentlemen god help me

establish that did help me establish a

line with the feds which became useful

under mine though watch that Avenue

playing with venomous snakes go into

that pit so it's like I tell people with

you if the FBI starts coming around too

much well you need to do something about

that because they're coming around too

much they're looking to do something

they should be doing and like we all

know that they've got real bad here

lately about making good guys in fact I

write anything

and to say that about her if the I wish

I had better things to say about the FBI

right now as far as we can see operation

logs is polluted to the core we know

that at that upper echelon so on the

seventh floor is polluted to the core

that drains downstream right yeah I know

a lot of people on Newsday well most of

our FBI uses in the field of global law

yeah now if that mean every FBI agents

at that stamp it but really met some

good ones that would actually protect a

real good guy from being a backup right

yeah so well I think that's there that's

a big key you know like police Sheriff

Department whoever law enforcement of

any sort the individual that's involved

in that in that organization needs to

understand what their actual reason for

being there is and it is to constantly

constitutional rights it's not to do

what you're told it's a constitutional

rights that's their job it really has

nothing to do with whether whether you

know you know president so-and-so or

whoever the hell they called it the big

dog for PA FBI you know it's not just

whether you're gonna make him smile it's

about doing the damn job you sight and

have guts enough to do that you know

it's tough yeah it's tough and could be

scary in some of them men you know they

can on us nothing go after their family

all kinds of stuff but you know with the

right connections and the right voice

you can still do what you have to do


they do you you got a history like I

have in the British improvement that's

me people from the FBI DHS they're going

to talk to you that's just the way it is

yeah and I'm getting I get a little

tired of seeing out of the patriot

communities and every time that happened

all of a sudden everybody needs to get

away from that person because there's

some kind of a bad that's like oh look

he's going to be a professional

remember and you're going to do things

the right way you're going to be a real

militia you're going to be in the County

structure you're going to be functioning

you think he's gonna do that and not how

to deal with the FBI sometimes you lost

your mind

that ain't Peters work look at taxes

taxes to the border state who's in

charge of that border right by the

Constitution the federal government is

that's by the Constitution so guess what

you got a lot of crime going on down on

that border everybody knows about

cartels sure the middle aliens yeah all

the drug smuggling and stuff like that

goes on okay you're going to have active

FBI situations and everything else that

you're just going to have to deal with

so don't tell anybody if you've got a

deep hatred for law enforcement you need

to just say a militia members beaten one

of the runs in the field yeah I would

say anybody don't let your officers

become law enforcement aid you know I

know that sometimes right now it's

really tough because why I'm saying

something stop you're exactly what the

program those Awards say then even

though I'm wrong I'm sorry

I have condemnation for them that time

of law enforcement action I do so if any

police officers out there lift up I love

lon I think law enforcement completely

necessary my life our top in Llano

County why do I like our police officers

because they know how to respect our

right than they treat us like human

beings even when they pull us over only

son well that's the kind of cops I want

to see out there kind of caught my dad

look I'm the kind of cop that go out and

say hey the governor said it so I got to

do it no you don't that goes against the

Constitution you need to stand up and

say no cop you know real police officers

police officers is first in white and

force the law

breaking the law don't go after the

people go after to go right yeah go

after the mayor whoever's doing whatever

is doing the Jaron izing or being a

coping overlord or why have you in your

area that those cops need to be educated

to those is the moments those people

step out of their lives are both office

we thought is no longer obligated to

obey any orders done they can fire you

but I'll tell you what if you turn

around and no one's gonna wish they did

fire you right right boy that frog

police office that'll stand up for that

we will stand up for you

absolutely that's what they really need

to know back instead of all this ranting

and raving about cops being dirty there

needs to be some more attention that got

cops that are doing right that way at

least you know the ones that are being

dirty maybe they'll wake it up you know

and maybe the good ones will watch you

know huh I've seen a lot of stories

through this stuff about police officers

that will stand the line with the people

then I've seen the office that they're

just wrenches my gut it's like oh my god

how can you do that this is what police

officers need to understand because if

you follow a tyrant orders your time

pirates only a temporary tyrant yeah

they're not going to be there very long

right but guess what that's those people

that you have to deal with they're gonna

be there all their lives so you tell me

you tell me who you won't decide with

because let me tell you something if you

there's some times in history to where

tyranny ruled and certain structures I

reply Athens Tennessee in the 1940

hundred veterans got together with a

bunch of people and actually at

firefight with elected officials over

election cool

election fraud

that's how these tyrants were staying in

office and they would rig the ballots

every year and these Destin's got tired

of it they got together bunch people

called the Battle of Bath and look it up

man in snow still happened during a

militia group put together a militia

group and turn the counting 3 put it 3

again yes look out the election fraud

open the elections back up a madman what

do you think the mail-in voting what do

you think of the mailing in voting how

they're trying to get me that's a way to

frog the vote yeah yeah yeah you think

about it you can you can easily

manipulate that creature too much that's

like nope you know I'll just do my

little voting thing I'm not worried

about bogan yeah don't be a warehouse

somewhere just full of somebody's

balance well there's a lot of things

going on like that it's like I don't

know how much you might know about China

right now yeah I have some clients out

there that are really dealing with it

doing a lot of nonsense for a lot of

people I know some people think it's a

conspiracy theory to think that China

would attack America in a heartbeat

think of it it's not looking like it's

going to turn out to be so much

conspiracy theory now the more

informations coming out right oh they're

buying my opinion in this country China

just attack the United States in the


she sees the economy absolutely that's

what this whole thing they did it

without firing milk or anything they

just get this little virus over in Wuhan

and said hey you know that little lab so

close to the market well let's get it

out into the market but the market get


well shucks harley china down to where

people can't go into that parts of we're

ready to get up

we'll let them fly out all over the

world wait six weeks before we let

anybody know yeah you want to thank

that's not the feeling I got I didn't

ever think it was an accent or some damn

bat debiting bats there forever does it

even get sicker

who's parroting China right now Democrat

yeah I've seen some reports that some of

our elected officials and doctors I'm

not gonna name any names but have

donated money to the Wuhan lab years ago

yeah exactly

I also know that talking about the one

that globalist movement if you look at

all those weird in China they're all

positive over certain areas a right so

we're the ones going against them are

the ones going no we don't want that

we're not into that one government for

United States is going to be the United

States orders if only a fight yeah I

think where our people a little too

belligerent they would have to would I

have to really get up from under us like

like pregnant what they're trying to do

really you know so I'm trying to go out

this all took off because without this

happening as hateful as it is without

this happening we would not have the

Great Awakening that we have now right

yeah I think I remember you talking at

the beginning of the show when you're

starting to do the introduction talking

about this paradigm shift you know there

you go it's already happened yeah she's

right awakening is here

folksy carrying now well you know it's

like now when they got it their taxes

hey you guys they want to be in militia

listen up if you had died to you fought

with acting like mr. plenty bad but

we're talking all that haze and all that

anger stuff and hit yourself in here

create something your community can get

behind yes what you do that you pull

would accomplish any

thing you need with smile on your face

you ain't got meals

yeah comes back down to Lincoln arms man

everybody working together back yeah

that's what it comes down to like you

got it you got it yeah does the tiger

gotta tell you if the Tigers right right

well yeah you know what times is when

you see it yes or no there's militia

groups for our men your County's be good

to the community if you got a good share

work with the sheriff work with the

deputies create a bond can't control you

right boy I'll tell you what when that

County gets in trouble I'll bet I'll

call you yeah well I thought that you

actual town militia good militia house

to play before they will famous right

well I know Edward Kathy would have I

know this county city I live the Llano

County Texas now what that people do the

same thing we did metal chair ladder

yeah yeah well so everybody I thought

Edwards was a fluke no no that's why I

got health before you want to do

something you want to create a malicious

come to your delivery how you going to

deliver that day right yeah now you

gonna present it to the people because

your presentation will mean its success

or failure right you know back in 69 you

can always have your private gang and

call it a militia yeah well you know

there's a lot out there you uh remember

the John Birch Society said are they

still around yeah they still around yes

they are well back in the day there was

this I'm gonna expect the faction I

don't think they were really part of

them but they say they were I was it was

in 66 I think it was where people were

going into this basement and they had

these propaganda films and they're

blaming Beatles for bringing

communism and what else there was some

show they said if a guy if the kid watch

a certain show him he's on drugs you

know they're a little bit I love what

I'd say the wild wild card

you know what I'm saying well I I think

the heart was in the right place but I

think they got to where they were you

know lathering each other up you might

say you know I'm saying and well what

happens what happens with the

Mississippi the militia group if you

ever notice once when they started to

get there they start getting infiltrated

right there get people in the enter that

and they're purposely centers in both

cases make no mistake

they're purposely set there to change

the core of the group or what or the

organization or at what have you in a

way a fine example of how things can go

awry NRA started off good and ended up

in fact that's the NRA actually helped

get gun control started in the America

people will look into it now does that

mean I don't support the end ok no I

still a member of the NRA because that's

in their past and I'm not happy about it

because Dan re also took and helped make

convicted felon not able to have done

some people don't live there you can't

say that convicted felons your second

Amendment right that's right you can't

have a gun by your just heart and

rightly so okay I get that but when a

person does their time or a crime and

are out on the street again don't they

deserve the same amount of luxury to

security to defend their lives if

anybody else yeah once their build is

paid you know what I'm saying once our

bills paid you know that our to the

government who whoever society then they

should have what everybody else has the

fact that they had about nonviolent

felony oh yeah what about nonviolent

felons that never did anything with a

gun cute but yet still get their gun

rights taken away right folks at a time

for your safety it's done to take guns

away right

so don't tell me you're you're a Second

Amendment supporters but you

you support keeping that convicted felon

that's out of prison served their time

trying to put their life back together

again that you can take their rights

from them yeah well that's why their

sentences are so bad mm-hmm yeah as it

is now is a felony and it takes their

life really for the most part so why you

know we're at it we are out of control

but I think that's nonsense all we're

going through it's interesting because

the media I blame the media for a lot of

that's because they just spread so many

lies but I also blame career politicians

the ones that are in their 4050 years

they don't lost touch they shouldn't be

in there anymore yeah you know I'm

saying you can't always say everybody's

bad but biggest part of them they've

done lost touch so they're saying okay

you can't have a gun but I'm gonna have

armed guards you know but this is just

what it is you know I'm important so I

can have these guns you're not so you

shouldn't have one you know that's right

and what you know about what's going on

how do you see it working out oh that

one more time how you see it working out

what's going on how do you feel like

it's gonna work out I think it you'll

see more militia start to develop along

a more professional lines I think the

further this gets forged the more people

are going to do like I did 1994 with our

search there's no start seeing things

than si what do I do

you know I don't feel like I can secure

myself away from this cheering that's

developing in my government some people

have moved away from the areas which

they already are although if you thought

New York people were vacating New York

like you know it's got the blade which I

guess it did so it mainly gives it to

the end Kovac it's named play

mayor and governor yeah well I tell

people I'm firm believer on what mr.

West said on his video he said that

we've got a new virus called carinii

absolutely been growing for a while but

it's really rare detected and hardened

now people are seeing like wow they're

like in disbelief that this could happen

yeah and that kind of shock is good

I was shocked in 1994 I remember yeah

well really I got shocked at Ruby Ridge

and when movie Ridge took off it was

like one of my wake-up calls no one I

think Mike oh yeah I was like what yeah

hold on here which basically killing

those kids

yeah and they knew what they were doing

that was that was nothing about taking

care of some terrorist guy wherever the

hell they thought he was but anyway well

buddy I think they learned the final bit

lesson at Bundy's rent Bundy yeah all

right buddy well we're about out of time

been nice talking to you thank you so

much for your bravery and fighting for

the people so awesome it's been great

listening to you let us know if you like

to come on again well we can do to help

your militias and whatever's going on

you're very welcome and and no yes I

appreciate the things but we've got a

lot of us out there not just me and

there's a lot of us out there that's

really trying hard well that's good to

know and yeah I have all of them yeah

thank you so much buddy well you have a

good day everybody thank Rick like with

us militiamen

and all-around good guy all right all

right talk to you later buddy

well folks this is we're coming to the

end what I think I really wanted to say

was a lot of people that I know I'm in a

metaphysical field that sort of thing

I'm going to professional intuitive that

kind of nonsense

well not nonsense a lot of us really

looked at the 2012 changes and the Mayan

calendar is all that sort of thing the

Mayan calendar said stuff like that the

world is going to change a lot of people

thought it was going to end but it was

gonna end as we know it that's where we

are now we're at a point where the

higher consciousness the understanding

of fair play the understanding of

showing love showing sensitivity showing

understanding is paramount to showing

your fists or your teeth or whatever it

might be going on here it's paramount

it's the most powerful thing you can do

power does isn't shown by a closed fist

or a big mouth

it's shown by understanding and

understanding how to talk understanding

how to communicate and how to listen

that's what it's all about but as human

beings in a situation where that we're

in you have to have the balance you have

to listen understand but you have to be

willing to stand your ground and this is

where we are we will win this thing

things will get better

things are going where they should be in

the next 27 months watch for it anyway

having said that we're gonna have to

close for the day and we'll be we'll be

talking to you next time

sensor that's it

how'd it go you think but still red

Robert Caruso Intuitive