Dec 2, 2010

Baker Hotel 2003 There is a part that the historian says I was 100 percent accurate.
Canadian film pilot. I don’t know their name ( In those days I didn’t care.

[ __ ] you can get anywhere and his wife

I'm seeing the name James work with

people killed rats killed things kept

things great disappointed good things

everybody's down here doesn't belong

down here James Peter notices that

Robert is beginning to channel James the

male entity nobody belongs down here

it's restricted always been instructed

with those words of warning Peter felt

for Roberts own safety and thought it

best to leave the basement immediately

there's a lot of in today's here a lot

of entities they don't they're not our

vocal that a lot of them are they'll

give you signals and symbols as the

investigation continues robbery has led

to an elevated door where he connects

with yet another entity this little boy

seeing him but I'm seeing this light

medium light haired man taller bent over

him him looking up at him sight of him

the guy was a very strong did this kid

die record any kind of threat injury

thing like that neck chest I like that

right here the feeling is that the the

the death was definitely not accidental

okay the feeling is that they give his

guide did this there was some sort of

assault situation he wasn't just killed

to be killed you understand yeah neva

hit him to harbor sense alright our crew

later confirmed with a historian verse

that a boy was crushed at the chest by

the elevator over 45 years ago following

the same entity Robert needs us to the

old hotel shower room it was like an

event but it feels like that little boy

we were talking about people been

messing with him for a while before that

happen against that like in here I here

I'm saying

yeah collect a panic of being held back

or held in molestation and fear fear of

death nobody understands they think it's

okay don't like my life don't like life

no matter what glad it's over hey there

was some channeling connecting with with

the little boy here I could feel the

pain where it was mostly emotion the

emotion of being helpless or being

abused the actual death is death I could

feel it very faintly but I could feel

where it was done

yeah yeah yeah

all alone who was the man who killed

can't tell so can't tell Cantor joining

them can't hurt really strong can't

you honored you will not be hurt you

can't hurt you at home as quickly as the

entity cane it vanished leaving Robert

exhausted the night was coming to an end

or so we thought

strange things will happen sometimes

you'll just have the feeling

Robert Caruso Intuitive