Let’s Get Off Our Knees.

When are we as people, going to let go of the idea that we have to look up or pay homage to people in public service.


We call people the first family, the first lady or maybe the first dog just because of their connection to the president. The president is merely a position imparted on a person supposedly by population of the country. He is a hired employee to be respectfully scrutinized and evaluated while he conducts the business of the country to benefit all or as much of the population as possible.


The truth is there is no first family, royal families, saviors, messiahs or anything of the sort. These are just people that we voted in or were born in to a position that doesn’t actually exist.


The president, representatives, senators and all people in positions of authority are employees.




We have to see them as they are, human, flawed people ( not all good and Not all bad.)whose first obligation is to themselves and their own families. We have to drop the idea that they will be selfless in their efforts within their position.




When we start acting like they are public servants that work for us instead of acting as if their superior and we are there subjects then things will change.



R.Caruso (c) 2017

Behind the Mask

It seems to me that Donald Trump is the face of politics as it is today (with out the mask).

It is what our political system, government and judicial system has become.

His rhetoric is common thought throughout our government but it’s traditionally hidden behind a mask of selflessness, charisma and devotion to the American public.

Once in office many of our political figures say and do whatever is necessary to divert our attention from the sinister and violent atrocities that are perpetrated everyday in our name.While pointing fingers at the party across the aisle for doing the same thing.

They mesmerize us with soundbites, charismatic speeches that are written by professionals. Speeches containing information that is based not so much on their truth as it is on public appeal, that is determined by professional polling companies.

They lead us around like children captivated by shiny objects and toys while frequently scaring us when necessary in order to keep us in check.
Great sums of money and effort is spent to divert our attention away from what is happening to a more palatable Illusion of righteousness.

If you look around you see that we’ve been in wars since 2003 or thereabouts to this very moment. These wars started by Republican and sustained and expanded by politicians in both parties.

The blood is on everybody’s hands including the people of the United States. If we haven’t condoned it, but we have absolutely not protested it enough.

Why aren’t we putting our energy and protesting the dirty water poisoning our citizens and many of our towns.

Where other protesters when a man or woman is arrested or prosecuted for growing vegetables in their own yards.

Where the protesters for the man who is jailed for collecting rainwater, or taking steps to take his home off the grid.

Why are we showing the prosecution of corrupt police while also showing the faces in the names of those that are heroic and conscientious.

Why is most of our protests focused on only the most stylish of issues that happens to be getting attention at the time.

The curtain is been pulled back folks, we have to face the truth.

We have to use the power of the frustration of our people by focusing it in clearheaded protest. Rise up vigorously and nonviolently, or making all our voices heard and holding the politicians and everyone in government accountable.

Now that most people is woken up maybe we can get to work and clean this mess up.

Robert Caruso intuitive

The Message of Death

Scientist Michio Kaku proclaims that humans are the only living thing that knows our time is limited.
How can we explain Elephant graveyards. I agree they instinctively go to the grave yard but I believe they would have to know why they are drawn, especially since there are all the dead elephant bones around.
Robert Caruso Intuitive

Intuition Before Interpretation.

So many people are upset about what Donald Trump said at the inaugural event yesterday.
He said, we are going to put AMERICA FIRST again. A lot of the new shows grabbed onto that as an opportunity to upset people, by calling it a dark speech because he is telling people to believe America is better than anyone else. Telling them to believe no one else matters other than America.

I can tell you right now that Donald Trump is probably one of the worst speakers we have ever had as a presidential candidate.
But if you take a minute you can realize that if nothing else Donald Trump is a family man, extremely proud of family and accomplishments.
If you look at it from that point of view and put yourself in that position as if America was your family. When you go to your child’s sporting events do not cheer on your child’s performance.

     Are you not hypersensitive that your child is treated fairly.
In times of difficulty do you not focus on your family’s well-being ahead of all others.

If you’re at a lake and to children’s are drowning one of them is yours which one would you save if you couldn’t save both.

From what I can see this is his focus.
In my opinion whether you love him or hate him to bust him for saying, we will put AMERICA FIRST is a prejudice against the man not a statement or vision.

Just my opinion
Robert Caruso intuitive

Blame the System


We all need to realize that we have a system set in place that eventually turns out a president or vice president. In that system is electoral process, delegate process/primaries etc. both of these processes allow for the decision of the person elected to be made by people that don’t necessarily have to vote the will of the people in their district.

What we have today in the Congress, and White House as a result of that system however flawed it may be. You don’t have to like it, few of us do. But it is what we have. You may feel the need to whine and complain, allow yourself to fill with rage and maybe even make yourself sick with fear and anger. Is it really going to help?

If you don’t want this type of outcome, if you don’t believe that the system is giving the country what it needs. Then it would be important to change the system instead of complaining about the outcome.

Maybe in the primaries if we didn’t have delegates or super delegates, the people’s vote would matter more. In the general election if we change the Electoral College system so that the popular vote has more weight maybe the vote of the people would matter more.

But as it stands the elections are over and we have what we have. It is useful to note, that almost every president that is ever been elected has been threatened with impeachment. No one has actually been taken out of office. Pres. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the only ones impeached by the US House of Representatives but they were subsequently acquitted by the Senate. So if impeachment is your call you can rest assured that it’s probably not going to work.

Now’s the time to have hope, give benefit of the doubt, and pay attention to the issues at hand. If you see an issue that going the wrong way, a politician that’s going against what you think is right for the country. Protesting that would be energy well spent.

It is the pressure on the issues, changing of the system and holding politicians accountable that will do more to change the world, than any tantrum or mean-spirited rhetoric ever will.

Robert Caruso (c) 2017


Cleaning up the Press.

Free press in the early days was important as a type of watchdog system. And it worked.
The press was known to out anyone they could but watched the validity of their stories.
Today our mainstream media is owned by corporations, that while posing as credible news organizations will pump up, bury or outright lie to slant things toward their agenda.
This is the behavior that is tearing apart our society.
There has always been terrorists, bigots and radical organizations that had radically hateful points of view.
But they are on the forefront now. Why?
Because fear sells even better than sex.
The more afraid folks are the better the ratings and the easier it is to slant economic and political views.
They need to be held accountable and forced to the absolute accuracy or to label whatever is an opinion as just an opinion.
And that’s my opinion.😉

Doing My Part.


One thing I can say for sure is that I’m extremely grateful for the work that I’m allowed to do. I have the freedom from working from anywhere in the world. I pick the times that I wish to work and ultimately decide who I will work with. I have clients that I’ve been with me for 20+ years. I have clients that I have been reading since they were teenagers now in the 30s and 40s. I could not ask for anything more.

I’ve always taken great pride in doing this work with as much love, understanding and straightforward integrity as possible. But now I feel ashamed.

I have come to the realization that I’m not doing enough for people that can’t afford the fee of a session with me, or those that are new to this field of study. Though I do answer questions for free from time to time. I don’t feel like I have been doing enough.

This is what I’ve decided to do to remedy the situation.

Beginning Monday November 14, 2016, every morning at 11:00 AM Monday through Friday.

I will be giving a 10 minute reading free of charge, to people facing specific issues that can’t afford a regular session, people new to the field and folks by referral. (One time per person) (by appointment only)

To book the session call 469-546-8017 or email at Robert@RobertCarusoOnline.com

Remember, when things get dark, by connecting with spirit and each other we can always find the light.

Talk to you soon

Robert Caruso



We are at a time of great change. I see it not only in the world,I also see it taking a great toll on my clients, family and friends. I have always said that the Universe gives you clues. It’s like it starts by whispering in your ear. Then it taps you on the shoulder and gives you outward sign.

Than if you still don’t listen it vigorously and sometimes painfully forces the issue.

But what is it?  is it an unseen force? Is it an omnipotent god? Or is the god force that we are all connected to? Could it be like some say, we have a contract with someone or something to do certain things? Maybe we do. Or maybe the contract is with our essence, or collective, maneuvering, testing and strengthening our understanding and command over our innate power. As we learn to command that power we in turn strengthen and raise the consciousness of the universe. Much like all the cells in your body that go through growth processes to strengthen and renew the body as a whole.

As we look at the political scene from an observer’s point of view we can see a pattern that is mirroring the scale of consciousness in our country and the world.

In the beginning the mankind was absolutely built on a “might makes right” type of system, like any animal species that has ever lived. As time went on the leader attained his position by might and manipulation and held it for generations by convincing the masses that these families were somehow more important and evolved. Unfortunately and to the detriment of mankind that thinking is still prevalent today.

Though much of the world the title of king or queen has been replaced with other names but the ultimate effect and behavior is the same. In the United States instead of a king, we have a president the name evoking a more modern and more businesslike sound and effect. We still however have the same situation for the most part. The president is treated as if he is a king while his wife are called the first lady and his family is the first family. The names were changed but the system is still in place. We have elections to “hire” representatives then we proceed to treat them as if they are better than the average man or woman in the country. In truth they are employees of the population and should be seen that way with the same expectations of any employee with the same checks and balances to keep them honest. There is a quote by someone I am not sure who, said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” this was and is a true statement and needs to be addressed in all situations that effect the public.

It is because of this mindset we have a cast system that says some folks are above the law and some aren’t. A person with little assets are more apt to be arrested and incarcerated that someone of means especially if it is a person of color. There are people and businesses that bilk the population out of money and many time cause great harm but never get prosecuted. While the average person will be incarcerated for the smallest thing. It is in this way that our judicial system has become corrupt and untrustworthy. A police officer can maim and sometimes murder a suspect during an arrest for a traffic ticket and never be prosecuted as long as the government on that city or state can cover it up.

As we make changes in our society, balancing the scales of justice and power. Working to keep things as close to fair as possible the consciousness of the population in the country and the world raises and things become more manageable and more progressive for everyone.

But it isn’t something that can happen easily or quietly. Those in power and their benefactors will of course rail against the enlightened ones scoffing and defaming their hopes and ideas. The idea of everyone sharing equally the fruits of our society brings great rage. They fear the loss of their assets and station as prosperous and elite. They are so convincing, they actually have the people suffering in this greed based system fighting to keep their oppressors in control. Then, we have the people who base their beliefs and political leanings on mutual support among all of humanity. As they grow in numbers they inevitably overwhelm the opposition until they finally see the benefits of this way or thinking. When will this happen you ask? If you have noticed the rise in the public outcry for animal rights, rights for women and all sexual lifestyles. You can easily see it is happening now.

As we watch the political races between the authoritarians, ultra-conservative and the ultra-liberal it is easy to see the battle that I spoke of.  We see corruption in politics and media as the establishment does all it can to squelch the uprising. We see their underhanded methods being uncovered at every turn. This is in a sense the battle between good and evil we all have been told about. How will it end?

We shall soon see.

Robert Caruso ©2016

Beware of the Puppet Master


We do not really live in a free society.

We have a one person one vote Democratic system, but the information that is needed for a person to intelligently utilize their vote is slanted in the direction of special interest through media manipulation.
We very seldom if ever get all the information available. The politician that is honest and is absolutely there for the best interest of the American people is pushed back marginalized and kept from any real media attention.
We aren’t under a dictator as is normally thought of,  it isn’t a tyrant with an iron fist type of government.
But our society is absolutely controlled in the way of the Puppet Master, with corporation’s holding the strings.
If you are voting the best of two evils you are dancing for the Puppet Masters
If your voting a party and not the integrity of the person running for office you are dancing to the will of the puppet master.
If you don’t realized that you are taxed to death now through the multitude of taxes that are leveled on us and continue to worry about just the one tax (income Tax) the you are dancing on the corporate strings.
There are absolutely great people with the desire to make things work for everyone. but they will never be able to do it unless the puppets cuts the strings.

Professional Intuitive Robert Caruso

The Power of the Munay KI Rites (My personal Experience)


The Power Munay Ki Rites ( My Personal Experience)

I love what I do.

I have been involved in the metaphysical field for over half of my life.  I have enjoyed the freedom of the business and the reward of helping others through the darkest or most confusing times of their lives. There is nothing more rewarding than someone letting you know that you have helped change or even save their life, marriage or career.


Unlike the hobbyist, When it is your full-time occupation it can become emotionally taxing and cause personal confusion (no matter how much you meditate) as you try to navigate a life in the “normal “ day to day and the unseen lines of thought, intuition and experience. It can sometimes take you to the dark recesses in your mind and set you on a roller coaster ride that doesn’t end until you eventually sort it all back out.

March of 2010 was one of those times for me. I was at a cross roads of my life due to several tragic personal losses and realizations. I found myself as a man with nowhere to stand, nowhere to go and no passion for anything.

I had been in the field for a long while and although the feelings were over whelming I knew they were something to work through and when I did,  I would be left stronger and more capable than ever before.

After much pain and soul-searching I got the inspiration to call some Shaman friends of mine. They immediately turned me on to the Munay Ki Rites. Although I have seen some amazing things while studying Shamanic ritual/ energy healings, I didn’t really expect much. The first two Rites made me feel better temporarily. But, by the time I had gotten all nine Rites,  I started seeing a new world emerging.

I followed that up, with a trip to the Amazon where I acquired healing and experienced the Journeys with the Shapibo Indian  Maestro and Maestras employing the power of the Ayahuasca.

By the time I left South America I was on my way to being more capable in my work more centered in my life and clear on my reason for being.

Although the Ayahuasca was a big part of my healing, I see the Munay Ki Rites as one of the most powerful energetic alignment modalities I had ever seen.

My passion grew as I begun to facilitate the Munay Ki Rites to up to fifteen people a week.

I have seen it make huge differences in people’s lives. I saw a man who’s mind was compromised by the Viet Nam war  go through such transformation he felt the need to change his name. I saw one woman quit drinking while another attributes new-found courage to receiving them.  I have at this point facilitated the Munay KI Rites to  400+ people,  each one experiencing a slightly different effect from the last.  I will continue to facilitate them as long as I am working in the field. I have developed a way to make the Munay ki Rites more powerful by using techniques to minimize the effects of day-to-day stresses and help the people to be more  open to the experience and its benefits.

Regardless where you are in the world or what your spiritual belief are. The Munay KI Rites are in my opinion one of the most important experiences you can get.

I wish you happy journeying


May you never be the same again.

Robert Caruso