Jun 13, 2020

A discussion on developing intuition Robert Caruso and Co host Bridget Huggins

us we call it us because all of us are

part of us meaning we're all in this


one of the things that we did as far as

we putting this little thing together

was the idea that everybody's in it

together buddy connected vibrationally

and such such like that and I also

wanted to do something because I've been

in intuitive you know for about the last

37 30 some years probably before that

but pretty professionally one of the

things used to irritate the hell out of

me is somebody saying Robert you're a

step above a human I used to make my

skin crawl

you know I hated it or you're an angel I

remember one lady told me I was an angel

and I said no one that knows me gonna

believe I wasn't you'd call me an angel

just man but the thing about it is what

I learned as I started to go through

this was that the intuitive ability

which is our believability to know

what's going on without all the

information you get it by vibration

for example our guest today I had a vibe

that it wasn't gonna come through that

the call wasn't gonna happen

and biggering hell that's what happened

like anyway here we are one of the

things I knew is back in the day when I

first started doing started getting

involved was as I would let go of anger

I would let go of misconceptions

prejudices stuff like that

the intuition got stronger and stronger

and stronger so I liken it to like a

lamp like when those halogen lamps I

might have talked about before it but

where everything that's ever happened to

you is like a veil over that lamp until

the shot at the Sun of that sock Jesus

so the light doesn't shine through


that would be your intuition intuition

being covered now you can be a totally

upstanding person still got a [ __ ] load

of that stuff going on you for example

the fear if you're not being able to do

something that you could probably do

with ease

or maybe a prejudice you didn't know you

had maybe a fear that you can't explain

the idea is to take those things off get

them off of you I was going to talk

about that to our guests

because hypnosis is one of those things

that people use that sound healing Reiki

regressions past life and current life

the ability to connect with somebody so

completely that you can feel them beyond

their behavior

anyway that's what we're gonna talk

about today as things are a little crazy

in the world right now connecting with

your intuitions kind of where it's at if

you did that you're gonna be afraid of

these nt4 clowns or you know Trump if

you got an issue there or Biden wherever

hell it won't it won't knock you off

your off your pins it'll allow you to

take a second connect and kind of know

where you stand right now just from a

mental point of view to look at the

world now you see nothing but chaos

maybe see nothing but destruction and no

way out

conspiracy theories are being conjured

up like it's it's impossible to talk

about all of them in the time we have

some of them are completely crazy-ass

absurd and some make a lot of a lot of


which is which if your intuition is

intact best she can be you know you're

always kind of developing and when I say

developing intuition I don't mean

learning to do it I talk about learning

to access it by letting go of the

programming everybody's got to Billy I

could teach somebody to do this and

probably 30 minutes but they'd have to

practice it'll take a while to really

get proficient in anyway so we'll talk

about that some of that right now

and you want to start with something yes

I'm on your mind I just would know how

did you really get started in this you

know did you did you see things or hear

things or like when you were a child or

did it really just come to you when

you're an adult you know what how do you

when you have a client what are you

seeing something in your head are you

hearing something you know how do you

know these things about them and try

them well first play says you know I

didn't want to do this I didn't give a

damn about I thought was stupid and I

enjoyed drugs enjoyed fighting that you

enjoyed all that craziness right and one

day I had a regression and I found the

essence of my problem and I went from

there what do you mean by you had a

regression one day like a past life

regression I was in Hawaii in Hollywood

and I would just got off of a Lacey's

crank back then he splits math now I had

one of those parties and the next day I

couldn't sleep I couldn't stay awake

either I just a mess

and I had the two boys and I needed he

figure things out and I kept sliding

back and something was said on his talk

show and I went to I went to the Bodhi

tree which is a bookstore on Melrose

Avenue in Hollywood it was mentioned on

the TV otherwise I wouldn't win right so

I go there and I went there and I was

like this is stupid what am I doing here

and this guy comes up and

open sandals and stuff you know and he

wanted me to join his Colton

I told me get the hell away from me

because you felt like he was blowing

smoke but anyway and I got a trade paper

in one side was this guy that did past

life regressions well one side was a

woman that done channeling now I figured

she she could blow smoke up my ass and I

wouldn't know necessarily mm-hmm

so I was pretty cynical back then like

now anyway then she then I looked at so

I'm not gonna do that you know I was

gonna kill a hundred bucks

then this guy's name was Michael Green

from South Africa he did regressions I

thought well damn I used to pay five

bucks a head to do LSD so I could see

[ __ ] he was gonna make me [ __ ] without

it right so I went to him and had a

regression and does that mean like

you're seeing things for the past life

he's telling you about it no he ain't

telling me anything it was it was a

coolest thing okay it was like he says

okay he's gonna run these runnings

energy when he did I started literally

started seeing colors kind of going in

front of my face my eyes were closed

okay and then I saw this picture

BAM shock quick real picture a guy

yelling at me and then he goes well you

see anything no no I really I just saw a

picture of it's gone well he puts his

crystal because crystals even if we're

using radios to enhance a vibration we

put it on the third eye between eyebrows

and then he says he did a couple things

energetically and next thing you know I

saw that same picture but then I don't

if you remember what eight millimeter

films were like yeah it was kind of like

to have a no tech anyway they just

started going faster pretty soon it was

in almost normal time mm-hmm

and this guy was yelling to me pointing

where I need to be walked and where I

needed to go and I couldn't see the

ground was all white

and it was a turnout and so as a German

dude and

so I apparently I walked like I was

supposed to next thing I know these

guards grab my arms and the arms that I

had in this life were twitching because

of it yeah yeah that's pretty crazy and

then as I was being walked I could feel

my feet slip even though I was laying


it was vivid really vivid Wow and then I

was put in this room and I know there

was a decision being made and I couldn't

see out the windows and I realized why

everything was white why I couldn't see

out the windows because it was snow and

it was cold in the mist you know that it

fogged it up and so I kind of knew what

was happening

anyway they directed me to go into this

building and I did the gas chamber thing

do you see Wow

and I was able to experience the death

and all that stuff and there's a point

where they say where do you what is your

higher power have to say and I go and

I'm listening and the thing says it says

relax I was disappointed that goddamn

relaxed enough right I'm supposed to get

this huge thanks I'm driving home and

the menís mess it's kind of finished it

said what people think don't matter I

thought that's pretty elementary thing

to say to me but then I looked at my

life and it's exactly what the issue was

I was mean and honoree and drugs and all

that stuff cuz I believed other people

would see me as you know no good that's

the way my parents raised me you saying

anyway as I would I figured out as I

would get rid of these blocks I call

them anger blocks every time I would

start to feel angry I'd analyze

everything that's going on because I

realize sometimes you're not angry at

the whole scene you might be angry out

of at a word or a smell or you may have

the proximity is somebody talking to you

might do it do you see that's a lot of

like you see those people guys that come

out of war

you know just certain words yeah

it's kind of like that anyway as I would

break these blocks the intuition is

stronger and stronger and stronger and

stronger Wow

pretty soon I couldn't stop and people

were coming to me and it never occurred

to me to do a business with it it never

occurred to me to do it for a living I

was even wondering why I wanted to do it

in the first place but it just seemed to

help the folks and I was helping them

out whatever whatever and my niece one

time she comes in and she's telling me

about this right and before she got

about four words I described a rework to

her and she goes damn how do you do that

I'm like oh no but it's worth as how

it's working now yeah well one thing I

do another Here I am but I realized even

even now there'll be times that I might

be doing a reading and I'll run into a

thing that's like okay that doesn't feel

right what I just said doesn't feel

right so if I do that then I have to

figure out okay if it doesn't feel right

is it because I have a block or I have a

prejudice of some sort when I do that

though I would describe the scene of the

person and he gets it past it but either

way that's the thing I realized that

that's really a lot of what's going on

these people are going nuts in our

society right now that's out of fear

that's out of lack of communication

that's out of lack of feeling like they

got control over anything so what is the


in every animal every animal even the

little kids everything always go to

anger always go to to ranting and

freaking and you know hysteria it's

because when you lose when you lose your

bearings that's where you're naturally

gonna go because it's defense you see

that and and then I realized if if you

honed your intuition everybody has it

there's nobody the whole gifted thing

that [ __ ] has to be thrown away unless

it the gift is how easy it is for you to

develop but anyway that needs to go away

because it's so simple it is such a

simple thing and then you are asking you

know how do i how to does it you know do

I see [ __ ] and stuff like

well when I first started I was sucked

will come randomly and so I picked up a

deck of cards tarot cards and I started

using them next thing to do I was I was

losing him and pretty soon they damn

things are too slow I couldn't put it

bound fast enough cuz I by the time I

put him down I already told him what I

needed to tell him right and so uh I um

next thing I know I'm seeing stuff then

I'm hearing stuff then one day I'm

reading this guy and I'm talking about

his brother and all sudden I start to

choke turns out his brother how it was

decapitated by a the hood of a car and I

start choking cuz I connected you say

and then I realized I could literally

read with my whole body like I might see

a picture and if I pay attention that

picture okay I got okay the answer is

okay your husband is upset because he

thinks you don't love them then I might

get a pain here and that'll confirm it

you understand or I might all of a

sudden see this picture I'll say

something this picture will start do you

see or I'll see it

I was sudden I remember a song that I

heard when I was 12 or or a picture I

saw in a magazine you know 10 years

earlier all that stuff is part of it and

it's just a part of putting it all

together but the interesting thing about

it is you see more when you allow

yourself to see more when you're paying

attention because it's all around you

it's already there it's all it's all

vibrational signatures you see so you

connect you can act constantly

connecting and that's how that's how it

works it's pretty simple

it sounds complicated [ __ ] but it's not

it's pretty simple because it all comes

down to okay you start one place this is

what I'm gonna do this I'm going to read


pay attention okay you know what I just

felt this so maybe I got to pay

attention to that you know what I just

saw something now yeah I remember this

thing I saw the alp up in the alphabet

soup [ __ ] that might be a you know and

you start going through it and what it

does is as you do it you're you're all

the windows start to open write two

cards on one thing cards to me they're

all right but they're kind of elementary

it's kind of almost like a Ouija board

it's got a certain amount of juice to it

but all it is really is the steam to

stimulate or help you access the

intuition okay like I knew a guy in

Vegas that uh used to throw spaghetti

somebody would ask him a question

he throws spaghetti against this

cardboard and then read it how it lays

another guy used to take cards literally

just throw them on the floor and read

them that way then there's people juice

and these people do coffee people do tea

you know I tell people I can teach them

how to read a pile of dog crap you know

just a matter of understanding how to do

it yeah like one of the things that you

do in my classes I'd put like three

bottles you know dark uh-huh so I

couldn't see in but I put so much water

in one nun in another and I'd fill the

other one up and I'd say okay now

imagine you're about two inches tall now

imagine you're walking up and always use

imagine because people that try to do

this they say well can't I can't be my

imagination well that's [ __ ] what's

your imagination it reminds ability to

see images okay now it doesn't mean

you're making the [ __ ] up but what it is

is if you imagine something you're

imagine a scenario if you do that you're

just setting the vibration now if you

say okay I imagine and we'll go through

this thing and there's gonna be this

much water then your imagination is

getting in the way do you see my point

yeah so I would say to them okay you

imagine you're two inches tall now

imagine you're walking up to the to the

bottle you're putting your hand on the

on the glass feel the coldness you feel

the coldness the glass feel the

smoothness now imagine that you pushed

your hand through the glass you

literally feel your hand going through

you fill the glass around your arm as

you push through then you push your

shoulder through and I usually go at

that point but do you feel that yeah

okay now push the rest of you now you

take the rest of your body now you're

completely in the bottle okay then I go

okay now take your hands and put it on

the wall so now they're so involved in

the scene that they let go of the

[ __ ] they let go of the baggage do

you say yeah because I kept pointing out

scenes and things to that for them to

think of or pay attention to then I say

okay now you're in the bottle you can

fill the walls that's smooth and cool

stuff like this okay now move your feet

they move their feet okay do you feel

anything and generally like why do I

feel like there's something around my

ankles now goes at your ankles well well

no it's just below my knee

that'd be the worth of water s do you

see that'd be the water line uh-huh and

I put it through the other bottle Nate

oh I don't feel no water nothing you

know the other one drowning I was

kidding they're not grounded but it's

like I feel under if like I'm below the

water line yeah so and then they get

excited because they did it I didn't

take goddamn hard the hardest part of

this is knowing you is being accepting

that you can do it and like there's this

one lady comes to me and poor lady was

crying man I knew I've known her for

years and she go to all these classes

classes after class you know she's

Robert you know I go to these classes

and these people are seeing aliens and

Indians and all kinds of crap and I

can't see nothing that's all probably

something that means seeing it either so

but let's go what they're doing I say

now I'm gonna give you something to do

and I just want you to trust me

she said okay I show her picture my dog

my dog is Leo he's a boxer okay imagine

you're standing next to him

just like the bottle see no you're what

you have to do is get out of that

baggage I had to make her forget that

she was thinking she couldn't do it and

so I said okay now you want to feel this


can feel this far yeah okay you feel

this muscle how about this body he feels

body yeah yeah okay now push your hand

through and you want to feel that your

shoulder to shoulder with him now can

you do that yeah now you take that hand

the right hand and put it down into his

right paw in order to do that you have

to slip your rest of your body into him

you put your left hand down his left paw

can you do that yes absolutely okay now

that you're all the way in him imagine

he's sitting down now now I want you to

imagine what it feel like

feeling the ground under his feet or the

ground under his ass because you said

now okay they cut that okay got it okay

you look out of his eyes yeah what's he

that it was nose yeah all right now

imagine you're just moving around inside

there and tell me if you feel anything

and she did it she picked up that he had

gotten hurt in his hip and she started

crying she was all freaking Curt she's

just yeah really happy but it was so

simple all I had to do was to get her

programming out of the way and that's

really how it works it's why it's so

simple do you say that's why when people

were saying all that stuff about unusual

and all that it just seems so absurd to

me if I bought into it I felt like a

liar so I couldn't go there you know

yeah that's how what about I know you

use I I think I saw on your website you

don't you don't channel people that much

but maybe if someone's really having a

hard time getting over a loved one that

Russ passed on yeah what it what is that

like do you do you hear them talking do

you see them like how do you come from a

lot of different ways sometimes I'll

just hear it sometimes I'll see them

talk sometimes I'll see them

showing me something like a you know

like something in your hand or maybe

they'll do something like this you know

shake turn on it'll maybe they're saying

okay well I think that my grandmother

did this and this and then the

grandmother might go no no no you see

that's how it's done

I don't advertise that I do it because I

only want to do it through group with

grief issues yeah I don't like at least

this sounds like I'm being a hard-ass

but it's it's a little bit like I had

these women that come to me got about

ten years ago and they wanted to talk to

their mother and and I said well sure

okay is there is there an issue you want

to look into you want to go look at

certain things no we just think it's fun

you know cuz we used to get together

make cookies and I gave him somebody

else's number you know to me that kind

of connection you know it's not

something to play with

right nothing it's dangerous yeah but

don't you have to kind of be a little

careful about letting in like negative

energy or no I don't okay you can join

you could use that okay

you can choose that like a lot of people

are afraid of that they're afraid that

okay if I'm able to touch spirit then

the demons are get me mm-hmm

no no if you're an [ __ ] that might

happen if you're going at it because

you're being a [ __ ] it might happen

right because if you think of

vibrational frequencies you think about

you know levels of connection spiritual

connections whatever a demon I don't

know if you call it that a demon would

be something a very low vibration yeah

and if you're coming at something at a

high vibration you won't even touch it

you see that and they can't touch you

for example I've done a hundred and like

a hundred and seventy ghost

investigations I've never been hit never

been touched or anything but I've seen

somebody get a scratch go up their arm

without even nobody touching home

girlfriend I had got choked out not out

but choked I definitely have had

experience yeah yeah if you if it was a

negative one you were probably in a bad

mood or you were feeling sad about


maybe yeah it wasn't positive it really

scared me I was younger it was pretty it

was kind of scary yeah well the thing is

is that's why people say pray when that

happens what you're doing is raising

your vibration outside that field okay

you see that yeah it's very simple I had

a girlfriend he used to [ __ ] spirits

used to Jack her up man but she was

manipulative little thing and she tend

to look for reasons to put someone down

and that's something her vibration was

low just allowing that to come in

exactly exactly there are people that

used to like I'd teach him be teaching

him you know well I'm worried about

getting that happening

I saw your natural vibration won't let

it happen you can't you can't connect do

you say yeah what if they dwell on the

fear that they will connect okay just

like that saying what is it was what you

what we resist persists so if you think

about this it's like all right if I'm

thinking about negative [ __ ] off

thinking about demons think about demons

hope I don't get a demon you know to

even damn don't come no demons right

then I'm focusing literally connecting

literally opening a conduit to that

negative behavior do you see like when

people do the D G board usually they're

trying to scare each other okay so it

does because they kept connect on that

vibration I know I can't believe we used

to do that when we were kids

now that freaks me out I want nothing to

do with that right my sister used to do

that she used to talk to a ghost named

Gus and he was a Vietnam vet he had

gettin killed all that stuff and she

used to get some real vet real answers

and then she told him what she asked one

time would you ever hurt me and it said

yeah and I freaked her out right so she

throws this is funny I was kind of a

jerk back then she throws her thing in

the trash right cuz she won't deal with

him so I took out a trash and I put it

on her porch

oh my so she walked out it's there she

thought it'd come out by herself yeah


that either so she breaks it throws it

away I bring it back out I pull it

together oh my god she's panic and so

she burning yeah she's funny because she

was just she was so expecting the

negative vibration that she's kept she

created it not created she connected to

it okay yeah in your opinion like

spirits you know is if some of them just

like not crossed over they don't hang

around like what are you what's your

feeling on all of it well I think

they've already crossed but I don't see

I don't see crossing over as a

destination I see it as a vibrational

change dimensional change so the

dimension changes yes but their

consciousness may very well be focused

on certain events that's where you get

the ghost thing mm-hmm they can connect

just like we do okay so they connected

it to that one episode and you'll see

them involved in it so when you see like

I've read an article saying that like

snuffer's there's apparently a a woman

that was killed there and they everyone

that works there's say a bar I think I

think lower Greenville maybe like

original I mean uh like a burger place

yeah yeah they a lot of people that work

there have said that the woman that was

murdered there that it's like they see

her ghost a lot they're sure and so I

kind of looked it up and one article

said that sometimes they maybe have

unfinished business or it was so sudden

that they're not even aware that they're

dead I mean what do you feel about that

well I think they know their dad they

don't call it dad because they live in

over there right uh-huh

so the death is kind of a I think a Mis

Mis label yeah you know I don't believe

in death personally I believe the body

goes away but you still role you know

but uh no I don't think they're caught

you may be they visit it in their from

their vibration they visit it that's

when you see them otherwise you see them

all the time right you always see them

now and then you never hear about

somebody said man

discuss some [ __ ] won't leave no well

sometimes I see her sometimes I don't

okay well maybe just like us maybe

they're visiting - do you see yeah their

vibration is focused on it - mm-hmm see

it makes to me it doesn't make sense

that anybody's caught I mean how stupid

could the universe be I'm here you think

about it okay you're gonna die you're

probably not having to make a lot of

choices right then mm-hmm like here's a

funny story I thought it was anyway

somebody might think I'm an ass not with

this buddy or whatever some one of my

clients I was talking to her and she

used to be a client of Sylvia Browne

which was Montel Williams favorite

reader anyway she goes now I have a

brother that passed on and I know he has

three doors to choose from when he dies

I said who the hell told you that she

says Sylvia Browne did I said I think

Sylvia is full of crap and I still think

about what you're talking about here

you're talking about a not you're not

talking about a choice here death ain't

a choice timing might be we don't know

that death ain't a choice so you can't

be in the mindset we do in a choice

something that's happening to you three

doors where would they go I've been hell

Cincinnati you know what I'm saying it

doesn't make any sense just like if

you're being born there's nothing you're

not deciding which mother to Jack out of

right I don't make any sense yeah

you know I always feel like you need to

take the mystical magical and bring it

down to where you can put some common

sense in there you see what I'm saying

yeah doesn't mean I'm right but in my in

my forever career yeah I think I am yeah

yeah so anyway like like I was at UH I

used to do investigations a lot of

estimations of course like I said I did

the real famous place Baker hotel okay

and I was there one day and I was being

used like

bull dyke a bloodhound going through

these corridors and finding these

spirits and [ __ ] right well went up in

this house that was I mean the house in

the room that was supposed to be

inhabited by a woman that was mr. Baker

the owner his mistress and there was an

altar there the whole works right anyway

we're in there the radio stations

they're afraid the radio stations anyway

I forget his the because a ranch or

somewhere I can't remember any well he's

got people were there right and I was

connected to the woman and in the inn

when I would connect I would feel the

actual like a buzz in my whole body

right I started talking to her with her

as her and it was my voice but her

pattern her speech pattern and then one

of the women was laughing and

involuntarily I filled my head go like

make a scene and it goes you think this

is funny oh my gosh and a woman goes

well yeah a little then you hear go

she's kind of I didn't him it just

involved her his [ __ ] as soon as that

happened that window went up about two

inches the door slammed and everybody

room was panic and this one guy he was

in there all cocky couldn't believe it I

was going oh [ __ ] so I spent we spent

probably a good four or five hours on

that trip and that places the place is

loaded up with spirit with entity you

know anyway

matter of fact there was a picture I

know where it went there's a picture I'd

lean against the wall doing my thing and

there was an orb right next to my hand

that had a guy with a goatee you know it

was actually visit you can really see it

eyes eyebrows the whole works Wow and I

don't know where that fan picture went

but anyway so it's there but see those

people they're not caught but probably

wherever their vibration is

they visit it now a nun you know I think

it's everything you know some physicist

or not quantum physicists believe

everything simultaneous and I think it's

probably true you know anyway that's

pretty cool yeah what about back on the

like intuitive stuff you were talking to

me earlier about your son and in the

fear of heights yeah yeah that was that

was interesting he was he's a truck

driver big strong kid and he'd be he was

telling me that he says he's has this

reoccurring dream of going over a bridge

and hanging from a bridge waiting to

fall kind of thing I thought man where'd

that come from you know and it goes

along with what we were saying earlier

about programming when he was about

maybe year old I fell asleep at the

wheel and we had a car wreck and I

literally got thrown out of the car I

had to catch the car kept going it was

crazy Wow anyway when I got everything

stopped and I looked he was in the back

seat that the car seat had flipped over

and he was hanging from it so I realized

when I put those two together I realized

that's weirdly what it was is the car

wrecked kind of programmed he's thinking

that a car rack then hanging would be

the same on a bridge it would have to be

a rack then you'd be hanging from the

bridge you say yeah so it all worked out

like that at pretty I guess he's over it

well obviously is does over the TRO road

trucking I'm here to face that fear yeah

how do you help someone because you keep

I keep hearing people saying you know

you have so much like childhood trauma

or things that have happened to you that

could affect you having chronic pain

when you're older or something how do

you kind of heal from those type things

well what you do is you you you have to

have time for your your mind to go for a

walk so you see that like like an

example would be


like hey I didn't know I had it but I

had a prejudice against old white men

and I didn't know what to how the

problem was and I was trying to sell him

my my radio show trying to go on

syndicate syndication and I found out

the guy that was gonna make the decision

was an old white man in his 60s 70s [ __ ]

it's not gonna work Ben and the wife I

had at the time wife number three she

goes why isn't gonna work well it's an

old white guy she goes why would that

matter and I thought yeah why would that

matter it was caught in my head and it's

because when I grew up I couldn't trust

those type of guys because they were you

know they'd predatory pedophilia [ __ ]

like that you know yeah so it was in my

head and I didn't know it you say yeah

just like I think there's a lot of times

you know what an interesting thing would

be when we're dealing with anything

psychological anything intuitive

anything that deals with how the mind

works you have to deal with baggage the

baggage whatever the hell is hanging

hung on you and you know lost my train

of thought

right but anyway you have to deal with

the baggage yeah you have to deal with

the baggage and and it isn't about

hardcore thinking it's about imagining

what is it where did I feel this before

do you say l ron hubbard it's crazy if

you want to thought whatever Senate

ology or whatever whatever the essence

the beginning of that was Dianetics

Dianetics is the coolest thing

scientology they always seem to have

their hand in my pocket so I never went


but Dianetics was amazing the technique

that they teach and I learned to do it


fascinating mystics it's a it's they

call it moderate they were calling it

then modern science of mental health but

it was it was written in 250 in 58 and

it's about seller for years and years

and years and what it does is kind of

how I kept gnosis but you're actually


into the thing on your own do you say so

they do things like to have trigger

words just different things like they'll

find out you're saying certain things so

they use a certain word and say it over

and over until you break through okay

you say yeah and what happens is I'll

give you an example my I had a wife at

the time wife number two she the kids

his mother right

we were we were young Under 20's early

20s and I'd gotten into this and we we

went to this they had a they call it

Admissions and I wanted to learn Dodd to

do the oddity and she had been raped by

her father so she was dealing with that

so I'm there and they hand me this like

tomato juice kid and he says okay show

me how the mind works and they have

second they have reactive active mind

reactive mind and they have that what

they call a file clerk which is your

minds ability to retrieve memory but the

problem is you can retrieve memory but

that's in - it's the animal it's the

interpretation that screws you up and

they liken it to of having a seven stuck

down on a calculator one in one is nine

did you see that what they call it like

if you have a like baggage like this

programming if you have the seven stuck

down a on a calculator one plus one is

nine do you say it's the same with the

mind if you have this deep set thought

that's something yes do you set the

thought of something like the old man

being in jerks for me it's gonna color

your perception from now on until you

get it out in there yeah you see that

well when I started and I was just I've

really a knuckle-dragger I was bad news

still I was trying to find my way and

this guy says okay show me how the mind

works and he hands me this can full of

all this [ __ ] like Legos and nuts

and bolts and crap like that you know I

look at it so what how the hell am I

supposed to do that

couldn't get around that this stuff

could be whatever I want it to be you

see so I'd spend just sitting there just

I don't know I was just panning just

just having a fit I call the guy over

said look give me something else to use

this is [ __ ] you know you guys are

nuts and he says he and I was trying to

start a fight yeah all he did was look

amigo well let me know when you're ready

and walked away and Mike he was supposed

to fight with me understood how to fight


you see yeah anyway he's gone and up

with this stupid [ __ ] going on just

having a fit and then I said look dude

come here give me something else I mean

this is [ __ ] I was mad as hell so

well you know you're gonna have to do it

so let me know when you're ready

walked away [ __ ] finally I did it I

figured out how to do it I had to

dislodge my belief that this Lego was a

Lego it had to become something else

yeah okay

and so I managed to do it it took me

more than an hour when I was done my

shirt was full of sweat I had been

shaking so I literally went through this

episode all behind something so freakin

simple well the next move was the hand

me of all things and when I was a kid I

was raised by a pretty big knuckle

dragger I mean he's pretty if he was to

see me with a doll when I was a kid he

to beat me bloody yeah and of all things

that had me a damn dog baby doll right

I'm supposed to talk to the doll says

okay close your eyes to the doll was

your eyes take some deep breaths

something like this and I would go close

your eyes

and it's like damn it okay close your

eyes baby breath I keep doing that cuz I

couldn't get it couldn't get it be able

couldn't talk and say four freakin lines

and I was raising all this hell and

people are looking at me smiling nobody

was getting us at for me for me yeah do

you see that for me I needed them to be


mmm-hmm they wouldn't do it so finally I

got it done and when I left that room I

could barely walk

I was literally holding onto the walls

and I was passing this guy in the hall

his name was force of all things that

shows what kind of fella he was and I

said he goes I heard you did it I said

yeah I said they gave me a damn baby

doll you know he says yeah they gave me

a teddy bear and I cleared that teddy

bear and then I dawned on me that baby

doll didn't mean anything it was it was

plastic and material right well why was

I attaching this significance to it you

know and then I realized from there I

realized that a lot of times what is

being said isn't what really going on

it's a perception that it has really no

basis for truth you see person ain't

lying yeah they're a patrician the

interpretation is skewed because of some

past programming like the lady I talked

about before with wasn't woman enough

okay well what does that mean she didn't

know yeah you say then when I helped her

realize it that wasn't the case her life

got back on track she's fine again yeah

it's really fascinating very fascinating

and it has nothing to do with hippie

dippie stuff it's nits well it isn't the

hippie dippie stuff you hear about it

isn't the what they would like to say

woo woo stuff it's not really like that

the ultimate the essence of the

intuitive ability is not a spiritual

thing it's a human thing or actually a

living thing maybe I think animals do it

too but it's a living thing you can

connect to spirit that way but it

doesn't go that way it's not like that's

like it's not like you need the spirit

to tell you yeah but you need the

intuition to connect to the spirit to

get whatever is being seen from there

makes sense yeah it's nuts it's crazy

but it's so simple that like it's so

simple that people don't want to believe

it or they want to but they can't

because it's too goddamn simple yeah

yeah and you know I feel like some

people kind of block out their childhood

I feel like some people remember all

sorts of things from their childhood

even when they were babies and then some

people don't remember much of their


do you feel like there may be blocking

something out absolutely you know a lot

of like I talked to people all the time

that they just flat don't remember from

maybe five to seven years old it doesn't

mean all that was dark or bad but there

was enough that it kind of shot him off

but that's in there still yeah and

there's still access in that memory they

just don't know it consciously that's

what that seven second mean stuck down

means so they need to do like an

exercise like what you did pull it out

yeah well the last the last exercise

when I did that done anything I had to

what they call audit the wife I had and

so I went into and I says okay I forget

how I started it but she was supposed to

see what had happened to her describe

what's happening her but she couldn't

see it she knew she when she thought

about it she knew it happened but she

couldn't see it couldn't visualize it so

I took her back to about eleven years

old and she remembers being hit by a

bike hit by hit by a car on her bicycle

she still couldn't see it though she

could hear it in her mind she can hear

it yeah she could smell the grass but

she couldn't see that what happened

brought her back further she was three

years old now she falls out of a van she

sees the Vans like come on now she's

able to see something she sees that the

Vans like she sees her father getting

out of the van walking towards her

picking her up and says I don't see

anything wrong

and this got stuck in her head now she

couldn't visualize anything wrong and

the problem we were dealing with was she

was being raped by her father repeatedly

to Sheila's bled to death

repeatedly he raped her but because she

couldn't see anything wrong which she


she wasn't he remember the scene so it

made her feel guilty because he got

caught yeah never did see the inside of

a jail though but they found out about

his family did because she almost bled

to death like I saw it but she couldn't

absolutely see it so it had guilt and

that guilt make her almost manic about

trying to get him to approve of her and

that colored heard that color her bad

fact it probably took her to her death

she wound up being an addict and she

wound up dying at 49 years old

because she got past that but it had so

much nonsense had to be had piled on

because one thing leads to another to

another to another and there's so much

of it it was on her that she could get

out from under it and by 49 she was gone

it's pretty crazy you know and she was a

good heart big heart she didn't want to

ever hurt anybody she matter of fact I

told her she'd come from a whole other

planet when I met her cuz she acted like

everything was all the world was loved

you know but as she got older things

would key in as they say in Dianetics

things would key in like different

aspects different aspects maybe a

boyfriend might have pushed her or hurt

her or something yeah anyway so it more

and more stuff got on top of that

baggage and it cost her sanity really

yeah any forty nine years old the

picture I have I wish I had it to work

and put it up with people got a rod and

did that book texture I have she looks

at least 80 and she's 749 so really the

drugs by the time she died she she had

cancer narcolepsy just a multitude of

[ __ ] liver issues kidney issues heart

issues yeah just trauma just just it ate

her life yeah yeah yeah so you know when

people talk about like an addict or I

don't see addicts like that I see him as

sick all right with

I don't see a weak person that can't

take care of themselves

I see like trying to kind of mask the

pain and the answer is as I tell a lot

of them when I deal with addicts here in

there you got to face it if you find

fear you got to face that you got to

walk through it one way or another

whatever happens happens

the other thing to remember is never be

never be never have guilt and never

never look down on yourself for the past

because like myself we're doing a lot of

off-color stuff I don't feel bad about


I don't not proud of it right forgive

yourself forgive others

yeah well it's like I'm not proud of it

but I'm proud of where I've come from

yeah you learn overcame that yeah that's

why it all should be if you make a

mistake you come out of it you worked it

out one way or another she'd be that

should be a badge of honor mm-hmm yeah

you don't still stand it as opposed I

had that problem now I'm worthless

yeah like some of the best things come

out of the worst absolutely I think so

yeah I think I didn't pay a post on

Facebook like that it's like the best

memories I've ever had was when the

universe had me by the throat yeah

because that's when you really see who

you are you know yeah when you get to

where nothing else can fit you help you

like no distractions you can get

yourself distracted enough to be did not

have to deal with it you have to deal

with it head-on come out strong you know

I agree power well this went really

quick [ __ ] well okay well this is an

interesting thing it's like I said

intuitively I didn't think this guest

was gonna actually make the connection

I'm sure there was a good reason but I

don't know what it is at them but at the

moment but I didn't think it's gonna

happen but I I just just didn't listen

to it barren [ __ ] didn't happen so there

we go anyway now we have to in this

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