Jun 6, 2020

Lynn Fabia sith Degree black belt in Aikido talks about how connecting with her deceased father and entities changed her life.

it took a second all right welcome to us

us is all about that we're in this

together the conflicts we have right now

is because some people are feeling

weakened they feel like they don't have

the power to do what they need to do

their part of the societal changes so I

feel like victims and children while the

congressional people and people that

decide they want to be in charge it

crushes them spirit wise makes them feel

as if they can't really achieve anything

the most important thing is that we all

get stronger stronger so we can link

together as members of mankind as beings

of the earth in the universe in order to

make it work we need to help each other

get stronger help each other when

they're having problems you help

somebody out and they can help you in

order to do that you have to be strong

too and the idea is one of the reasons

why we're here this is my belief anyway

one of many reason we're here is to

enhance ourselves and get stronger and

stronger get to a point where the

distractions and and threats and

subconscious conflicts don't run our

days I've been spending the life my life

helping people get rid of baggage you

know stuff like issues their mother the

father sister brother gave them or the

environment or whatever maybe things

like that tend to ignore people off

their pins and keeps them from becoming

who they really are because of that

because it's that way like Zig Ziglar

used to say 75% of the population of the

world goes to their grave with the music

still in them

it's not cool we all need to get

stronger and we get stronger by taking

away our own limitations well not long

ago actually it's been a while several

back that gives us 13 14 16 years

something like that I a woman woman came

to me she was referred by a woman in a

whole other state and she comes in she's

very come across very very shy very


turns out she was you know black belt in

Aikido she was a director and founder of

the Society of Aikido centers she's the

first you woman in the u.s. to head an

Aikido organization 38 years as an

instructor author of two books martial

arts for life

the art of intentional living and

spiritual food for thought I was lucky

enough to be able to help her with these

and she's here today to basically tell

let you know how she went go through it

went through the changes and the changes

it did for her life and what she does

now and hopefully you'll see as you hear

her talk that you can do it too

so let me introduce right now name is

Lin Fabia say hello yeah she's here with

us and we're gonna talk about the

transitions and and her transition

mainly and we're gonna just go with that

I hope you like it I'm sure you will

here we go all right go with it like you

said when I first started I was very

reserved very I had a very small world

didn't have much interaction the people

and like anything if you don't practice

interaction you lose that skill yeah and

I did I stopped practicing

you actually lose your confidence you

lose all the tools it takes to do it

even start yeah you feel so awkward and

so I just kept real quiet and yeah I'm a

similar to my dad who was very quiet and

didn't express himself I was more like

him than the others hmm but you don't

want to go through life not expressing

yourself right so because you need that

in every area of your life if you're

gonna develop yeah so I was very close

to my dad and he passed away in 1992 and

about 14 years 14 years later I really

wanted to see if I could make a

connection with him and I was going to

Shreveport to teach an Aikido seminar

and somebody the one of the assistant

instructors told me there's somebody

here that's very intuitive has a lot of

integrity his name is Robert Caruso and

I was interested very interested because

I was like again seeking to try to

connect to my dad I felt like he had

something to tell me

and I got your phone number and three

days later in 2005 yeah I started asking

you if you did that actually I was

taking classes for you from you when you

asked me yes and the reason I did that

is because I started seeing Aikido as a

metaphor for life in the sense that as

you go through your life you need to

learn to process things as opposed to

shield or hide in any even in any street

fight you can't just block and block and

block something will beat the [ __ ] out

of you where if you learn to process

everything even if it's a word or a

thought or or a derogatory attack you

learn how to process it it doesn't land

on your destroy you


yeah that's the art of Aikido yeah and

this is why I liked Aikido because it's

not about size and when of course when I

started I was obviously it's not right

96 pounds I was 84 yeah thought how is

this gonna work

everybody was larger than me and they

out worried me but it was they talked

about you move from the center of your

body because this is where the powers at

but they still I looked at their size I

was still looking at with physical eyes

and it took a long time Mike I over

analysed it I couldn't understand how

this works

mmm but it does work right absolutely

obviously yes so I it really expanded my

world going into Aikido quite a bit hmm

my interaction with people and it helped

but again in my personal life it was

down here in Aikido I was excelling but

striving for self mastery you can't do

live like this you got to bring

everything up to allow Jabar where you

see live so that quite a lot better okay

so anyway I got I did contact you and

after that and I did make connection

with my dad and he knew even though he

was not in this world anymore he knew I

was struggling and he wanted to help me

because love is so powerful he felt like

he couldn't express himself or help us

when he was are living with us and that

stayed with him even afterwards and so

if there was an opportunity where he

could help us he did and we were so

close like right my dad and he brought

in entities well he was close to you but

he still didn't communicate really well

because what he went through he went

through them he was a prisoner board for

three and a half years and it took a lot

for him to go through that we didn't

know he didn't talk about it but he

loved us we knew that but we couldn't

talk he didn't talk to us yeah so it was

difficult for him right it would be

considered now PTSD yes what he had yeah

didn't even know it

no he didn't know but he cared about us

a great sure so it was good to

communicate with him and so because of

the love he escorted and you could say

higher beings entities to help me out

and they began to gradually because I

was so resistant not so open they

started giving me techniques to help me

in my life and it paralleled with the

Aikido what was beyond what I was taught

in Aikido right because again in Aikido

we use the center for everything

everything is centered when we moved but

when their what their definition of

center is the mind/body/spirit connected

to the god source that was different

yeah the god source being in other

people's lingo would be the universe

center of all that is not religion wise

so that made a difference right because

if you're in that light then you're not

gonna struggle in life right different

if you're in the darkness paranoia fear

which is where I was a lot of insecurity

didn't know no direction didn't know

didn't have a guidance that I needed

right so everything was difficult

yeah well that illustrates right there

where you you are who you are right just

like he was a strong man loving man and

all these sort of things and you had

this power but because of his

environment and how he had to live he

became a little more silent not as

verbally powerful

but still spiritually power or

energetically powerful like in your

situation somebody would look at you and

not expect you to can do what you do you

know and the only that's obviously

changed but uh anyway it just shows that

you know I think everybody has it is

where they got the power but the

distraction holds them back and keeps

them confused or keeps them feeling

weakened that's exactly what I found out

later if they didn't have an argument or

a fight than any feel they were in love

anymore yeah and it's just a cork a cork

of environment involvement but what I'm

getting from you in one of when we

talked before is that it was the love

for him and the feeling of the strength

that you got from him but you wouldn't

get it verbally so it produced it and

produces geez it produced a need to for

discovery which is what we're talking


yeah universe set you up it does if you

pay attention you start looking for

avenues to change things and enhance

yourself that's when you're really

strong that's when you can really start

to find out who you really are which is

what this is all about

I believe our whole existence has to do

with a self image self mastery you know

knowing what your power is we're not

taught that so we have to learn how to

get rid of the junk so we can feel it so

so he had you meeting these guys I just

call him guys

yeah go ahead and go without disrupt you

go ahead and so in the sessions every

time my dad would come in and step aside

and they would start guiding me didn't

force me to do anything

gave me techniques that I could use for

to expand my life to open my mind

because it wasn't anything that I knew

about and it does work it was a lot of

work involved

yeah there's a lot of work involved you

don't they don't just tell you and you

say it you begin to release thoughts

habits and then the changes begin to

happen I remember when you came the

first time I remember it you tell me it

never happened

but I remember thinking of you as one of

those Hawaiian type or Filipino of Kusha

Filipino on in the Elvis movies you know

with the long braids and all that stuff

you know and I remember going yeah you

know what when you used to wear that

braid yeah I never wore a braid yeah but

my mind my subconscious picked it up in

that way because they you were very

demure you're very shy and even so

soft-spoken I had to lean forward you

know you're over it now so so you're

doing the Aikido as I said a minute ago

and you're have your own organization

and all right yes 38 years I've been

teaching 36 years and I actually took

Aikido out of the dojo into the

community and I wanted to expand I would

write letters to colleges and the DFW

Metroplex I wanted to teach it as a

credit of course with the exception of

one they all said no right there was

that one it's Cedar Valley and I

initiated as a credit of course I taught

it I had a drive to reach people what

and I even had I wanted to talk to women

of domestic violence mm-hmm because you

stood for Genesis didn't you know

Genesis yes our Nexus I think yeah yeah

so I went to the World Trade Center and

I it wasn't easy getting in but I was so

persistent I got in and I was able to

talk to the women and they were so open

they didn't know about energy about how

to carry themselves how to walk I showed

him how to walk because

they didn't have any self-esteem and I

really enjoyed it I did it three times

and I want to come back yeah to do that

again well you know you're talking about

they didn't know how to walk it's

interesting about that is some way the

way somebody walks how they carry

themselves can actually draw a predator

or draw somebody that loves them more or

it's how you handle yourself how do you

how you how you move move through the

world but they see the interesting thing

is is you're very outgoing in your work

but your personal life wasn't that way

oh yeah the transition is important

because you have to have a balance you

know I even went through a time where

all I was was the intuitive all I was I

was a dad when my ki asked my sis my

last son moved out I remember sitting on

edges beggar who the hell am I now

because there was no balance then when

they were gone I just threw myself into

this and this was all I was for a long

time so there we go so it's the same

kind of thing it's all about finding

that balance so you you you went through

a lot of changes that I remember that

has changed really what I see of your

personality almost black and white you

know totally 360 yeah even when I was in

high school I was so such an introvert

so shy yeah I thought I remember she's

not gonna amount to anything she doesn't

even talk right so you don't know what

people can change you don't know how

much determination you can't really

judge a person on the outside you have

to really want it bad right yeah and the

thing is a lot of people when they reach

for that or they want to reach for that

next level or the power that they know

they believe they have the fear and the

negative intentions or a negative

attitude from other people who don't

want to put the work in don't want to

change they just want somebody else not

to change do you see them say thanks and

feel better

right that's usually the kiss I can't I

don't want to do nothing so let me tell

you down

and this is what why really created this

is to show that that's really not the

way to go you gotta you got to be able

to be strong enough not to even hear

that and it takes a little move and like

when you and I started working it was

like I remember thinking Lin you got all

this ability man you got all this stuff

you can do what are you doing let me go

you didn't yeah the direction well I

think it was the what I got out of it

was it was you know the driver direction

but it wasn't really the drive you were

missing huge the confidence in the drive

do you say because you knew what you

could do but you didn't do it wouldn't

because you were afraid it wasn't gonna


especially in your social situations

yeah I was gonna get back out there

so dancing came in somebody brought it

up in conversation I thought oh of

course I always liked dancing I was like

music and that was a good way to get

back into the social mmm more

interaction right plus I can't always so

much like dance it's exactly like it a

nice fit oh you don't put nobody down

you know I guess you could when I dance

it happens that way trip somebody right

yeah but like these books that you've

got that you weren't even or you weren't

a writer before then either I wasn't a

creator I would say really a creator

yeah I started Aikido I was a student

but being stepping into the role of

being a chief instructor and then after

that there was another level I could be

a head of an international organization

and the first woman in the United States

and now here's what I say when I get a

young anything like that I just tell

myself I'm capable of doing that and I

step right up to step right up to the


and I'll let everything else just kind

of work itself but I step up to the

plate I don't have any hesitation no

doubt I just tell myself I'm doing this

and I do it that's the difference yeah

what I think what I mean

obviously doing that in the Aikido did a

lot for your life but it looked like to

me that when it came to your personal

stuff the stuff that really took you to

the way you're doing it gonna mean to be

an instructor and dancing what it took

you there it was more personal more

personal interacting people on a

personal level

you pretty much avoided that at first

remember yeah oh my god scary so and

then talk about that I mean the idea of

even socializing back then went a little

tough on you I wouldn't even talk to

strangers I wouldn't make conversation

like most people get my stuff

go home and just kind of hidden behind

the work yeah always saying oh I can I'm

working that's what it came down to yeah

I didn't know how to do that because I

stayed away so long

- a lot of people right and then again

my dad said there's always a fork in the

road it's either destruction or creation

right you choose every single time and

then you realize every day yes and you

realize there's a power when you make

choices in life and you create your life

right so you start thinking about those

techniques or concepts you go it you

start conditioning yourself it becomes a

conditioning right you can't I can't go

back to the other way anymore no I don't

think you can either anymore yeah yeah I

remember if you don't mind

the social aspect the stuff that I

thought was pretty interesting was you

have these abilities and you have these

understanding of the movement of energy

and all that sort of sort of stuff so

you actually in one party

life is really dynamic you know the part

it was almost barely there

you got him saying yes it's like one one

part of your life was was a forceful

voice the other one was a whisper yes

and I remember going well you need to

start going out you were going now you

took a while to get that first one going


but if you think about it you see these

actresses and actors when they're on the

screen and they're playing a certain

character you you you tend to believe oh

look at her and then when you hear him

in an interview or you you see what

they're in their daily life like even

Elvis yeah he was a mess an interview he

was not developed right dinero's the

same way they just you know remember uh

Dustin Hoffman I saw him on a interview

and he was saying he had a shrink that

he went to like three or four times a

week because he couldn't survive it

because there's somebody else on the

screen hmm and they don't take the time

to find out who they are right you just

keep living this other life yeah you

have to find out who you are absolutely

I'm sorry and you have to stretch it you

have to stretch it you know my I was

telling my son a while back I was

telling him that I said the place to go

in your life is directly into your fear

yeah that's the way to go if you always

do what's comfortable you always gonna

go in circles whereas if you I remember

when I did my first show on 105 three in

the 90s I put the headphones on and I

didn't know what the hell I was doing I

feel like an idiot

I didn't know what it was doing I knew I

needed to do it but I was I was tripping

you know so you can hear my first my

first my first show I'd be gone

I was just jacking up a matter of fact

about my first one here's the same way

but it was at a nervous but then I'd

work to work equipment but anyway

directly into your fear your fear will

take you where you need to go it's


you have to take it down you have to

take that fear down when you do it's

like lifting weights you get stronger

you understanding is better and you got

to your next level next level next night

well fear will tell you where to go you

know a lot of people a lot of people

think fear is something you avoid but if

you do that you never nothing ever gets

better I don't still feel something

right before I have to of course I felt

it you know I feel it right before this

but I'm not gonna back down from it

right there's the difference that's the


I still feel it my go I'm capable of

doing this and each time I do it it gets

stronger and stronger yeah and so that's

the thing is when you do that you're

actively letting go of the conflicts the

mental conflicts the baggage that's been

handed to you and again I believe that's

why we're here and if everybody did it

if everybody did if that's what we were

taught in school even imagine being

taught in school to face your fear to

how to process through which is what

you're talking about if we were taught

like that we would have none of these

problems all people need to know is they

can absolutely construct themselves how

cool is that different yeah yeah I went

from being a knuckle-dragging

animal violent clown to what I do now

which is not violent other people right

you can't give a hand up you can't give

nobody a hand up if you're not up you

can't so I I knew I think when I always

about 15 I was in my room and I heard I

heard a voice and I turned around there

one but he was there in it the voice was

your to help people so that kind of gave

me something to strive for to head

toward but I didn't know where I didn't

have any guy

but it was already there right so that

helped in like when you came to me you

wanted to connect to your dad that was

your conscious thought but we the

sessions really just kind of went to

that but it's also it goes into the your

own self develop me yeah so the the the

carrot was the dad then the other was

okay I can do this I can do this you

know okay you can do this I don't know

well do anyway that's how it went you

know it even I believe it even affects

your body to a degree because it tends

to keep that heaviness and vibration off

of ya and it allows your body not to

decay so easily do you see I'm saying

I mean I'm built like a gorilla but most

people don't know I'm 62 years old just

like you most people don't know you're

what 70 now Wow see you know nobody

would notice

yeah and it's they always think what are

you using on your skin what do you I

said it's not so much what I eat or put

on my skin it's what I feed my mind you

know you're looking at the physical with

the physical eyes I say go beyond the

physical absolutely absolutely

what do you think about it if you allow

yourself to reside in a low vibration

low energy position which would be the

the you know the people on internet try

to rip you apart and people try to

confer give you conflict give you

problems put you down if you allow

yourself to live there too much without

dealing with it it will drag you down

cost you to cause ulcers all kinds of

you know health issues every right I

know a man who had leukemia and he

really didn't want to die but they told

him he was done he just had a few months

or something like this so he started you

know vitamins and running and doing all

these things and he cured himself he

created what do you want right and then

he started messing around acting foolish

again it killed him within probably a

year so it's really a lot of this is

about mentality

and one of the reasons I wanted you on

here is because you absolutely embody

that belief system to believe yeah this

scares me but this is where I need to go

this is what I need to do because if it

didn't scare me if I wasn't didn't have

no interest in going I shouldn't go why

would it scare me what are you freaking

do it right but your subconscious is

said yeah you need to go you need to do

it you need to do it so you get a little

afraid but you still push through I can

do that I can do this I can keep right

keep going and then you start realizing

you know what if I face the fear I don't

back down I always make it well you

always make they even take a couple

tries be chill always make you know it

took me three years to put my first

radio show on because the this market

here wouldn't allow anybody metaphysical

was back then you had to know somebody

to know some to find somebody that did

what I did and I put it on the air and I

had to put it on the air on some


station because the rest of them

wouldn't do it because the Bible Belt

and sided up doing a show between

sandwiched between women that their

opening lines was orgasmic being acting

or like they were having an orgasm

we've called they've called this radio

girls or something then a guy after me

is main topic was projectile diarrhea

the show did not fit but it's the only

one that will let me on yeah right

definitely I wouldn't be here get the

distractions out of your way yeah I

remember my dad going what are you doing

you're going on the radio you don't know

know about radio right

not yet he goes most people be afraid to

do what you're doing

oh yeah me too me too still gonna do it

with conviction saying do you have to

say that I do a lot of self talk because

I think it helps well yeah because the

Dryad real literally by raising your

vibration mmm

you know just like I always tell people

to have depression it's like if you wake

in the morning have depression listen to

music that is uplifting even if you have

to listen to something very very easy

and then bring it up that'll raise your

vibration you visualize things you

really love whatever that mean that'll

raise your vibration it'll literally

walk you out of depression you know your

visualization your thoughts your what

what you hear is all tools to bring you

back where you belong do you see the

other stuff is stuff that is laid on you

you know so but you've went from being

well socially kind of crippled yes to

really getting involved him you know

need stay home or do you ballroom

dancing ballroom dancing and of course I

knew right away I was going to be a

ballroom dance instructor I knew it

because that was my goal years ago I

didn't do it but it stayed and then I

got involved by being on the board for

the USA Dallas dance chapter mm-hmm and

that's what you have to do you have to

get involved in whatever you're doing

right it helps you didn't know he's

gonna be a writer either did you


there was another creation yeah I wanted

to become an author and I was willing

that's the key word I was willing to do

whatever it took whatever work I had to

do I was willing to do it yeah oh my god

anybody that's ever written one and

published one it's credibly pressured a

lot of pressure a lot of right but you

do it and then when you see it in your

hands it was worth it right I have more

books of course coming up on

relationships right it's just it keeps

expanding my world keeps expanding

mm-hmm that's what happens I'm open to


you know when you are open to expansion

it leads to growth it always leads to

involvement right now the thing is as

you went through this process I guess

it's been what about in about 16 years

right damn it Wow

seem like six days not really anyway

they're bound to be times where you felt

stagnant or feel stuck or paralyzed you

know what I'm saying when you're your

life I mean that happens to me sometimes

you have a your life is going pretty

good and all of a sudden you feel like

it's nothing makes sense yeah okay

things just don't make sense or well I

should do this but it doesn't I don't

know if I can do that so you have to

wake back up and stand up again does

that make sense you be up all the time

right bro yeah we live in a soup of

really negative energy a lot of times a

lot of times the only way around that

would be to have only a circle of people

that are supportive good luck yeah luck

with that they told me you don't see it

but things are moving 35% faster than

what you know you just see what's in

front of you yeah there's different

peaks in life but here's you gotta keep

moving right whatever is happening

around you like what's happening now you

got to keep moving forward

it's about development yeah you don't

have to do there you can't stop because

something happens right no matter what

Suze who says anything rolling can't

stay down I tried a few times to stay

down I know I went to the Amazon to be

the Shapiro Indians and did ayahuasca I

went there too I was thinking about

research I was living in Peru or in the

jungle around the jungle and then it

came to me that I couldn't that I needed

to keep moving forward so here we are

you know the ayahuasca helped me see it

but sometimes you get into you get so

much nonsense in your world that you

just get paralyzed so you have to kind

of wake it back up

sometimes a parallelization will give

you some rest but then you can't live

there and so you have to allow yourself

to look into it look into whatever fear

you might have or whatever this had to

be had to overcome so like even the

issue of letting go of a bad thought or

a bad feeling a lot of times letting go

of a bad feeling it's just as scary to

people as thinking of a good one do you

see them saying they're like I know I

did a client with the therapist a friend

and the guy had gone through all of his

problems and he was doing great but when

you talk to me you're still going yeah

my world is tough I don't know if I'll

ever everything ever be okay the world

is always after me right well he got he

got used to that loop and I was telling

him I says well I think I said that's on

the last podcast but a lot of people

probably listening that didn't hear that


but I told him I says okay well you have

a house right well yeah house paid for

doing pretty good there yeah it was paid

for I don't have prom with that okay

your wife cool yeah been together since

high school so she like you still yeah

he was looking like what what are you

talking about and I was going all right

well you got money money's okay yeah job

jobs great and now you could paint again

cuz he's a painter

yeah and for a while they wasn't able to

you paint now yeah I just did one the

other day and it's gonna be paid held in

this the manipulable of the building or

somewhere it's okay so all that stuff's

working for you why sure why is your

world so hard he did that he went I

don't know and he was ill he's cool now

you know so that's a matter of that you

know back on track right switch and like

like when we were when we were talking

it was like there were points where

where I saw you kind of go okay I just I

just can't I just can't

just can't then it's like okay well if

you don't this is where you are if you

do this will happen then I could hear

you almost crack not crack but get back

on then you start rolling again it's

very cool very cool but it what it is it

and that's again one of the reason I got

me on here it shows exactly what I'm

trying to the point I'm trying to make

we our purpose our society our people

we're not here to be subservient to some

somebody we're not here to be told what

we can and can't do

we're not here to be told that we're not

strong or we're not smart enough or that

we're not capable we're here to decide

when they tell that nonsense that it's

[ __ ] and then it's time to stand up

it's time to get stronger find their

fear and tear that [ __ ] up you know go

through it what's gonna happen it's not

gonna eat you you know I'm saying what's

the what's to lose

you see them saying so so what came

across like what made you want to do

these books the information was so

enticing so informative so knowledgeable

I mean everything about it

the more I thought about it and I would

start talking in conversation to people

wherever I was or work it would start

coming out like it was in me would say

you know I like the things you talk

about I miss our conversations they

would tell me because I can use that

yeah saying that they would say

something and the thing is when they

said that it's because it touched

something in them that they already knew

not consciously they subconsciously

already knew what you sand had some

validity it's like when I do readings I

was good as that make sense that's the

only question I ask does that make sense

and the reason I do that it's like okay

if it makes sense what happens is they

don't know they don't have to know it's

true doesn't make sense to you does a

sound does it resonate at all

right yeah and and they say yeah we say

yeah it makes sense I don't like it you

know I didn't want to hear that doesn't

make sense though I was getting I was

actually implementing and speaking now

more and I'd go out and speak or if I

talk to groups it was coming out more

and more I'm screaming condition now

it's quite more natural and I felt very

comfortable with that because I believed

in it right I saw it what happened to me

and this transition is attainable

absolutely you have to want to improve

that desire right well you mean yeah

well you know that's you see the thing

is what I see is a lot of people they'll

no fault of their own but they'll get

caught again in the think t'k in what

they can't do well I can't they won't

let me I hear that a lot

well I'd love that but they won't that

they won't let me it's always somebody

somebody saying no it's always an excuse

like I've had one woman one guy from he

had been in jail a long time and stuff

like this and he was saying well they

won't let me get a job so I know it's

tough sure is especially had felonies

and they were his own fault but they

were victimless stuff like that but not

that that matters but he kept going well

they wanted me to job they won't let me

have a life there and he was tearing

himself up by what somebody else decided

for him and I said well create your own

create my own create your own business

but I don't know how to run a business

yeah she will if you do it and it got

him off the fence

he's doing pretty well and also but

that's the thing we get caught in that

belief system because we're told so

often we're told we can't do certain

things you know exactly so here's an

example I went to my chiropractor this

was years ago and I told her I was gonna

talk to a group of women of domestic

violence while I was there she goes oh

no somebody told me we were doing that

and somebody a friend told me don't do

that because something might come out of

that her husband might come after you or

whatever and I could hear the fear was

transferred from that person to her and

she was passing it on to me and I said

so you're saying you stopped doing that

and now you just help homeless people I

said but don't you see what happened

she passed her fear to you and you're

passing it to me and I'm not gonna

accept it right I'm still gonna talk to

people because I feel like I can give

them offer them something but you have

to be you have to be you have to know

when it's happening mm-hmm and she knew

it when I said it she knew right away

what happened but I just had to mention

it well see it goes back to the key to

think he does a good example of that

where you you get your Center so we knew

your Center you know where you live you

know who you are you know you know

metaphorically you know that and then

from there you can process anything but

if you left yourself come off center

because somebody is with somebody sod or

somebody indicated or maybe just a fear

of the unknown like yourself be

off-center you know you're always gonna

be off-balance you're always gonna feel

a little something right and you can get

you know physical and mental illness

that way so that's not leading you

towards self-actualization either

yeah I've seen people and lived in so

much fear that they wound up with cancer

issues different issues and a lot of the

elements we have doctors don't even know

where they come from you know I'm saying

and I think that has to do with the

vibration thing you're living in a lower

vibration you should so you got this

constant conflict you say our job here

is to walk past that you know if you

face the fear walk through it you see

and the thing is this is an interesting

thing too is the tendency for folks that

say well I don't know how I can't do

how well there's nothing wrong with

talking to somebody that gives you a

couple tools or it makes you feel good

enough to do it you know there's nothing

wrong with that you're not leaning on

them they're using their you're using

their strength to get your strength then

you can use your strength to get

somebody else in strength that's the way

I was saying about the Olympic tech

rings my strength can help you your

strength can help me or someone else and

and by doing it all together we change

the whole world right yeah domino effect

it used to be that would affect used to

be said back in the Vietnam War as a

negative oh if this happens and this is

going to do it's destroyed this is

destroyed and this will be destroyed

does the domino effect but it happens

also in the in the positive

yeah ripple effect ripple effect it just

keeps growing and expanding yeah yeah

like I was gonna quit doing what I do

one time and I put out an email okay if

I won't even any extra time or whatever

I'll do that but I'm done and I was

getting emails from people that I didn't

even read because they were talking

about I did something for their mother

or their their daughter isn't doing

drugs anymore or whatever so the ripple

effect does exist for sure you know so

like the people out there listening and

then all they're gonna do is when

somebody's feeling back tuck them up

somebody's saying I can I can let them

know why why can't you that's what do

you have to do to do it that's what they

need to hear right if everybody that did

it for each other nobody nobody would

have been busting [ __ ] up at that that

looting all that nonsense that guy the

people around there would have knocked

his ass off that guy you know but

they're going we can't because he's a

cop I can't help him I can't you see

what I'm saying as opposed to say look

you know what he's a cop doesn't matter

I still got to save this guy you see him

saying mm-hmm

yeah yeah the belief you can't because

you're told you can't that's [ __ ]

comes your world yeah that's been going

on for years I mean

a lot of the churches and you know even

before the Catholic Church even back

then the powerful always controlled

everybody by fear whether there's a fair

of their wrath or fear the spirit wrath

or spirit evil spirits and demons and

blablabla you know that's how they

controlled everybody then God I'm afraid

and that's what screws us up as people

is the fear fear is handed to us fear is

developed around us we have to live in

it a lot of times in our environment we

still have to have the strength to step

past no it's an indicator if it's a fear

then it's something you have to approach

you have to look at like you'd like I

said you never was a writer

yeah I'm sure while he's writing that

book you go what am i doing why is it

gonna matter exactly true I mean not

only developing the book that'll help

someone else but you're also helping

yourself by doing it so you face your

fear you'll help somebody else as you do

it and at the same time

Yola develop yourself and then it just

goes on and on you know so I remember

one time one of my biggest fears when I

was doing this because as most people

know I never really wanted to do this it

just became Who I am is my biggest thing

was [ __ ] somebody sits in front of me

and I don't know what to say

I almost look like a freaking idiot you

know then one day it happened lady walks

in the room and she sits down she says

okay I said all right and I thought

goddamn I'm not getting nothing

[ __ ] she's staring at me she just paid

her money and everything stared at me I

thought Jesus

so I remembered deep breathing can

center you and I was at a point where I

couldn't tell her I couldn't do it I

mean I could've but that's not the way

it works you know I'm saying my job is

to help her not to cry about it or cower

okay so I just thought okay to get

centered yep deep breathe so I started

doing that deep breathing

hyperventilating really next thing I

know I decided I just started everything

I heard in my head I would spit out

said I didn't what the hell I was

talking about and I nailed her 99% her

butter didn't even last said that was

amazing I'm going really deep breathing

how'd it work how is that it really was

it you know and now you know I don't get

a show cup never you know just like

yourself you know you can teach somebody

to do what you do you know you can you

know you know you can do all these

things that you never did all by facing

it just by facing it yeah I just tell

myself and I step into it I step into

that vibration if you want to say that

absolutely right into it

yeah you just got to change people got

you just got to change your mind really

change him on which way you're gonna go

you know like I was at this woman's

office I was teaching doing a regression

on her she had a sign I thought was

pretty cool she was a PR person that was

her job public relations for fortune 500

company and big companies she had a sign

on her wall that says never look behind

you unless that's where you're going

that's good and so you know you can have

your like I had an animal for her

parents and I could say okay because of

that I can't do this well I have I'm

afraid because this happened to me well

that's not good enough right so I have

to say okay I did that but now I'm still

standing I mean I was strong enough to

overcome it that means I'm strong enough

to go forward so you can use that in

that that scenario the scenarios of the

pain and anguish as you can either say

it ask me this is part of my life this

is who I am or you can say to yourself I

went through that [ __ ] and I'm still

standing that's pretty good so that

means I don't get hold down I don't get

held down didn't you know the wall in

front you can either sit next to it and

cry you stand on top find out where to

go and that's really what it is choices

always yeah exactly and there's ways to

do it like I said you know what the

thing is is I and I noticed this as you

started doing the dancing I noticed that

your whole demeanor has changed because

most of time we were together doing the

work it was like

okay yeah I did that sure okay now did

that you and now you got into the dance

all of a sudden you just flourished you

know and that's why like guys we were

talking about being a dance instructor

I'm like [ __ ] that's that'll happen I

decide and you will well you're already

doing it so there you go

so that's pretty cool pretty cool it's

good to be able to do things you have a

passion for right because they say if

you don't do this it's a failure that

follows you through life that's what

they told me isn't that true it's

absolutely true yeah their life they go

oh I wish I would have done what I'd

wanted to do and now it's too late

they're already dying yeah you it's a

failure that follows you right well I

was telling my son the other day I says

you know at my age if there's anything I

regret it isn't the failures that's


it's what I didn't do Oh see you see I

mean I would hate to go to my grave and

not be able to go she had to do nothing

do you see and I feel like most people

feel that way if they haven't done

anything you know what I'm saying it

doesn't always have to be external

sometimes we're here just to figure

ourselves out but a lot of times you're

figuring yourself out by your

interaction with other people what you

feel like you have to do with them you

know like I have a lot of clients and

I'm sure you do too or you you have to

talk to you you end up talking to them

about it even though it's that's not why

you're there to where they're lost my

train a train sucks it gets off yeah

anyway just great

okay we'll come back yeah so so what do

you you up to now your I stay very

active working on of the books

relationships so I am always asking

people about relationships because

that's you know it's what my thing is

and I'm working on a children's book

and I'm when you create CDs music yeah

write my own music cuz I play there so I

enjoyed that so it's another see it's a

constant creation its expansion well you

know look at that you know it's a Aikido

instructor dance instructor author

speaker teacher it's a pretty good run


you know ain't done yet gives me energy

right exactly it's energies like love

you give it out and you come back you

know make you stronger

a lot of its interesting there's a lot

of if you watch people than when they

banner and stuff like online and stuff

they're ripping on each other just

ripping on each other and what they

don't realize if they take about two

seconds calm the hell down and actually

talk to that person that they think is

an adversary and say look I appreciate

your opinion you have a right to it and

you know that's where you are you have

that right and I respect you I don't

agree with it but I respect it instead

it's like oh you're a racist you're no

good you're not smart you know and all

that does is rip you both know if you

let them rip yeah I really don't but

sometimes you get on my nerves but you

know mostly I don't let them rip me but

it rips on them too they don't need to

know it where if you come at it very

positive not only are you spreading a

positive mentality in this positive

vibration but you're also allowing

yourself to be positive too that's

what's a better place to live right it's

quite a different world yeah yeah just

like the time I was in Thailand as you

know recently and the coolest thing I

thought about them is they were bowing

to everybody and people bow think

they're gonna break in half man they

bowed so much and I remember telling the

girl I was with I saying

damn you guys ballad everybody she said

we respect respect she says I don't have

to like you but I will respect you

that's the teaching of the Buddha

do you say and I love that I love that

and it just showed me what I had been

thinking how it a whole society that

does it now these people don't have the

government holding them up if you don't

have any money you're in deep [ __ ] out

there do you say they don't have that

they don't have all the little trappings

that it will give you what you need you

know what I'm saying

programs that'll save you they don't

have all that if they're in trouble or

they run out of money or they don't do

what they're supposed to do it they

start really you starts getting tough

but they're always smiling I never I was

there almost month at about a month and

a half I was right around that I never

saw nobody mad their temperament was

better right but it comes down to they

respected each other and that's what it

comes down to because they're able to no

matter how they're feeling or be able to

brought back to Center by respecting

each other in a sense yeah I have a lot

of people that I'm sure you do too that

I don't agree with I don't curb you

agree how they live or what they do but

it's none of my goddamn business

and I have I actually enhance myself by

respecting that they do something that I

don't agree well do you see that

interesting about that because that'll

cause you health problems that's the

whole thing what what level of vibration

are you gonna live on are you gonna live

on your vibration that is positive that

makes you feel good makes you feel

strong makes you feel loved makes you

feel respect are you gonna live in one

where you got to fight like like you

know some feral cats will you be in a

situation want to be mad any mad all

time why would you prick that why would

you prefer why would you pick that do

you say and just because somebody else

is mad doesn't mean it's you have to be

part of that you say mister conditioning

these two and they think like a lot of

people living with pain or in pain or

whatever it becomes a companion right

like I have to have that yeah what am i

without that that's the thing if we all

get we all respect each other we all

face the fear and no walking past it is

not a way to get creamed and

I think that it's a way to get stronger

if we try to bring it when we feel bad

we bring ourselves back up well we do

that we become stronger we become

formidable we become positive and a

dynamic link to the collective do you

say then eventually the bottom liners to

people that are all about money and

items and things will start needing that

too because they'll see that there being

that this doesn't make sense in their

world so they become you see them saying

they become gotta make this feel better

I'm gonna do better you know right now

if you have something then you're

somebody that's not even the answer if

you're already somebody and you're

already strong you're already positive

you're already respectful you had all

these things then doesn't matter what

[ __ ] car you have or what do you have

you seems in and that's the way they

live - it really makes sense that's what

this cop podcast is all about is just

that you raise yourself you raise your

vibration you raise your your approach

to life you you don't allow you so

you're gonna feel bad sometimes you're

gonna feel negative you're gonna feel

fear but don't live there and what it'll

do and you do that you act like that I'm

talking to everybody now if you allow

yourself to really feel when you feel

sad bring yourself up when you feel

scared bring yourself up know that you

know nobody it happened whatever happens

it ain't gonna eat you you're gonna get

through it

you keep doing that eventually your

natural vibration where you actually

live will be a more positive place and

then the negative won't even look like

something you could be involved in

anymore and then people that talk to you

will also bring that vibration up pretty

soon our whole collective is where it

belongs and there's nobody going to say

well guys skin color it makes him bad

it's stupid nobody will believe that


because they won't be on that lower

vibration that's really what it is and

what we're going through now is I'm sure

you're seeing it as we're going through

a type of where they say a pair

shift where we're moving into the more

conscious existence but we still have to

break away from the negative do you see

them saying and that's a way to do that

it's also just because somebody talks

rough doesn't mean they are doesn't mean

if somebody talks rough it just means

they're communicating a little rough

doesn't mean they're bad

you see there's all these things that

needs to be seen needs to be to be fixed

and that's where we hear not us as a

podcast all that is it but as a casa as

a world as as brothers and sisters as

spirit or whatever you want to freakin

call it that's why we're here to get

stronger help each other to get stronger

and then a ghost gone from there and

that's why you're here

because you're a living example of that

thank you

and having said that I guess I got a I

got a slide off here so I'll do the

music now you know all right well that's

it for today next week we have Michael

Harris master hypnotist they'll be

talking about things that he does in his

work to help people enhance themselves

help people get past their blocks which

is all about us it's all about us have a

good day

Robert Caruso Intuitive