May 19, 2020

Discussion with Tony Cecala long time practitioner of the metaphysical arts. And a expert in Avatar power technique. Robert Caruso, Bridget Higgins co host

did I roll pretty hard yeah I beat our

Bell for not in the Arbitron so I was

pretty it was pretty big bill yeah I was

they sandwich me between a guy that

liked to talk about projectile diarrhea

oh it's bad


welcome your yeah us we call it us

because it's all about us and what that

means is we're in this together all the

nonsense going on around us is because

we haven't been we're in this together

in the sense of like the Olympic rings

to where we're linked individuals linked

together to create an actual thing beam

whatever the reason we're in the

position we're in is because we've

weakened it we allowed people to lord

over us we allowed them to see us as

subjects as opposed to equals we'd

allowed ourselves to just lay down and

let them lord it and tell us what to do

that kind of nonsense as opposed to

showing our strength and standing up for

what matters like the guy that gets

arrested for growing vegetables in his

yard or the people drinking nan said you

know crap water in Flint this stuff

doesn't have to happen and shouldn't be

and it wouldn't be if everybody stood up

like they should that's what this is all

about now in this show what it's about

is it's metaphysically based in the fact

that this kind of where I'm coming from

I'm a career psychic intuitive whatever

you want to call it I've been in the

business about 32 years in that time

I've seen a lot of changes in the

consciousness of the people around me

and in our country and really global

we're at a point where things are

changing as we can see by looking around

it isn't it's just destruction isn't

into the world it's the end of the world

as we know it what that means it's a

conscious change when the Mayan calendar

talked about the 2012 change they

weren't talking about all of a sudden

everybody being telekinesis or what the

hell you call that telepathic under that

nonsense what it meant is a change of

consciousness some people were calling

it the feminine energy which is where

you start coming from the heart from the

intuition from spirit vibration and

things outside of the physical using

those things outside of physical field

to navigate the physical realm I suppose

the laying down like some dead dog or

some were wounded dog and let somebody

beat you okay so that's what we're here

to do what we'll do every week we'll

have somebody here as a guest that will

be doing just that we'll be helping

people find their strength so that they

can be a stronger link in the collective

once the collective becomes strong these

suit with suit wear and megalomaniacs

wouldn't have the power that they have

now if everybody would stand up and they

know they will did that the people will

do it they'd shut up more often and

probably tell the truth once in a while

it ain't happenin now but as you see in

some parts of the world you'll see that

people has gotten a little strong with

things and the politicians are starting

to change their tune just a little bit

at a time well we got to do more of that

and that's how it has to be in the


laying down hugging trees until whenever

you love them is awesome but it ain't

all that's here it ain't all that what

we need to be doing we need balance we

need the the the intelligence and the

understanding of a spirit or a focus in

a vibration we need the strength of

courage and we need the conscious

understanding of things so instead of

going off the cuff on some fear tangent

and throwing a fit and yelling at each

other and calling people dirty names you

know you think about think you through a

first second make your point in a quiet

way and walk the hell away from it but

it's all important also for us to link

together against things like the Flint

situation or the guy that gets arrested

because he's catching water at his house

or the injustice or the little kid

getting beat up by a cop or the the cop

being beat up by these people or

whatever whatever but the idea we all

need to stand up now the guest that

we'll have here will be

although I metaphysical in my intent

it's not going to be a lot of the Oh

what you would call the the furry stuff

the fuzzy stuff it's more about people

that are like the guests we have now he

does a thing that helps people get

stronger in their own intent strong in

their own in their own spirit and their

their approach to life that's what this

stuff is all about and that's what this

is all about so that's why we're here

every week my co-host is Brittany all

right she's here every week sits to

counterbalance because I'm gonna Scarola

and she's not anyway today we have a

really cool guest because I got into the

DFW market I guess you'd say as far as

psychic stuff and intuitive stuff is

concerned back when they would throw

rocks at you it was not cool back then I

was getting death threats the whole

thing and to find someone that did what

I did you had to pretty much know

somebody or know where to look

well this guy his name's Tony sakala he

he had one of those things he had this

thing the holistic networker and there

were other publications but this one

covered more ground than any of the

others and the that and they have the

Wellness Expo stills right yes yeah

but the coolest thing I really like and

it's up to him how much he wants to talk

about it he does the avatar and back in

1979 I found a book I come out of the

Marine Corps a total horrible knuckle

dragger all about women fighting in

drugs I read that book and it started me

thinking that there's a whole new way of

looking at things that we're not

necessarily shown and the avatar I just

read that book and how I only took how

long it took me to read it because I was

chasing women but but the thing I read

it and there was enough in there that I

got out of it

that it made me start thinking and those

were in those terms any well talk to him

now his name is Tony cicala and there

you go buddy so how long you did the

avatar I mean you're like I'm Avatar

master masters the the word we use it

that's it that's a person who can take a

person through the avatar course it's a

guided training lasts for nine days now

that's nine days there's a lot to devote

yourself to but yeah think about how

important the rest of your life is put

in those nine days unimaginable what

ends up coming out at the other side and

and the course is basically a guide

through your own blueprint of your

mental models what's going on inside

your head how you see it how you see

them yeah and and the questions that are

asked and that's really what we do we

help ask the right questions because

we've studied the materials and the

materials are written by a man named

Harry Palmer and Harry was a teacher and

an entrepreneur for many years but he

studied enough throughout his life and

his boys climber was to do this you know

he obviously had other lifetimes he

talked about himself you don't know much

about Harry you know about the materials

and that's the way it should be he's not

a guru

yeah the way because the materials

should lead you know what happens when

someone becomes good well then he goes

in an ego aspects and you know you know

you take your material and you've you

know what it usually happens I see is

that people make create just material

good material but eventually it becomes

you know what I create that material I

created that material materials all

about me I'm the one that might you know

it starts going that direction and I

didn't see that with the avatar you know

no Harry gets out of the way I mean he's

that's what it's all about about the

material he's about the person you know

and as a tower master you know you're

taught okay how do you put your

attention on the student and help them

rise again it's not about you it's about


and so it's it's the most rewarding

thing that anyone can do they guide

someone through so is it based on like a

keel kyun anything or is it a meditative

thing well that's the thing about Avatar

me there's so much that you can explore

yourself there's a book be called the

resurfacing and that is a series of

thirty exercises that will take you can

experience what avatar is about

exercises and you'll take a walk and

notice things when you say take a walk

you time I go walking inner wall you'll

see things differently because you

notice this they do notice that little

things like that and then there are

thirty different exercises you can

explore you know and that's the

resurfacing workshop that's the first

two days of the avatar course that you

can do by yourself at home

yeah it's better that you in a group and

now we're doing them on zoom' which is

crazy very nice now would you say that

would help to reduce the reactive

aspects for example you know a lot of

people you can almost tell to what level

they're doing it but a lot of people do

a lot of their day reactively not

actively at all you say like there's you

know there's people that I see every now

and then and it's natural human behavior

it's nothing you can normally look down

on or anything like that cuz hell I do

it too you know as much as not as much

as I want to more than I want to do you

say but you take these you get an input

some kind of stimulus and then you react

to it and you don't you think about

maybe you take a couple minutes the

thing that's like what was that about

you know what I'm saying

really I think that's why we're here

because when we started evolutionary

like being the evolution variable say we

started say we would go way back to the

one cells or whatever we start with

instinctual behavior and we start with

reacting to with stimulus on the outside

and reacting very quickly now he's going

into a more complicated minds and bodies

and connection to

yes then now it's important to act not

react right now we're actually in the

middle of that don't you think we're at

a point where we got half our people are

reacting off their ass and other people

are going now wait a minute we need to

do this we need to do this what you do

do this but then it's going back and

forth and what it is it's the to me it's

the kind of like the seesaw thing you

know you've got the faction that's

really kind of destructive which is

really reactive thinking is it's kind of

destructive because there's no thought

in it and it's doing this eventually

what this consciousness change is doing

eventually it's going to it's going to

overpower to where the consciousness the

higher consciousness will start to take

more more control of what's going on

that's what it's all about you know to

move up from the bodily needs what

Maslow talks about your physical needs

you know from the bodily needs to to

move into the mental so that we can

think our way through and then to move

into the spiritual realm the spiritual

realm is right here right we say oh

we're gonna go out you know but it's

here it's right here we are engaging in

it but the different levels of

consciousness you know they're all the

different spheres and so if you can

start to operate as a spiritual being

start to use your heart and your

spiritual compassion the course helps

you develop compassion helps you to

develop gratitude to be able to use

those other domains then you're

operating outside of this physical and

spiritual the animal domain or the

mental the intellectual domain where

it's actually step up from the animal

but now instead of like fighting with

the hands we're fighting with words

right so the spiritual domain is like

hey how can I help you how can I help

you see that wrong how could we work

this out together

right so what would you do with a person

like via zoom I know you said there's a

few things we can do on our own

what would you maybe do with someone

well yeah if you do the resurfacing /

zoom I mean you're gonna do every one of

those 30 exercises you know and the

first exercises it's pretty amazing you

fill out a personality profile and

whatever I come from and that profile

helps to take you to a place where now

suddenly you're looking at your life in

a bigger picture we say but you're

widening back you're looking and and

then we help an advanced avatar trainer

we'll look through a little bit

debriefing is a big part of the

experience I should take a walk in so we

help people to have realizations and I

said the whole course is you're just

full of realizations your mind quiets my

brother and you know he's mine stopped

for the first time and he comes from a

family of lawyers so they're debating

right know mentalities that he was just

I mean yeah we'll see that's the thing I

think everything's kind of there's a

pattern with everything from global to

the individual you see like you're

saying you're letting you're starting to

you do these paths you observe and you

see what's going on and really I think

what you ended up doing is understanding

your mental language is that right you

understand your belief systems yeah

uncover why are the beliefs that are

driving your life yeah when you discover

them then you can own and so many times

you don't even know it always yeah

that's exactly like it's not long ago

I'm sure she don't mind cuz she doesn't

even Gianna she know I know single names

anyway I was talking this lady and one

of her biggest problems was that her

husband had cheated on her like over and

over and over for like 20 years

and she left him is she was totally tore

to pieces man a woman to talk to her she

just start crying at any moment you know

and I said to her I said so you know

y'all split up you know

she'd be getting a little past us you

know she goes well it just reminds me

that I'm not I wasn't woman enough for

him and I said what the hell's that mean

and she goes well I wasn't woman enough

to keep my man really I said well what's

woman enough and she stammered a bit and

had no frickin clue and I said okay what

would you have to do to be woman enough

I said you'd sleep with a fella yeah

just talk to him y'all get along okay

yeah we never find hung out with the kid

did a little barbecue whatever yeah so

what would you done different to be

woman enough she goes I don't know

nothin I see you must be woman enough

already then right yeah maybe he broke

his promise maybe he wasn't man enough

she got her house back everything's all

different now all she needed was that to

realize that she was going by a belief

system that wasn't even hers you know

yeah pretty nuts man but it's cold

that's what we're doing is to break out

of that reactive behavior and start

thinking it's right you know so I think

I never up to you baby did I oh no

you're fine I'm assuming it helps you

become tap more into your intuitiveness

and oh I mean for every person it's a

different experience you know certainly

you can tap into your intuition because

again you quiet your mind

so quieting your mind helps you to be

more intuitive

some people will notice that some people

different yeah whatever you need like

maybe one exercise thing that you do for

example oh yeah we you know one of the

exercises and the resurfacing there's an

exercise so there's so many fun


you can take someone I mean really

taking a walk and people to notice

something for something so just teaching

someone how to get out of their head so

much they cover different ground but

course is about attention management

that's about where's your attention

that's where your reality is you

discover you can control your attention

you know stopping your mind by focusing

more physical world I mean that's one of

the ways and it's very profound

fascinating yeah well that's one of the

reasons I was thinking about cheese

because the avatar like I said that

little book I don't know where I got the

damn book you know I got the magazine

this feels different this is amazing


I was reading through it and it had a

couple techniques to work on and and I

thought wow this is weird I get this

book and I just did it because it was

between whatever else I was doing at the

time and I started realizing it had to

kind of change my whole thinking you

know it was the beginning you know

before I knew I had to do this you know

saying yeah it's very transformative I

mean you can just read the book I mean

there are several books how has it

changed very much over time really I

mean probably every exercise is the same

from Harry Road in 1987 but the way we

teach it stood for it now we said now we

can little bit more streamlined probably

do it on zoom I mean it's basically

we've had to change you know as avatar

things you know to learn how to do it

more effectively and you know we go back

for trainings regularly our game to make

sure we're doing it you know and and in

this consciousness that we've

experienced you talk about consciousness

evolving we've experienced you know in

the in the early days you could barely

get through that first course

there's crying in tears you know and now

people go through the nine days that's

like zoom through and then at for the

first ten years kids really weren't

expected to do the course yeah you know

kids are gonna be running around now two

and three year olds go through the you

know what it is though it's like it's

the collective consciousness as it

changes things get more possible kids

now are more intuitive than they've ever

been they're smarter than they've ever

been when you handed me a laptop when I

was 4 or 5 years old ain't no freakin


he'll dang do it that good at it now you

know but the consciousness changes and

then pretty soon everything is more

possible do you know what I'm saying so

their kids are smarter yeah I mean what

is that little girl having a fit right

now over climate change Gretchen

Gretchen grata

is it Greta Greta yeah I mean when would

you ever in when I was a kid I wouldn't

see nobody 16 years old you know

nationally raising all the hell she's

raising you know and agree with her or


chuckle of cojones to do that mm-hmm you

know and she had the what global

consciousness to to even be important to

her well you know again talk about the

beliefs you know her folks were involved

in you know from the beginning and you

know she was imprinted with you know hey

let me be more conscious and in fact I

think it was her uncle or great-uncle

who was the person who connected co2

with climate change all I didn't know

that that's where they're coming from I

have a different take on and we may get

into that I have a lot of topics I

wanted to talk them through it what's

good in adapt then well yeah well you

know there's a strong belief in the

collective you know that co2 is causing

yeah you know and but there's another

side to it and you know before you label

someone as a denier yeah let's look at

the science you know and and I started

following a website called suspicious

observers org and this fellow Ben was a

lawyer and did some science to he did

some research in

GEMA chemical whatever development

biological development he's genius you

know he's running this website and

running this YouTube channel that every

morning looks at the Sun and says what's

going on on the Sun you know are there

sunspots where are we in the cycle we

all familiar with the 11-year sunspot

cycle but there's also a 400 year I

think it's 400 and it's Welf thousand

year and when you put them all together

you begin to look back in time

geologically and see that the Sun has

had a tremendous effect on the

atmosphere and the IPCC it's a national

standards body that says hey this is the

model for climate change oh they they

never looked at the Sun they said oh

well look look at a radiance or

something like that but it turns out

that there's cosmic rays articles

there's a whole flow of coming from this

side and different electromagnetic

everything changes right so when you

discover that it turns out the Sun is

driving the climate and it's called

solar forcing sure yeah yeah that makes

sense right and so unfortunately you

know for people going down a path of

thinking well it's all co2 we're to

blame yeah we're to blame for pollution

pollutions happening and it turns out

that here's the kicker the 12,000 years

cycle is actually a catastrophic cycle

so the Sun does this thing you know and

what happens is it

it destroys much of the earth doesn't

that something to do with a global tilt

- exactly well yeah so as it goes to a

certain point and that Sun hits is

different well what happened is it's

part of a three things that then talks

about and they all intertwined the

universe is a plasma universe in other

words it's not gravity that's doing it

is more like electromagnetic connections

between the galaxies and between the Sun

and the earth so these electromagnetic


this plasma universe actually is the

underpinning so you have to understand a

little bit of that and you can

understand the solar forcing the climate

change and then you can understand the

catastrophic changes he's got three

movies documentaries like an hour long

you know explain that so it turns out

that the magnetic poles they're shifting

South Pole anymore and when they move

fast stuff is happening and that's a

sign magnetic all the magnetic belts

around us they've dropped in strength

from a hundred percent like say in the

eighteen hundreds they've gone down like

fifteen or twenty percent and it's

accelerating so then that's another

signal that something's happening yeah

well it also causes a natural evolution

right like I remember back in forever

ago I heard somebody was saying he goes

well there's gonna be a point where

they're gonna be no polar bears but

they'll be Grizzlies that are may need

with polar bears because that ice thing

will change and it's happening but it

isn't because we're driving too many

cars or the cows got gas you know it's

not another that it's it has to do

basically with the day what you're

saying is the change you know in solar

or solar or whatever solar cycle yes I

like galactic cycle and what they

discovered is the galactic cycle said

well if this is happening and starting

from the center of the galaxy my start

to understand how the plasma universe

works it's fascinating because the

connections are amazing but well if this

were to happen let's look closer to the

center of the galaxy and see if these

other stars are being hit they going

over and they actually are yeah so that

was a mind-blowing realization in the

last couple months yeah

so you go back to the Mayan calendar

thing that was actually a lot of that

Mayans the ruins and everything are all

lined up you know their own way you know

I'm saying oh they're all lined up so

they had a certain amount of

understanding back then a lot of people

think it's because the interaction with

aliens whatever and does good chance it

could have been mm-hmm but that's what

that counter is all about everything was

gonna change there was a completely

shift coming this is where we are now

but the panic is it's all our fault do

you see it's all

fault okay now we're scared it's all our

fault ever get out of it so we got a we

got to depend on who the hell else you

know then we wind up in the ditch twenty

twelve when it first came out if you go

back and see us on Netflix 2012 talks

about a catastrophe that will happen

even mentioned the scientists scientist

who was involved actually a CIA agent

who ended up becoming a professor at

Columbia posed as a professor and he set

the whole industry does that whole field

of science sideways

he created a theory that was kind of

right but kind of wrong that was easily

disproved and so no one studied cat

cataclysmic science and after that right

and so this movie outlines exactly

what's happening twisted a little bit

but instead of 2012 2046 you know he's

heard he's a poem he's got a hell of a

poem I think it's it's kind of called a

thought or something like that it's a

excellent I didn't think he had it in

him you know yeah really fascinating

because he's all about that uh you know

eating raw food you know he says he

doesn't want to he doesn't want to be in

the living room because living is loving

and loving is under a tree watching

animals or something like that it's very

cool there's a lot more to the guy than

one day show I'm sure he's had some


oh absolutely right

during the nonsense with the Kennedy all

that really yeah yeah I probably sure he

had to think that one through so as you

teach these people the Avatar thing how

do you think it would change generally

change their approach to life handling

life yeah it's a good way

that's what we say we give people

handles on life and so after the tools

you know you're able to look at you know

how's my life going is it going the way

I want this is if there's a problem with

health ships money you know you can look

at that and say okay well so what are my

beliefs about money and you know and

I've done the belief about money many

many times and it's always changing you

know like well what is my relationship

with my you know and so over time over

thirty years you can see that evolve and

well what is it well you can always tell

by what's in the reality so what are

your experiencing about money yeah if

you go back far enough you'll find the

original belief you know someone told me

money is the root of all evil

yeah well my dad would step on his

mother to get some money you know what

I'm saying so that's where I came from

that kind of nonsense and it never

really made sense to me I remember years

ago man I walked out in the garage I was

with wife number three and I walk in the


I had this brand new Mustang had like

seven miles on it she had a brand new

Honda of some sort I can't remember and

I thought man it's like 1,200 bucks on a

month to get to the 7-eleven right I

said I'm thinking of going the wrong way

here you know so now I ride a motorcycle

yeah and the thing about it is I started

realizing how how much it really doesn't

matter to me anymore like when I think

of money like you know like I'm

monetizing this right but it isn't

because I want to have something I'm

sorry anyway but the thing is is now

it's got to the point where I don't see

the point in anything in buying a bunch

of stuff you know what I'm saying and

now money to me simply means airline

tickets it's that focus because that's

all I care about it I wanted to get

around you know I'm saying like we'll be

doing some of these from India in


Vietnam places like that so you know you

change your your approach because I

realized at one point I was going for

the money because it was a way to

identify myself do you say I'm doing

this because I'm this well screw that

doesn't work that well yeah so there's

no there's no there's no there's no

topping it off you know what I'm saying

yeah you're always reaching you're

always trying to figure it out or

burying yourself in the hope you

understand oh yeah and all you got to do

is tell the Frick out it'll come on its

own I mean really plentiful sure body

those beliefs everything comes to you

that's the way it's been with our

businesses you know seeking to support

the community with the magazine and that

with the Wellness Expo yeah you know

what is best for the community what is

best then the universe right

like like well I was doing I was when I

figured on this as i'ma go to all areas

of the world and show how people

approach their spirituality how deal

with how they deal with their own Invo

development you know like I said this

vegetarian festival in Thailand and they

impale themselves there now the reason

they impale themselves so that they can

identify that they detached enough from

the body that turned to connect to

spirit now it's not my bag I ain't

poking myself or nothing but that's how

they do right and like a lot of people I

mean some people will do it like walking

on fire you know whatever whatever but

it's all how you connect but it's all

comes to the same thing everybody's

trying to figure out a way to stand up a

little stronger and that's really what

it's about when everybody stands up a

little stronger they stand up together

stronger then you overcome the

adversities and all the fear all the

craziness you know what I'm saying oh


so well you've started introduction

really eluding through what's happening

and the weirdness that's happening in

the world I thought we would be talking

about that

for most of the conversation because it

really has captured everyone's point of

view okay how are we living this world

you know when this suppose a virus you

know pandemic is changing all our lives

and you know from what I can tell from

your introduction I know where you're

coming from I mean really you've got

people who believe they're free and

empowered to experience their life and

make choices for themselves not making

many choices at all I mean when you're

told to sit Almond obey and you know

hard for me asking the questions you

know it's not about you know rebelling

you know from from authority you know

because there there are there are things

that you want to you know take into

consideration and certainly concern for

others concern for the frail in our

society sure people who are dying but

you know scale of it do the numbers

those people died from the flu mostly

people who are scheduled you know to

influence and so you know where do you

stand there's a health question there's

a power question and both of those are

you know important but it's really I

think it's shown people what where they

where their belief systems are you know

just guessing now you know I mean this

guy doesn't want to wear masks

this guy he's wearing a mask this guy is

not going out this guy's supporting the

governor this guy's pointing out how the

governor's you see from my point of view

I don't feel like it's right for the I

have a reservation on this the right for

the government to tell you to sit in

your house okay but the idea would be to

put out the the man not mandate but the

guideline that you need to keep your

distance maybe have the

and stuff also work that out like

separate the tables of restaurants or

something like that that makes sense

because if you're doing a business where

you got people coming in you do

whatever's necessary to make it a little

better you see but it needs to be on an

it on an individual basis meaning I

ain't gonna be told to do anything you


and if but the thing is I don't do

anything anyway

I'm not really social anyway but the

point is I'll do what it takes to make

sure it doesn't hurt no one do you see

but at the same time it's my

responsibility to take care of if I'm

gonna get it and it's somebody else's

important responsibility to take care if

they're going to get it right

responsibly I hit all those criterias

that you're supposed to get it if you

got this and that and you know wait a

shoe I'm a 62 now and got died about it

I'm diabetic right and I ain't get cuz I

ain't freakin doing it you see and

that's just my attitude but the thing is

I ain't afraid of it because I just

won't get it but the other thing is us I

still am cognizant enough of what's

going on to keep my distance you know I

probably won't wear a mask cuz I don't

think it helps but I ain't gonna breathe

on nobody directly either you know what

I'm saying exactly you know it really

comes down to where's the data right the

first who was modelling it said it would

be this much well it turned out the

models were way wrong yeah so that

person you know stepping back and being

fired or whatever you know that person

caused the powers-that-be they had an

agenda I believe to go ahead with

whatever they were doing anyway because

if you had looked at internet in October

17th or 18th they came out with this

event 201 I've heard of that it's a

video Johns Hopkins and the World

Economic Forum and the Bill Gates

Foundation you know they work together

to do this what if there's a pandemic

oh wow you know I mean it's true it's

very bright people plan ahead you know

they do but I mean this is the timing is

uncanny and exactly what they plan for

but it kind of makes you go wait a

minute dude did you predict that or did

we have an idea because the brothers

have been gates he's always been a type

of Monopoly lover he want like they suit

him at one point because he was trying

to be a monopoly with with Microsoft and

I got to thinking okay he spent in all

these years talking about depopulation

okay well I get it

you know he probably would be a good

idea okay and then he gets into these

vaccines which he's getting in a lot of

trouble over India yeah they're actually

soon they're bringing them up on charges

and and really the thing is is this is

really I think is really true once

somebody gets to a point in their

consciousness where they think they're a

little smarter than everybody you know

they know what to do even though the

people I know to do what they need to be

doing then we have a problem

cuz the brother he never been the guy at

the McDonald's you know so to him it's

just maybe the speculation but maybe

they're not quite as important do you

say oh yeah my wife says to me every day

she says when I hear about the

depopulation agenda I want to say maybe

you want to volunteer first you know you

know the Georgia Guidestones said we

should keep population at a 500 million

or less yeah for a balanced Natural

Balance ever heard of the Georgia guys

but you know he did that then he gets

into the vaccines and these people

started paralyzed and getting all these

sicknesses in Africa and he doesn't

think it matters because those people

are poor people I mean those people

barely surviving and I heard that his

his mentality on that was like

well we gave them vaccines because we

want them to have two healthy kids so

they won't make so many that's not how

that works those people make all those

kids because that's what they do you

know you have some cultures that a lot

of kids is the answer some don't but

these are cultures so just because what

we got to that's gonna work gonna

they're gonna make it so I said yeah

probably not probably not you bring up a

good point I mean culture is so valuable

to be a German person to be a Spanish

person to be English changes your whole

you know and and these cultures have

developed over the years and I think if

you look closely at the agenda that's

coming forth it's to blend everybody

together and so world

yeah yeah that's scary oh stuff there


but anyway what I was gonna say was so

he gets involved in these vaccines then

you hear I know I can't compare verify

it but supposedly he was doing some

testing here and then it got DeeDee

authorized or something they shifts it

to China and then we have bad things

happening now if I was to depopulate

someplace I would take out the sick I

would take out the elderly and I'd take

out the people that weren't doing their

job if I was that much of a duck of an

animal so who's dropping so is it a

design is it somebody's prediction

speculation now yeah and I'm thinking

yeah that's exactly right I mean what

the hell knows you know we don't know

exactly look if you take a look at the

possibility that a cataclysm will come

within the next twenty seven years then

maybe those people have a plan you know

right as people are trying to figure out

how to save humanity

of course everyone's viewpoint is I'm

doing the right thing for the world

everybody's everybody so then you learn

that in Avatar you look if you're

justifying your belief for doing certain


oh I'm justified in doing this thing

stealing or killing then you know you

have an integrity problem right what it

is like like I said I always tell people

I was raised by wolves and

metaphorically speaking I was right but

it wasn't because they were bad people

it's because that's how their thinking

was was created how they can create how

they were conditioned you say so really

they're a learned if there are no bad

people even say say oh I was true that

 we were stuff we were saying about

gates and all that say that was true I

don't know it is how I'm just thinking

you know nobody knows you can wonder

about it but is he doing it because if

that was true if a person was doing that

would they be doing that because they

just want to jack people up or do they

really believe that this is gonna save

the world right that's the now the

person that's got the money he's not

having a financial problems he's health

he's not gonna get sick he ain't worried

about that damn virus

you know what saying but the people that

are tripping that are barely hanging on

they are but you know you know saying oh

yeah well you see the world from your

perspective yeah from what you know what

you know and so whether it's karma is

Dharma but look he's born into this

billionaire family he's dead he's born

into a billionaire family figures you

know they were grooming him for this the

other thing is though if you come from a

place of privilege you tend to see

opportunity more readily than if you're

the inner-city kids trying to figure out

how to get his next sandwich you know

what I'm saying and so your whole

approach to everything is going to be

different but see that's where the

problem was


a lot of the people that are in charge

of us are people of privilege or to some

degree and once they get up there and

they're up there long enough then they

feel like a person to privilege and the

rest of people are almost always you

know they don't understand how we live

way I look at it I think I got this from

Harry you know it's not about like who's

in power or like how do they become a

power but really they're it's the

organized versus the disorganized yeah

it's like you know we try to figure out

you know how to march on Washington you

know we can barely do that but I mean

these people have figured out you know

how that military how to get a world

governance system in place the United

Nations the World Health Organization no

one's heard of it yes thing but they're

so powerful and and the banking the bank

you says you look at where the money

comes from every single country that's

been like attacked and overrun in the

last 20 30 years well people were gold

people who they were not part of the

plan they weren't part of central

banking and then afterwards they became

part of the central banking system and

once you have control of a nation's

money by the nation yeah so and the hell

of it is we there's control over the

money but there really isn't any money

oh there's a couple key strokes right

now it's all a belief the belief yet

there's no gold anymore it's just this

idea in printing trillions now hey you

know we thought whatever 800 billion was

a big deal in 2008 I mean now they're

printing trains like it's nobody's

business yeah and so you know you can

see where it's you know where it's

coming from this belief in money that is

important and there's a book the

creature from Jekyll Island he talks

about this created the central banks you

see that when you discover that and you

realize where what's happening you have

a little more compassion for conspiracy

theorists because these people are going

step further yeah the thing is is a

little bit

or thought you know oh yeah a service

fiercely there is great but sometimes

you keep a little tough on you you know

like like the Flat Earth thing for my

opinion come on really you know I think

there's been a really fantastic siop or

psychological operations that thrown in

because know what you're doing you can

instill a weird beliefs like the Flat

Earth and they come out with these

theories and of course people who want

to believe all the weird stuff I mean

and believe me the weird stuff is more

interesting absolutely it's fun there's

a lot of documentaries out right now

they're like the full cabal and pandemic

movie and stuff like that that kind of

explains all these conspiracy theorists

seeking media when you would discover

that the mainstream media is owned by

like six companies yeah you know and

then when you read through WikiLeaks

emails you know when you discover that

Hillary was taking you know commands and

orders she said I had a client that used

to work in the White House with Obama

and again this is just what she said I'm

gonna use her name but she saw CSIS as

he's pretty good right he's good guy and

she goes he's nice enough but he's kind

of weak I said really cuz she says yeah

those guys push him around and he

doesn't say anything unless they tell

him to yeah she's pointing out that's

why he froze with that teleprompter

thing remember he was watching the

telephone for him did it malfunctioned

jacked him up

people who studied numerology and

jama'ah if you've ever want to go down a

rabbit hole jama'ah is the study of how

words and letters create the reality so

will they do yeah yeah and so when you

look at the numerology and then gematria

different words you know Democrat and

Republican they seem gematria number and

the United States has been built on some

of these foundations and so when you

discovered that discovery there's a

pretty deep rabbit hole yeah well you

know what the thing is though whether

it's a number a sound a color a rock

there's all a vibrational frequency on

every damn thing and so I have in the

years that I've been doing what I do

I started off like everybody else you

know I read a few tarot cards and you

know this sort of that had these little

techniques I used to use and now I get

it a talk I don't have any techniques or

don't use cards I think I use my cards

once a month somebody likes to look at

it but the point is what I've realized

has I got as I become done this more and

more as I've noticed the vibrational

frequency aspects so somebody can come

to me completely just wasted and all I

got to do is tell them a few things you

can see them wake up you know it's done

that to be anything important it could

be something as simple as well maybe

you're done with that now yeah yeah then

they're finally starting to get up and

ends up happening their vibration comes

up they start seeing possibilities in

their life and then they're good then

they go outside the mother slaps in the

round or whatever and they go down again

you know what I'm saying there's

actually a quantum physicist it was

talking about if you're in a line in a

grocery store and you've got somebody

standing behind you this and it's really

burning or having a big problem you'll

actually feel it and not know it and I

know that's true and so it drags you

down so the idea is when you pull away

you have to bring it back up do you see

it's just all all fluid

yeah well as a universe you know each of

us when you look at the chakras

like a donut you know and it comes out

just recently they discovered more proof

for university shaped like a donut yeah

and it's pretty fascinating how stars

and galaxies you know the interesting

thing about that is like I do the Munich

II writes and it's it's originated in

South America in the Andes and that sort

of thing and it's used they use a

doughnut rock for that it's called a pie

stone and they find them just everywhere

down there and then they found him in

the Himalayas because apparently there's

these characters were in the Himalayas

first and after three thousand years

they walked their ass down to Peru in

that area I guess they took the rocks

with them or they made some more I don't

know how that worked but the point is

you're saying in the universe is a is a

donut well that's what they

Wow that's where that's coming from and

we're talking dude centuries away yeah

they did you know what that's because

they live by that they live by energy

they live by by spirit by observance and

that's how they had to live they didn't

have somebody telling them what to do

necessarily yeah the guy that told him

what to do is he wasn't telling what to

do he's tell them how to do it do you

see like I'd done a lot of shamanic

stuff and basically shamanic stuff isn't

about I'm gonna fix you

shamanic stuff is this is how you handle


you see which is really what this is all

about you know and that's what this is

all about this thing this podcast thing

is to have possibilities techniques

ideas something that allows people to

get just a little more muscle you know a

little less fear a little more insight

you know the ability to act instead of

react that's what this stuff is all

about man have we had any questions well

when I tried to check then this it made

the sound weird yeah

it looks like it is needed actually the

speaker try to click on that's what


oh I'll have to figure out something

else next time yeah all right well so

this pandemic thing do you think it's

something that somebody didn't screwed

up or you think it's some Universal

thing you know both I think I can

speculate you know I think it's a great

awakening you know or everyone to say

okay what's happening you know playing a

part whether you believe governor's have

the best interest in you right for you

and the ball well what are you doing

about it

you know I first when I heard about it

now I think my wife and her and I were

way ahead you know I was telling people

in January this thing's coming you know

I told people I told the clients in my

was like here they heard of this she's

like no I'm like what are you kidding me

yeah it's like you know so I think we've

been watching John this fellow and Bert

Great Britain now he was a teacher

talking about for a while and so you

know we had our masks before masks or

sold out you know we had we have a solar

panel ready to roll

we have no electric power you know if

the grid goes down you know we've been

preparing win it we think of ourselves

as Preppers you know what could happen

survivors just common sense you know

when you see what could be you know

maybe we should and I was concerned at

first you know and then a couple weeks

later like in February I realized wait a

second I was sick in January twice

a lot of big fever I was down for a

while a weird fever you know but maybe I

had they came in from New York you know

talked about I would like get out in New

York they were coming here right now

accelerate move it up and they moved it

up and like the next day that

locked yeah and you know they probably

had it

and so we're survivors you know and now

I'm unconcerned you know cuz I'm not

worried about it at all yeah matter of

fact even the the damage it does to our

population I don't think it's what it

we're hearing for real I think it's

maybe a quarter of that the rest is just

you know the person is dying of a heart

attack but he's got this Cove it so he

that's what he died of

that kind of you know I was in the 89 I

remember telling somebody man after 2010

man it's just gonna hit the fan I see

you gonna want to buy a freaking t-shirt

when the shit's done I've been through

it what are you talking about this is

what it's feeling we're gonna get wicked

mm-hmm I mean I was talking riots and

stuff like that we're on our way to that

well well you know what happened in 1918

you know after that pandemic

you know then people started having

industry is falling apart you know

whether it's the climate or other things

they were blocking that too though

governments was blocking that stuff you

couldn't do that in your yard dude

Washington's what I'm saying earlier I

used to make me mad to think about it

was he had his own pond he created it

and he put him in jail she won't allow

you to buy seeds I saw a report on that

wasn't no yeah that was just recently

but liquor stores are open yeah and the

guy the guy a lot of people in Florida

were growing vegetables in their yard

and they were going to jail what is that

this is what we're faced with you know

to be able to be a sovereign human being

well this is where we have to get the

strength to say no exactly now we won't

go to famine I can tell you that and

I'll take a long days well beyond that

you'll realize what kind of share would

hit the fan if we started getting hungry

I mean there's too many guns loose

honest in this world man you know our

kind of country is already pretty

violent based not maybe not based but a

lot of violence a lot of people that are

ready to fight you start making people

hungry it's gonna it's gonna get ugly

absolutely we have a different viewpoint

here in Texas you know we ranchers

willing to stand up and say you know

this is mine well that's actually our

next guest this next time he's the head

of the militia in Texas well but the

cool thing about a lot of people think

that they're like the American

terrorists and it really not this guy

that I'm talking about he always goes

through law enforcement if at all

possible and they he's really good about

making sure that everything new is legal

ethical stuff like those but he said

when it gets raw everything changes the

rules change you say when I was in 69 I

was used to be drug into a basement my

dad was a little bit nuts like that you

should drag me in the basement of watch

the John Birch Society people remember

them those guys weren't had bazookas he

 buried in their yard yeah and they

were playing when the Beatles

but anyway these guys a little different

these guys are a little bit more tuned

in yeah and the cool thing about it

they're not gonna get all half go off

half-cocked so I really respect him and

otherwise we wouldn't be here so but I

think is gonna get like that I think

it's gonna get hot enough that

politicians are gonna start backing up a

little they're already starting there's

a few politicians here and there they're

starting to change their attitudes just

a little bit and like you're hearing

Rand Paul really making a lot more sense

he has before and there's a few like

that I'm not gonna start naming names

but the point is it's going to start

saying okay yeah you know what that guys

make it sense but this it isn't you know

it's gonna start really contrasted I

think what's going to be important is

your neighbor making sense you know yeah

your neighbor

looking to rat you out cuz you maybe

burst and walking too close to your

girlfriend or boyfriend not wearing a

mask that's gonna be a problem you know

I think we have to develop more

community-based outreach programs and

you know if you have a community garden

I think that's a lot of it too I think

we need to get past we need to get past

the need the government do for us like

the homeless situation there's a private

way to fix that the fan of the food

issues it's a private way to fix that -

you know it doesn't have to be

government programs but a lot of our

people are conditioned to say well the

government has to change this you have

to change that somebody said something

bad to me so they have to be a law

saying he can do that the answer is get

strong enough so even if he says I won't

matter do you say people are really

starting to like you said the Great

Awakening people are really starting to

you know think about themselves more not

like in a selfish way but how can I take

care of myself and not depend on the


yes exactly being self-reliant versus

it's kind of like you know you don't

want the government to be your dad

because if he was your dad he'd be

abusive bastard so but we're at a time

now man we hit the four the four right

now so we're gonna have to roll but

thanks for coming brother thanks for

having me do you have a number or

anything you want to put out oh yeah you

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all right awesome thank you so much

anything you want to say absolutely I

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anyway my name is Robert Crusoe

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see you next well talk to you next week

what you can see through the camera and

we'll have Rick light who's head of the

Texas militia and we'll talk to him

about you know his take on these things

in what we're up against

anyway everybody have a good day and

there we go


Robert Caruso Intuitive