My Testimonials

“Amazing! Don’t even give it a second thought! Robert is caring, kind, but very down to earth and realistic….and he’s spot on! I was going through a very difficult and unsure time and he helped me SO much. You can tell he loves what he does, too. Thanks, Robert!!” -Bridgette Horak

“Yes he is that good. He’s as good if not better than those ” famous” intuitive’s without the fluff. The only difference I see is what he charges. His prices are way too low for what he delivers. Totally worth it.”  -Monica Miranda

“What Robert writes is very factual gives you a very down to earth way of thinking. I find his writings very calming. Has a good way of looking at both sides of the coin. Great thoughts, wonderful writer.” -JoAnn Johnson

“Spot on. Known Rob for 16 years. Down to earth, gifted, insightful, calls like he sees it, professional, accurate and unique.” -Lisa Guiterrez

“I am 33 years old and most of my life I’ve suffered from severe anxiety and depression. The first session we worked on some past traumatic experiences which helped me let go after suffering with PTSD for many years. After receiving munay ki rites I have had great relief from all of my issues. I’m not sure exactly how it works and was very skeptical but after the first session I saw improvement. After completing the sessions my mind is now at peace and I am able to relax. Every aspect of my life has been affected and made better. I’ve seen continued improvement since my last session.” –Cory

“I really enjoyed receiving the Rites of the Munay Ki at The Rabbit Hole. Best of all were Robert Caruso’s wonderful guided journeys into the magical amethyst cave. Others seeking group meditation and a sense of deeper connection between Spirit and Earth might well enjoy this work wholeheartedly.” -Deb W.”

“I received my Munay-Ki Rites from Robert Caruso at The Rabbit Hole. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first arrived for my first Rite. I was totally at ease and Robert explained everything and shared his own experiences receiving his Rites. I noticed changes in my life even after the first of nine Rites. Robert has a special gift. He incorporated his own guided imagery meditation each week which was an added bonus! I highly recommend Robert Caruso and his classes at The Rabbit Hole. He is a gifted soul and I am honored to have received my Munay-Ki Rites from him.”  -Thank you, Lori

“It was a unique experience” I was scared at first because I did not know what was going to happen. But after the third Rite I started feeling different in the way that I trusted myself more and had more control of myself and felt grounded. Before attending the Munay Ki Rites I felt frustrated, mad and everything would come out wrong and was always undecided to do things because of the fear I had inside me . For me the rites clean and unblocked my life path and I am not scared to make any decisions.”  -Mary

“WOW!  I have felt energy like never before. I can channel better than ever. Every person should learn the rites and teach them. Life is better when you do!” Irving

“I am proud to say I attended Rob’s first Munay Ki class last fall. From the very first rite I felt my stress levels fall. By the 4th rite I was seeing and feeling things I never felt before. I was supercharged. I did not come down until my 6th rite and that is when I felt the Torus in my chest.” -Anonymous

“Just a short note to express my thanks and gratitude. As always, you have been so helpful to me in allowing me to find my own TRUTH. The past year has been somewhat challenging and your ACCURATE and PRECISE psychic readings guided me tremendously. Although, our psychic interaction has been long distance one, you constantly intrigue me by your honesty. You never tell me “what I want to hear”.. but rather the truth. DID I MENTION.. EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER TOLD ME WAS DEAD ON ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!! As I always say.. you are my saving grace! The connection and bond that I have developed with you is great. I have been able to share some of the honest moments with you. You have remained professional, truthful, available ANYTIME I needed your services. Again, thanks Robert for what you have done for me.. with your ability to foresee events.” – Vanessa