Jul 4, 2020

Tantra sex expert Kendal Williams
Based In Plano Texas

welcome you've got us us is created

because it's all about us man we're in

it together making it work everybody

needs to get strong get rid of

distractions so we can go farther jump

higher all that kind of crap this is a

special show this time it's a little

different but I dig it different man one

thing I like about normal is I like

normal only if you can change it every

hour anyway we're here to talk about sex

pretty much everybody's sub everybody's

favorite subject whether they want to

admit it or not but we're not talking

about going to the bushes and banging it

out here we're talking about a little

finesse we're talking about energy we're

talking about Tantra I have here the

what I consider the main expert around

as Kendall Williams hello hello yeah and

we just let you say you're better yeah

no really I think a lot of people know

have heard the name Tantra but don't

necessarily know what the hell it is you

know saying they just know it's a lot of

people of course it's the king it's the

lasting longer you know we hear sting

talking about lasting three hours and

and all that kind of stuff and a Madonna

was throwing it around for a while back

in the 90s I think you know and hear all

this different things and the reality is

Tantra is everything yes we're being

tantric right now you know as being into

the flow and the flow that's that's what

Tantra is it's about being in the flow

it's about weaving all of life together

and having an enjoyable blissful

experience no matter what the highs and

lows of life are it's kind of like you

know if we were surfing in Hawaii let's

say on a wave

there's no more tantric experience than

what surfers do because they're

experiencing the wave of life in that

moment riding those waves and you know

they're going through these different

channels of the water and their

experience the highs the lows of depths

the rush and at the same time they might

be just sitting out there and total

stillness but there's still the odds the

universe around them right and that's

Tantra yeah they're like a cool journey

yes yeah I've done a lot of journey in

my father both you know DMT I like that

but also just straight but I actually

did talk to her a few times

it was pretty off the chain because it

gets you to a place with everything else

kind of goes away right for me it did

and pretty it was pretty pretty deadly

I'm gonna share this over here to my

facebook page just so you know what I'm

doing a little bit so uh you've been

into it for a long time right ABB's I

mean I've known you for years and I

would say that I have been into Tantra

if you want to put it like that I always

say all my life mm-hmm but it's more

than that it's I as a small child I

think I got I grew up in a very unique

style of life my you know I didn't grow

up with a lot of money my parent my dad

owned a gold claim so we dredge for gold

all summer long

I grew up running around stark naked you

know playing with rattlesnakes and

watching deer and in the river and all

that and I was even though I'm the

youngest of six there's still I have I

didn't grow up with any of my siblings

so I grew up as an only child so there

was a lot of lack in connection there

right and I found the connection through

nature found the connection through my

imaginary friends and everything and I

could see things so I grew up believing

that some of the stuff that I was

experiencing was just the way everybody

experienced it yeah and then I found out

when I was a 1415 years old

young man came into my life yeah and he

started to explain things to me he

started to give me labels like wait a

second that's not the way this is this

is norm this isn't normal and he's just

I don't know wait how you're doing this

because you don't have any education you

have any training on this it's like okay

so you know I'm telling him what I see

and he's giving me a label and I'm

telling what I'm feeling and what I'm

experiencing and it's all this energy

he's like all right so he'd label it for

me we dated for about a year with no

sexual activity going on outside of

kissing we just kissing and I gazing and

I lost my virginity to this guy and you

know in teaching me all of this stuff

and he's one of those people that can

read 600 pages in three days you know

and very very highly intelligent so more

smart than what most 19 year old boys 19

and a half or something I was 15 so you

know they're already breaking rules

right but yeah you know and then a year

later we finally have sex I lose my

virginity you know as it is the sting

experience of three hours and depth and

connection and full-body orgasm and all

this beautiful stuff and Here I am

thinking well this is the way it is

that's just the way it is because that's

my experience that's what you know

that's where my evidence was showing up

was that's the way it is right I want to

didn't really truly understand then was

that it was the year of preparatory work

that we had done together the bonding

the connection the learning to breathe

the energy work the soul gazing as

Tantra refers to it you know in the

depths and the trust the vulnerability

the intimacy that we have shared up to

that point that made that moment so that

that gate opening into orgasm into my

sexual life so freaking powerful and

abnormal from what the majority of young

people experience yeah well the depth of

anything is abnormal in that I would you

think yeah yeah we live in a surface

based world and we think that that's

just the way it's supposed to be just

keep it right there on the surface it's

not what Tantra is about it's about

going deep it's about really truly

relating yeah I was like I talked about

on here a lot about the vibrational

frequencies you know connectivity and

stuff like that and it's very profound

it has everything to do with what you're

talking about


a lot of people have never really met

that yet the vibrational frequency the

resonance that kind of takes them out of

their their normalcy or their redundancy

whatever you know like I have a thing I

created there's actually a Munich e9

right son Munich he writes and I

developed a tenth one and I do it for

couples and what they do is because the

way our life works is like one guy has a

job she's got a job and they're

wrestling with that and then maybe they

don't connect because they're all jacked

up right so I teach them to take a hand

and put it not even touch but put it

there and then describe what they feel

generally I could actually feel the

peach fuzz with actions I have intention

but they also experience all the energy

coming absolute partner and and

depending on where you're touching

you're gonna get different emotional

sensations that rise up in your own body

because you're actually tapping into

that energy is the emotional experience

of somebody as well we really become

present in ourselves and we're going to

be able to experience somebody else at

that deep emotional level without

touching without even hearing absolutely

so much of it is has nothing to do with

touch at all

you know like in that in the case of

this this system they go there they have

their hand in one area then they'll keep

moving down describe it and I haven't do

an eye contact and synchronized

breathing and nobody's gotten past the

waist you know what I'm saying I have to

leave the room no I'm kidding but the

point is it shows them how to

synchronize right which the experience I

have a Tantra is it's pretty much that

you're synchronizing and and you're just

letting yourself roll through it

it's synchronizing it's letting yourself

move into the flow the weaving of

energies together and it really is about

allowing yourself to fully be seen and

to witness to see the other at the same

level you know just that as this

beautiful divine being and so we're just

witnessing their truth we're not getting

caught up on all of our different

criticisms and judgement

no prejudices around around other people

it's just it's just them being them to

human beings to beautiful souls coming

together meeting each other and actually

just feeling each other at that deep

level right yeah that takes you to a

whole new space you know what you're


and I like I said I read a lot of

couples especially have a program you

know built for couples you know and this

comes up this comes up all the time you


yeah they touch me in six months you

know as we lost your connection get your

connection back and I've actually

mentioned Tantra a few times but

generally unless I got someone to go to

they're not gonna do it because you got

to read it and try to figure it out

right in and what they do is try to fit

it with what they already do mm-hmm

it really doesn't he doesn't really fit

you know with just a flesh clash no

friction based sex then frickin base yes

I call that fast food fresh and basic

session if you're into the slam bam

thank you or not even a thank you

yeah that's not and we do that I mean a

lot of relationships married or other

today are more into just that friction

based we really are in a hook-up society

yeah it's because we're coming at

everything from such a surface level and

it's because we've been told that all of

our emotions are not okay if we're too

happy we're damned if we're too sad

we're damned if we're angry about

something we're damned we're not we're

not okay unless we're like just you know

we have to just be muted in so many

different ways and we mute ourselves

with our partners as well right and then

we go well I can't no no I'm not you

know I don't want to hear that for me

like no oh he's too emotional she's too

emotional yeah that's yeah we're

emotional people like that's part of who

we are this is an emotional experience

because that's what's actually

you know helping us to define our likes

our dislikes and helping us to create

our life yeah now the thing is you know

like like being emotional emotional

isn't isn't a bad thing as long as you

use your emotion as indicators as

opposed to a place to live yeah you know

I'm saying oh yeah so you have to be

able to just get comfortable just kind

of rolling with the life you know I look

at his motion as our GPS system and

there you go that's really truly just

like if I'm not feeling in alignment

then it normally shows up as anger as

irritation as sadness you know as

anxiety depression something on that

line and then I go okay well what have I

just recently done or experienced or who

do I have in my midst that I'm like

pointing you know towards where is this

actually coming from oh maybe I'm not in

alignment to you not in alignment

necessarily to them but in alignment to

what my soul what's you know God creator

source whatever we want to refer to this

all this stuff that we don't see right

that we experience though oh that is

whatever that is that I'm not actually

in alignment to the way it is seeing it

and experiencing it versus I'm caught up

in my ego so I'm wanting to control this

situation or I'm feeling insecure in a

way so it's coming up all right so I'm

like so I'm experiencing a negative

response which is showing up as a

negative emotion versus you know if I'm

feeling really turned on as I like to

say which just means that I'm in the

moment I'm happy I'm appreciative I am

seeing the blessings in my world in my

life then you know if I'm experiencing

that and I'm really engaged and present

in the moment and happy with it then

that means I'm in alignment with my soul

I'm an alignment with this this moment

and how it's supposed to be going down

versus trying to wrap my ego and my

human desire to control and dictate

things including others you know it's

just so I look at it like that and as

long as and I used to have that life

where I was depressed and angry and

bitter and resentful and blaming and not

taking responsibility

and and also kept my mouth shut and

buried all my emotions cuz I didn't want

to look crazy

I didn't wanna look emotional I didn't

well look like I didn't have my [ __ ]

together and I didn't look like any of

that I wanted I had this right it was

all these boxes and I had to break out

of the boxes to stop giving a [ __ ] as to

what everybody else thought what their

judgments opinions and views if I swayed

to the way every other person wants me

this way I would not I would not be able

to be happy and I see a lot of my

clients they come into me and that's

exactly what they're doing they're

swaying all the time trying to find that

normal right they're like what's normal

what's normal what's normal how do I

make that person happy how do I make

that happen

how what's this acceptable what's that

acceptable it's like what's why makes

you happy yeah let's go back to you this

is a moment of like let's just come back

to you and it's okay to feel however

you're feeling right now yeah well you

know also from my experiences what I do

is if you are so worried about I mean

you should have an idea about it but so

worried about acting a certain way then

it makes your vibration just kind of

static mm-hmm like it'll kind of to me

that's what it feels like to me like

this and so the other person feels that

totally knocks you off you off your pins

there you know so you're not really

getting the depth that you could get you

know and say yeah and so it's really you

know it's really important for to know

more about it because it is absolutely a

big part of who we are and how much you

want to let go of it anyway but anyway

that says me anyway you know why would

you let go something like that but uh

anyone I lost my damn train of thought

you know there you go oh yeah well a lot

of times religion will mess it up too oh

my gosh like they'll go well you know I

can't I don't do that cuz I'm a

Christian or I'm of this or with that I

say you don't think sex has nothing to

do with it really well

no it's all about spirit Oh baby connect

your spirit that way till you know it

doesn't have to be you know sage in

incense and cross legs you know I'm


no and but we get caught in that a lot

of people get caught in that they get

caught in what it's told they're told

instead of feeling the way through it

yeah we're told to deny the flesh right

ignore it and then it's shameful to have

you know desires and to want for and a

lot of the issues that women have had

throughout the course of time you know

we can roll back the clock to the turn

of the century when all the hysteria was

flying around and you know and actually

vibrators became a thing because they

discovered that hey if a woman has an

orgasm she's not as crazy go figure

you know and but then it wasn't until

the 90s that study was actually done on

the clitoris interestingly enough that

we have less time studying the clitoris

then the Internet has been around that's

not that's one of those little crazy

sexual facts of science out there but it

is you know it's like so we here we

figured that out that back in the turn

of the century that if women got an

orgasm and that they weren't as crazy

they were you know better mothers better

calmer and they were you know more

loving all this kind of stuff was going

on also making their men happier too

because now they were more turned on and

willing to do it more engaged instead of

just you know going okay just let's get

this over with his sex is for you and my

mom told me and that you know just lay

down honey spread your legs and think

about something else it'll be over soon

wow I have heard that so many people

yeah nobody told me that right pretend

they felt like right so they they had to

they had to go into that and then we

have all these sexual dysfunctions

coming up you know especially at both

sexes get it but the feminine definitely

has a lot of sexual dysfunctions coming

up with like prolapse and you know in

that way but also in in the way of

individuality mm-hmm I mean they're

taught women have been always even when

I was a kid taught when they got with a

guy that it they had to like melt into

him right there wouldn't be an

individual right so their vibration is


lagged it's lag you know I've know

another word for that and so that's what

causes I think causes divorce and stuff

like that because pretty soon the

vibration he was attracted to doesn't

exist anymore right and it not her fault

she's just this is what she knows

and so I stalk a lot about that to

clients yeah and the shame that we put

around sex unfortunately that does come

a lot from religion society yeah and you

know but it is if you think about it

essentially open you know secure society

both men and women feeling very

confident in their sex and who they are

sexually in their desires and you know

everything about it

yeah is a liberated Society that's a

society that is also going to start to

question other things because we have

shut down the sex because of its power

right that it brings because it opens us

up in so many different ways yeah it

does have the vulnerability button but

you know what it also does there is the

issues we have now I think across the

board almost for most people is the idea

okay I have to perform so I got to

perform I got to do whatever it is makes

you scream which is fine but you also

have to be able to receive all the other


screaming so that they are giving up

good performance and not really being

true about what's going on so they're

not speaking they're faking it when both

sides are performing and they're not

really actually reading each other

connecting yeah they're not they're

they're just doing friction and as I

tell people I'm like you know if you're

just into friction based sex like you're

gonna get more pleasure from washing

your hands or something or doing the

dishes because you're actually going to

be connecting to the dish more than what

you are to your partner right now

because you're so busy going oh what

does my face look like how loud a mine

did I scratch him good enough you know

did I did I do this did I do that and

he's going did I Drive it home hard

enough did I hit that spot that my

should I like this you know straight you

know stir like a cocktail what if I go

hard on this and soft there and

everything you know I flipped this

position that position I saw that in a

porn oh yeah let's do that and there

it's all about they're all up here right

not actually embodied and with their

partner yeah and that's the depth and we

run from depth because oh my god now

I've got to get real now now I might

actually have a motion come up in this

now I might actually see a motion come

up in you now I might realize that I'm

actually stroking you the wrong way or

I'm laying here and being you know a

pillow princess in this moment and not

doing anything but you know you know

it's just like coming together and and

really experience each other that is

there's so much power in it and and

recognizing that we all have fantasies

we all have desires we have different

thing you know like every single if

you're with five different people every

different for every person's gonna be

different there is no cookie cutter -


there's nothing wrong with it there was

like there's nothing that I could asked

all the time oh I have this king or I

think I'm abnormal is this normal is

this or no there's no such thing as

abnormal in our sex

absolutely not it's like there's this I

could I had had a family member I

overheard and he knew it I overheard him

talking about like one have rough sex

and spanking the whole works and he saw

me cuz I'll Shh

cuz he was embarrassed so just sex


so I told me just sex roll with it enjoy

it whatever the hell it takes you know

oh you want me to go away funny but that

smile it's always been my attitude on it

was like just if this is where you were

all role no see what you get you know

yep so anyway I mean it's it's kind of a

like when you do this as a I guess you'd

say it was a therapy when you teach

people how to do that or a lot of the

work that I do I mean everybody goes

what the heck is you know sex coaching

do you sleep with your clients no I do

not sleep with my clients yeah I have my

partner I'm happy with my partner

I have my own private life I do not

sleep with my clients there's not you

know like there's not even there's

there's no form of sex going on you know

at any level now what I do in my clients

is a version of talk therapy there's a

lot of talk therapy on the front side of

stuff I also because of my background

because of certain things that I've

learned through the last 25 years and

just me as a person you know that little

little girl Kendall who saw things right

and it was experiencing energy and

didn't have labels for what she was

experiencing well she's learned how to

work this into her sex coaching practice

and because she's done it with lovers

and she's experienced she's experienced

dots of different things right so when I

dude now today is I have what I refer to

as tantric integration sessions which is

using acupressure which is using a form

of Reiki or quantum touch you know an

energetic healing art so I pull in I

probably use anywhere from seven to

eight different modalities during an

integration session am i touching

somebody yes am i touching their

genitals no I'm not I'm touching

acupressure points throughout the whole

body from their toes all the way up to

their head I'm using energy I'm teaching

them breath work in that moment I'm

teaching them how to get into their body

and allow themselves to feel and a funny

thing he's gonna kill me but he's going

under the bus no names ever are

mentioned with me let your story does

get told so I have this beautiful client

love him to death and he originally was

just so in his head and I you know we

did a lot of talk therapy we did a lot

of different stuff and then I decided I

was like you need to do some integration

work and he's like okay what does that

mean right so I explained to him you

know and he's in shorts and butt topless

and we're going through everything and

it was one of those things that he had

to fight his own body because he was

getting so turned on

just from the acupressure points and the

breathing and tapping into his own body

he's trying to figure out how am i he's

of course crediting me right and I'm

going I just I'm just teaching you to

tap into your own turn-on right now yeah

that is it I I'm not you know I'm

staying here fully dressed you got

shorts on I haven't touched you in any

sexual fashion yet look

in your shorts like you know you know

he's feeling shame around Oregon

he's feeling shame around what's

occurring and trying to control that

which then brings him back into his head

and takes him out of that energetic you

got beautiful energy space so then you

know we had some conversations we got

through the permissions I was like dude

this is like that's normal it's good

it's actually a positive sign like allow

yourself to be there like that's you're

not causing any constriction in this

moment to your energy to you being you

you're just letting it flow through your

through your veins that's good so you're

feeling you're experiencing and wow look

at this so now he's like really a lot

he's been giving himself more and more

permission yeah but that's like that is

a beautiful example like the shame that

just he had and the nervousness and

what's she gonna think what's gonna

happen is she gonna take this as I do

this or I'm gonna do that you know all

that kind of stuff like no you know a

lot of pressure for men I mean I've

never been a woman side not to know

anyway so I can't come from that point

of view but from a man's point of view

to get into a sexual action with a woman

and feel that maybe they need to go a

certain direction or whatever whatever

they're always always tripping on that

right or a checkpoint okay am i hitting

the right spot kind of stuff you were

saying earlier and it totally just jacks

it up right you know right but uh but if

you can learn how to be in your body and

be present at the level like when I was

just dissing you know now you're tapping

and now imagine when he goes home to his

lover and he's experiencing an intimate

moment with her he's gonna be more in

his body he and when you're more in your

body you can also tune more into your

partner's body which is what Tantra

discusses no it is a beautiful energy

engagement between the two where you're

actually connecting the circuits between

the two people you could say and now

you're leaving that together so you're

experiencing each other because it's not

just the physical you know I've had I've

had sex with guys of all different sizes

and all different like you know oh I'm

the bestest and I'm the best

whatever and seriously sometimes it

feels like I'm like where are you like I

don't throw you yeah I don't feel it's

because I know I'll tell my guy I'm like

you need to get [ __ ] conscious right now

like I need you in your [ __ ] because I'm

not feeling you I don't know where the

[ __ ] you're at but you're not here with

me and I want you here with me like I

got in bed with you so could you please

come back you know is your physical body

ain't doing nothing because you're

you're you're emotionally not here

you're spiritually not here like come

back and the same is true on the other

side like when a woman's laying there

and she's thinking about doing the

dishes or she's thinking about you know

the proposal that to do or are the kids

gonna wake up or what have you then he's

just basically got a blow-up doll going

and it's ER there's no engagement yeah

let's call it a masturbating with

somebody's body yeah and then that

causes this massive wound this trauma in

the relationship and that occurs for

years on end and they wonder why they

get to a point where there's no sex

happening or somebody cheats or all of a

sudden this breakup happens you know or

there's all this toxic energy this

bitterness this resentment all the

fighting and everything like that and

it's because the wound of not being

present in the intimate moments because

that also transfers out like we are a

mirror image in all aspects of our life

if we're not present in our sex then

we're not present someplace else in our

life as well guaranteed which is pretty

general like we're not present actually

in other spaces in that relationship

we're not present really at work we're

not present in our bodies and what are

we doing we're masking left and right

we're watching TV shows we're sitting on

our phones and we're Oh somebody's

facebook status is more important than

the relationship right in front of me

right right and and getting caught up on

whatever you know is going on we get we

go into those worlds but that's all a

mask for avoiding what's going on in

here sure well you know that kind of

thinking the thinking of not being in

your present in your body or in your

near center or whatever that's a big

topic among like I mean you're on Saks

even or us also with the other parts of

life how you interact with other people

stuff like this

a motivational speaker that I listen to

is exhilaration father well he says he

goes well you know you have a guy and

he's that he's at work and he's thinking

about what he should do when he gets

home then he's at home he's singing

about what he has to do and go to work

he's that's why you don't get nothing

done you're always traveling do you say

and it's true there's so much of us so

many of us and it is we were never in

the center

whenever where we are right you know oh

yeah and a lot of times you would think

it like sex would bring you who you are

but it doesn't know you got to be there

first you know a lot of the sex that we

have today is basically we're just using

our partners as like a prozac bill just

like I'm just trying to take the edge

off of my stress you're I need to go to

sleep so this is a great way to induce

those awesome sleep hormones so then you

know I dropped get that drop down going

and then I'm out yeah but it's not about

the connection is not about the love

it's not even about the pleasure yeah

just doing it yep so you say you did not

even to say that you did it's literally

just to take the edge off I have coached

so many different guys who have come to

me and say yeah I masturbate six seven

times a day you know like every time you

know something happens at work and I get

into a stressful situation I gotta take

myself to the car to the bathroom and

I'm just like you know a couple minutes

later like I feel better now I can go

back to work now I can get another hour

and a half in before I got to go do this

again yeah this is like wow you are

completely numbing yourself out to your

sex to everything you know and your

teacher now training your body to accept

this limited amount of pleasure and sex

has now been become you know like going

and smoking a cigarette like a lot of

people go smoke a cigarette to reduce

their stress you know they get into that

or right lung damage but if you look at

the you know if you get into Tantra and

everything then there's a whole

understanding there of like what the

loss of those sexual fluids do to men

and to to women you know like what we

actually have going on at a chemical

level sure as well which is a whole

nother topic

yeah well you know like I was I was

doing it I was counseling a couple

reading into a couple just the other day

and the guy he saw love as her having

sex with him mm-hmm

she saw love a whole other way right and

the sex was just a aspect right he

didn't have that

in order like in her I was trying to

tell him us look you can get to sack sex

isn't hard to go to but on your way you

have to make your connections he's like


yeah no that's a look if you were to

walk by her stroke her face tell her how

great she looks she will carry that

around all day mm-hmm

you gotta make love to your partner all

day long absolutely at court we don't

court like yeah and I've been the court

courting process when that's over then

all of a sudden the courting ends on

both sides the flirtation ends on both

sides right

they don't date anymore yeah you know

all of this stuff that we do when we

first are learning somebody and then we

assume that once were with that person

that they're just not gonna change right

this is just a person but what we forget

is that every single day our partner is

a new person because they've gone and

they've had these life experiences and

they've had these thoughts and these

emotions and this stuff occurred during

their day and then when we meet back

together they've had a different

experience than what we've had yeah even

if we are in the same house dealing with

the same kids and all that stuff we're

not the same here and we're not the same

here therefore our life experiences are

different so we are meeting a new

partner every single day so would it be

smartest to inquire and engage and get

to know that new partner yeah almost as

though it's the first date absolutely

it's absolutely and it's like I get a

lot of the women that come for these

reasons they'll say he hasn't touched me

in six months or whatever whatever and

they'll yeah anyway

they will say well you know it's like he

don't care about me no more

let's hope why do you say that well as

he did she treats you good and stuff I

think yeah yeah but he's not into me

like used to be I saw he loves you still

I can read into that well he doesn't

doesn't want me anymore

maybe I don't look good enough or

whatever whatever that's not even the

case he doesn't understand your language

your language is more intricate than his

his s you got Nicky getting a bed you

must like him okay

with her nice of telling this guy you

know she has different different there's

a different code here you know so you

may need to Pat her on the shoulder and

walk away or like a lot of women like to

kiss on the forehead or whatever

whatever but something very small and

walk away as you said it's like courting

them all day long yeah

so when you actually get into the into

the rolling with it you really roll with

it just like I told you when I first got

here I was telling you about and we had

the whole discussion about open

relationships in Stephanie yeah yeah

Here I am right now but that doesn't

mean that an old lover of mine messaged

me this morning said good morning

gorgeous you know yeah and yeah we're

not intimate in the moment right but

just him texting me that that is just

that like little pop well guess what my

current partner also messaged me hey

good morning beautiful you know like

that so it's like those things coming in

it is a feeding of that we're feeding

each others were stroking each other's

emotional bank accounts in those moments

it really is that we're making a deposit

in that moment instead of a withdrawal

and what ends up happening is that we we

live where we tend to make a lot of

withdrawals on each other and we forgot

we forget to deposit and then trouble

hits and then we try to do lump deposits

to try to pull ourselves out of you know

the red the red that we're in and what

we're now not realizing that oh this

this red came from five years ten years

twenty years whatever that

storyline is right and we can't fix it

overnight we can't repair it pretty

quick though amazingly I mean like a lot

of my couples normally work with me

anywhere from six months to 18 months

and I've taken couples that have been

together for 30 years that were going

we're done like you know we haven't had

sex for the last 15 years she didn't

like it before then the kids are grown

we're done with this and now they're

having you know just beautiful magical

moments together but it is restoring

that emotional bank account right and

the majority of the time it's the man

needing to learn to do the right

deposits into her bank account because

what he assumes as a deposit is actually

a withdrawal to her absolutely and when

we learn to speak those different

languages and at the same time she has

to learn like okay I'm like sorry dude

you've been making these withdrawals for

20 years so you're gonna have to make

some deposits and then we can get her to

make a deposit but she's not she's been

raping herself for the last 20 years for

you and she's kind of you're in debt

you're in massive debt and we got to pay

off some of this debt first we've got a

pay off we've got to start showing up we

got to start showing this this this this

and if you're not willing to do that

then you need to let her go because

that's the most loving thing that you

can do in this moment yeah because if

you're if you're just looking for your

bank account to pee you know deposit it

into when you've been having you know

I'm withdrawing from her right and it's

time to like really examine what love

means to you yeah most guys wouldn't

have that they wouldn't get that figured

out no not on their own anyway no I mean

my clients are some of the who's who of

Dallas and everything and you know I

deal with doctors and attorneys and in

different political people and

everything and in business owners and

everything and so they're intelligent

very success driven people you know and

you would think you know they've got

multiple master's degrees and all this

different stuff going on highly highly

intelligent people but when it comes to

this department is something that seems

like you should understand that this is

a given to take and ebb and a flow that

there is you know both sides and that

the stuff that you were doing on the

front side you need to keep doing it

because that's what attracted to two of

you together

you know and I've had like one couple he

used to write her she's they're very

strong Christians and he used to write

her little verses from the Bible

and he would stick them around that were

loving verses you know like them song of

Solomon's and different things like that

or if he knew that she was having a

tough day he'd sent her a Bible verse

and he write are these beautiful love

letters but they were a very strong

based in their beliefs and that's why

she married him because she thought that

she had this guy that was just like

totally in alignment to where she was

right and she just wanted to make a

happy house at home and be the awesome

good wife and raise kids and support him

and she's fulfilled her peace he let go

of that writing right and such a small

thing right it's like really but it

means the world to her so the work that

I started with with him I was like dude

let's start writing some notes sticks up

stick a note in you know her makeup box


it's popery text you know like that you

know and I just started giving him those

little pieces and that right there was

just massive turning point no mic order

her some flowers

ya know like you're not learning this

week without a delivery to your house he

said like I know you travel a lot that

doesn't mean that flowers can't come to

the door right like dude just do this

right here you know and then she's

messaging me oh my god make it I got

flowers today I found these cute little

notes around you know he came up behind

me when he got home and he gave me a

kiss on the neck and he told me how

beautiful I was

and he didn't push me for sex that first

night so guess what I want to do right

exactly right and it's just like oh yeah

now I'm turned on to this yeah yeah it's

uh it's really seems so Elementary but

it's not because they're not taught like

that you know like my dad was a gorilla

you know so he was about all right you

know consuming right you know but those

days women were taught that's what it

was right you know I'm saying anyway

anything like that anymore

yeah that's good it is good but I think

that one of the biggest things that I

see from the whole feminist

revolution you can say is yes it's

beautiful that women are speaking out

more and speaking for their truth and

asking for what they want but a lot of

women still don't know what they want

and they are now they flipped it and

they're now damask elating men right at

different levels so now we have this

whole quandary going on where we have a

world of women that are acting like men

and men that have pretty much lost their

balls and are you know they're man cards

and because it's not okay to be a man

it's not okay to be confident it's not

okay to be sexual it's not okay to look

at a woman item guy in a grocery store

that's I've been a few years back and I

was checking out and this man he looks

at me says excuse me ma'am and I was

like what and I looked down at myself

register you know I liked my smiles like

hey yeah what is I can I ask you a


he's like okay is it okay for me to give

you a compliment yeah and I was like of

course it is you know why wouldn't it be

okay for you to give me a compliment

oh I've known a couple women compliment

sinaner lady jump down my throat they

tell me that was a pervert they told us

at the time I was like oh my god we'll

see any any type of compliment or any

type of just in the eyes and smiles a

lot of women take the defense to it see

I have a problem with that personally

because there's times that women will

come to I see a lot of women in my work

anyway and sometimes man oh my god looks

like they were made by Tiffany right


really beautiful women and before I get

started I go man you gorgeous and then I

can get going

right because I get past a distraction

right and I always go you know I hope

you don't mind my saying so because

gonna be respectful but then it gets out

of my head so I can roll mm-hmm and

generally they're pretty cool with it I

haven't had any problem other than one

woman went home with told her husband

that I did that yeah he wasn't happy

happy you know so he got me a phone call

anyway which is another topic right

jealousy that's like you wanted to cause


turbulence in your relationship become

jealous of your partner yeah I mean

shouldn't you be almost turned on to the

fact that other people find your partner

attractive oh yeah I find your partner

nice and going hey she is going home

with me right like I you can look but

they're coming home with me yeah that's

that should give you pride that you have

a partner's taking care of themselves

that has that light that energy that is

magnetic what they've chosen you so

there should not be an insecurity about

it but jealousy only shows your own

[ __ ] insecurity you chose your

intuitively no you're not doing what

you're supposed to be doing in the first

place you know what it's saying what

it's saying basically is if I was you

I'd leave me tell because I'm not gonna

no I'm not like that and if that's what

it comes down to is that I know that

I've got insecurities inside of myself

that I'm not good enough to hold this

relationship so I'm going to point my

fingers at you and blame you for you

know attracting somebody because we can

really control what other people are

gonna say about us or or you know winks

or gestures alright you know I'm like

yeah it's crazy cuz I'm one of those

women that I do get guys phone numbers

and you know and very easy to talk to

men and everything and I look everybody

in the eye and smile sure know and so

that is perceived as flirty and I am

kind of flirty I'll admit it me too but

it is like and it's a it's a compliment

serious compliment yeah it is and I'm so

if you're if jealousy I always tell

people I'm like if you're experiencing

jealousy you need to stop pointing those

fingers at your partner and start

looking internally at where you feel

that you are not good enough where

you're having your own insecurities

around yourself because your partner's

not doing anything over there right is

all your [ __ ] yeah squealing it's cuz

it's your own junk

I remember my 20s that was with my wife

number two and she beautiful gorgeous

girl and she was wearing remember the

daisy dukes things women used to wear

and the halter tops

she was deadly anyway blonde blonde hair

anyway this guy walks out of the

convenience store as she was walking to

the car and he was staring out

hardcore me run into the ice machine and

she was like you know and I didn't get

jealous so she's like what the hell's

wrong with you how come you ain't

jealous you didn't that doesn't that

bother you that you run that he was

staring at me like that and I was a bit

of a knuckle dragger back then I go well

you know what if he didn't want to look

at you I probably wouldn't want to look

at you either you look good to own it

it's looked down upon if you actually

are confident in yourself if if you

speak highly of yourself if you love

yourself then oh my god

you're you're definitely damn Joris you

that's a horrible person right there

but at the same time it's like anybody

who's not confident in themselves we're

attracted to confidence we're attracted

to people who are go-getters who know

their purpose who know where they're

going who have dreams and goals and who

are not swayed easily

that's a leadership personality and that

leadership personality is also gonna

Rock other people's boats right so it's

gonna cause some turbulence out there

can't be a peach to everybody or I guess

a taco if I was going to the top no but

you know is like that's what we're

attracted to but then we also dam that

because is like know if you actually are

a confidence then that means that you're

selfish you're self-centered you don't

have empathy or compassion you know you

don't care about everybody anybody else

it's just you you you you you yeah and

that's not true at all a confident

person just because you love yourself

actually means the truth or the reality

is if you love yourself you have more

strength and who you are you're less

swayed you will have a bigger heart and

you're more tolerable to others there's

less judgement less criticism because

you're in me is meaning everybody with

the same limb that you feel for yourself

right yeah well I like to say you can't

unless you love yourself you can't

really love anybody else because right

there's always gonna be something like

there's always going to be a control

factor there of how can I control this

situation yeah and there's going to be

certain expectations and

hands on the relation excessive calm

mean confidence definitely is a draw to

almost everybody well I would say

everybody even a type of controlling

type will still be attracted to a woman

or a man that has got a lot of

confidence now if they're controlling

type a lot of times I want to crush that

down a little bit but originally that's

what they're attracted to right and

that's what I tell people when I put

them through these coaching things it's

like look you want to have eye contact

you want to say stuff direct right okay

even if you're mad you don't allow it to

happen what you do is you take some

breaths and you ask a question a direct

question because that shows strength and

confidence and it doesn't show give me

something you understand and anyway so

that's kind of how that works

yeah confidence is important just like

the we all know this guy that likes to

say me me me a whole lot you know a lot

of people really dog him for that and I

don't because he's in a position to

where every you know half the freaking

populations who wants to kick his ass

or hates them for who knows what and

isn't that the numbers yeah well and

then it's like well you know if you got

all that [ __ ] on you you better

think you're good otherwise they will

crush you yeah you know he's built his

whole world by speaking it into play

prior to actually completely and win

with that confidence well I saw him in a

town hall and I'm gonna go political I'm

not gonna say the guy's name but I'm

like I have to assign him a town hall

and this woman says well how do what's

your advice on how do you I have an

ordinary person achieve the success that

you have he said well the first thing to

do is quit calling yourself ordinary

absolutely you know yeah and there's

also a stigma that says if I say I'm the

best that means you're not right that's

not true either mm-hmm you know I'm the

best I can be right so first so far

and evolving so we have that we have a

thing if I have it if I want it and you

can't have it that's not true our

scarcity mentality right we believe that

there's not enough of anything for

everybody to have abundance right and

and it's absolutely not true that's why

we're mired in fear when I didn't in

violence were mired in all this stuff

hopefully we're getting past it we're

getting past it will be alright have

some transition stuff going on yeah we

should it's like somebody was saying how

come is so painful seven kids here yeah

they're never prepared it's always messy

it's always edging always beautiful

points in it there's always fear in it

but at the end of it you are creating a

new world a new life yeah so I watched a

couple of bursts I have two boys I

watched a couple of births the whole

time I'm going whoa you knock it will

you won't do that more than once it was

nice cuz they come out and they looking

around it was kind of cute when I'm

looking at her going baby you know I

mean anyway I wanted to ask though like

I said a lot of people have heard the

name Tantra but what how does that

differ from Karma Sutra

you know Kama Sutra you could say is a

more elevated and a lot of people go I

wanna practice Kama Sutra I'm like do

you know anything about energy work

chakras or anything like that because

Kama Sutra at its Courtney are there all

these positions yeah there's tons and

tons of positions kama sutra positions I

can tell you that wheelbarrows not

comfortable but but but the purpose

behind kama Sutra is an aligning of the

chakras of the energy centers yeah in

both people and that connection between

the two through the power of sex because

we are now creating a complete unit two

circuits coming together in creating a

complete unit and then we are merging

those energy

together and there's different positions

to achieve different results which is

what Kama sutras doing I've heard that

and I saw the cover of a book was I know

what the hell it was I had an idea was

kind of like that so you could say

comments are just tantric of course it

is but you know drinking water and

talking to us tantric - so the

definition of tantric then so tantric is

just weaving all of life together and

really experiencing the Bliss of

everything but when you think of like

all of our life is together I always

refer to apple-pies maybe it's because

I'm been in Texas for ten years I don't

know but you know Linc who doesn't love

American apple pie right right so I

think apple pie I'm like what Tantra is

is it's about that life is the whole pie

it's not just this piece of pie or this

piece of pie well you know you don't

make an apple pie with just apples

there's a lot of other ingredients that

go to it if we forget the vanilla in the

apple pie then our apple pie is there's

gonna it's gonna be off if we forget the

cinnamon it's gonna be off if we don't

the crest you know with enough butter

then it's gonna be off if we use you

know this Apple versus this apples gonna

be up and everybody's apple pies a

little bit different obviously right but

what we tend to do is we take these

segments of our life right so we have

our work we have our sex we have our

children we have our part and we have

our friends we have our health we have

travel we have money all of this stuff

right and what we do is it we separate

it out into these safe little containers

and what we try to do with our apple pie

is create a filing system we have all of

a sudden this this closet of boxes with

files in it and we have apple wedges in

each one of them and you know some

cinnamon shook in there and we're like

well why isn't my apple pie good yeah

because you just separated it out and

went entre teaches is that everything is

woven together there is no way that you

are gonna have ultimate happiness

success bliss feeling of abundance if

you say my sex doesn't matter all that

matters is my work life and my family

life well your sex is the juices of the

apples that make that apple pie work

over here too you know with a dry pie

man yeah it sucks yeah well I have this

technique that I wasn't gonna put it on

here right

but there's a technique that absolutely

works I'm thinking this is car guy Kama

Sutra okay like I said I never even

wrote a book on that I read a book on

none of those way I would say to him to

the person I'd say I'd say okay we're

now debrief we synchronized breath right

and I said now I want you to imagine

then I'm putting my hand on the right

left side of your cheek okay I said I

want you to imagine the heat I want you

to imagine the pressure I want you to

imagine that I'm connecting to you your

body right now and now I'm gonna move

tell me where I move and they could

absolutely tell you when you move one

woman actually thought she saw me at the

corner of our eye that etre for what

that would be the common suture that's

actually I just started class a couple

weeks ago and I didn't really just that

that's why cuz I teach my tantric

integration work in workshops to people

and I work them through exercises just

like lay out we're one person closes

their eyes and the other person is

moving or I'll have them hold each other

in different positions like just

touching a wrist and both parties close

our eyes and one party goes to you know

like I in this class I tell them go to

your happy spot like I want you to feel

it taste it breathe it you know all this

kind of stuff and they're just imagining

it and the other person is just

receiving so it's just whatever pictures

smells would ever come to them and then

at the end you both open up your eyes

and the person who was the receiver

shares what they experienced and that

way I had 14 people in the class and

every single one of them was sharing

accurately one of them smelled smoke

even though the guy who was working with

her didn't realize that there was a fire

there but he was actually took her to

Colorado where they have a great big

this great big bonfire at this resort

and then somebody else in the class was

like oh did you go to this place and

he's like yeah he's like well don't you

remember the great big fire at the

bottom of the ski hill and he's like oh

yeah it is there she smelled the smoke

right even though he didn't consciously

go there he was it's just part of his

picture I mean I absolutely I mean like

that's we don't understand the energetic

connection that we have with each other

and the closer we are to somebody and

the more we

are in relation with them at you know at

a close close proximity for a long

period of time we are completely

interwoven with that person absolutely

but you know it's also true of people in

the perimeter people that you're not

actually even dealing with oh yeah like

I've been teaching this thing a long

time that you can stand next to but it's

somebody it'll change your mood if you

let it your breathing changes your it

was actually this guy from the quantum

physicist came up with it like six

months ago and I was like cool I've been

telling people that [ __ ] for a long time

you know yeah and and it just makes

sense doesn't it it just makes sense so

if you're talking about sex are you

talking about relationships or whatever

it is it's all about that it's all about

that synchronization yeah do you say

that's pretty cool so and I think we'd

have a lot less [ __ ] going off

actually understood that absolutely you

know cuz you know cuz if you don't have

that you don't have that synchronization

at all ever you're gonna feel alone

you're gonna feel probably depressed

fearful you know and that's so much of

our culture now that's why people are

banging right but you know banging out

windows and [ __ ] you know I'm saying

those people have no clues what I mean

they got an idea why they're doing it

but it's not really what's going on now

you know I'm saying I'm not gonna get

all into that nonsense but anyway I keep

going with that I keep going you're not

even going for the right people you're

not even jamming the right people you

know anyway whatever but you know comes

from that we're we're taught to be that

we have no control or we have no ability

or whatever no we're taught you pretty

much have to do what you're taught to do

well you're only gonna get about forty

percent of what's necessary from there

the rest is all in the juice man and the

suppression of everything else causes

all the emotional and mental and even

physical ailments that we experience

absolutely absolutely

stay strong yeah keep rolling yeah so

alright baby well we're at the end of

this game okay

so it's been fun no you're cool you're

cool so give them the juice on where you

from what you

how to get a hold of you how do I get a

hold of me putting Andale Williams calm

and you got there you go that's pretty

like teach classes so yeah so I teach

classes all around the dallas-fort Worth


well right now we got all of our stuff

going on but for the most part on

Kendall um there's an event tab so all

my events are there I'm on Meetup

I'm all over Facebook and Instagram and

YouTube and everything really hard to

find if somebody goes to one of your

classes they might get naked no good

that's I mean that's not good my classes

a lot of people know I mean like if I

was teaching a naked class it would say

you're going to get naked at this class

and I have yet to teach a naked class

I've yet to to host an orangie or to

teach a naked class so it's like or to

force anybody to do any sexual contact

because guess what my class is typically

are knowing about sexual contact or

about education education they're about

energy and if you're with your partner

you're with your partner so yeah yeah

there's that stigma out there and I go

what does sex coach sex therefore mean

no hardcore safe space boundaries

everything in his education focused I

have had people get mad at me because it

was education focus and they didn't get

turned on enough for educational

purposes yeah yeah all right man we're

at the end of this and I welcome Kent

Kent I'm trippin Kendall really it's

been a good I think um in good anyway

I'm Robert Cruz says you probably

already know you can get me at four six

nine five four six eight oh one seven or

go to my website Robert Caruso online

comm I do

damnit intuitive ratings which would be

psychic to some people and I do other

stuff too we could talk later but uh I

do the music he writes that kind of

thing anyway the next well I guess we're

done here

so anyway remember to always be a person

of action that inspires others instead

of a reactive person that inspires no

one have a good day

Robert Caruso Intuitive