Dec 2, 2010

This is them introducing me. Its at a mansion in heath Texas the same night as the one with the Baker Hotel.
Its split screen shows me sensing the things the home owner was complaining about. I hadn’t met er at that point. (only when I was about to leave)
The big man is Peter Havilan from Lone Star spirit investigation.

the tray out here outside of not having

somebody there that actually witnessed

the glass being firm yeah I'm saying

that I'm saying it could be I'm saying

it's inconclusive but it is a strange

coincidence though that we're certain

you're talking about spirits talking

about this place that it fell oh hi this

is Peter with unsourced eres peter has

received a distress call from a lady

four and a half hours away in dallas

texas our team tags along for the

preliminary investigation started out

hearing hear footsteps we hear footsteps

are live and they're going usually from

my bedroom to my bathroom and back and

forth okay I woke up one night I was

really sick what opened my eyes there's

a woman sitting by my bad pass said geez

what is this and she just floated across

the room and disappeared into far

so I had to get new directions on how to

get there I'm meeting a robert caruso

will pretty well-known psychic here in

the dallas area

and he's going to walk the house and get

his impressions I'm gonna sit down and

I'm going to interview the client and

then Tom and myself are going to be

going through the area and see if we can

get anything on them on the meters of

stuff hey Robert let's follow me with no

prior knowledge of the home or its

hauntings Robert the psychic will walk

through each room in order to assess if

there's an actual paranormal presence

Jenn truth temperatures about 65 degrees

seems like late 1800s a little darker

girl to be about her granddaughters it

feels like there was an ailment that I

can't see I feel like it is from the

little girl for sure say geez there's so

much to tell I was home alone would not

and my dog started barking and I thought

someone's at the front door and I go

into the foyer and they're barking up

the stairs and when I go through they're

just [ __ ] their heads off and I hear

this shh shh coming from upstairs and

I've rolls around and there's nothing


definitely too young Anthony's here that

female and that young male that I picked

up a little bit downstairs now is that a

part of the same family feels like it is

my daughter saying two children a little

boy little girl my grandchildren several

them had also seen it and another little

girl that's not part of our family was

terrified when not by seeing a little

girl standing by her bed the only trauma

that I feel this from the little girl

who died early it seems like a thickness

of some sort my daughter heard a

scratching in more not coming from her

closet door she's sitting maybe a foot

from it hits from inside I mean it

wasn't because it I'm sorry excuse me it

was the bathroom door and then she hears

a knocking and she come into my bedroom

just terrified crying and she said

somebody's in my bathroom the idea is

that they're in this general vicinity

right when these people moved in it's

like they connected energetically that's

why they're able to even see each other

or interact in any way that make sense

it's just weird you know it's my home

and I don't want feeling feeling

uncomfortable an omelet back and ask

them to place you know let's do it

because it's my home and you know you're

scaring my parents I just

person helped along with the initial

visit / Peter makes arrangements to

return on another night the client seems

very believable to me my us they do

believe that there's something going on


believability in the client

I mean it didn't seem like there was too

much going on the fact that everybody in

the house is experienced something that

maybe that's a pretty good sign I mean I

personally didn't get anything on film

or detect anything on that hallway if

thought of the core of my eyes somebody

looking around the corner I've been

looking under there too i did say it was

disorganized fun maybe he wanted to see

i'll start that [ __ ] with me maybe you

were projecting what you wanted to see

here because you know so much about the

house and and and you wanted to see a

ghost and it was your mind hey make it

happens what some of this stuff that

were looking at here gives us some of my

meters oh they can do the magnetic

Robert Caruso Intuitive