Conscious Living

We hear a lot of folks talking about being awake. I’m awake, she’s awake, and he’s not awake, Etc. Etc.

Being awake isn’t just about being aware of the deceptive and many times destructive practices of the corporations and governments of the world.

Being awake is about conscious living. It’s about living life, not by the values of others, but solely by your own beliefs.

Through your day, try to see how many times your decisions are based on public appeal or traditional but baseless.

How many comments on FB or Twitter do you post that are based on the desired reactions from your friends?

A while back there was a picture of a dog stuck in a tree. He was clearly put there intentionally and was obviously in pain with his body wedged in the fork of the tree.

Absolutely every comment had to do with the quality of the photography or the desire to kiss the dogs face.

No one expressed the fact that wedging the little guy in the tree was abusive. It would  have been against the direction of the thread, and the need to show a loving mindset and love for animals.

We are all prone to do this type of thing so there should be no judgment. But ongoing attention to this is vital to spiritual development and raising of the consciousness of the masses.