Jun 28, 2020

Linda Sprague a veteran energy healer and reader. Does CPR for the soul. Based Arkansas

welcome we're us the name of this

podcast I call it us because we're all

in this together in in order for all of

us to come together and make things

happen in this world we have to get

stronger within ourselves the way to do

that isn't to necessarily try to push

anything as much as you trying to get

rid of distractions and things that may

have been following you around in your

life that as maybe caused you to maybe

not be as productive as you'd normally

would or be more emotional than you

should or maybe react at times that

maybe shouldn't call for that kind of

reaction in order to be able to be a an

active person as the most reactive is as

I said to get rid of those distractions

maybe your mother was tough on you or

you died that may have been sexual or

physical or emotional abuse maybe some

trauma pretty much anything you can kind

of follow you around and caused you to

do things you won't necessarily agree

with once you're done doing them well

one of the things we do in my profession

and people in people's profession that

go from metaphysical but also

development and healing aspects that's

what this is all about today we have a

an old friend of mine know nerd years

ago it's got to be 20 years now more

than that maybe she's uh her name is

Linda Spragg I met her in the 90s and

what I liked about her was that she

seemed to come at things with a common

sense and a more grounded approach than

a lot of people in those times and needs

in these times and then one day

I had been going with doing doing the

job for years but I was doing it just

people coming to the house and just kind

of offhanded some kind of us a side

thing to do as I was learning more and

more about it well when I met Linda I

had gotten into the position of doing it

full-time and one thing about doing the

intuitive work full-time it can tend to

it tend to wear you down connections to

all different vibrational frequencies

different personalities different

problems that sort of things tends to

wear you down after a while and I had

gotten to a point where it had been so

tough that I couldn't sleep I couldn't

eat obviously gotten over that anyway

and I was having a lot of a conflict in

my behavior well Linda does this thing

is she calls it's called soul CPR and

she'll talk about that Henry a minute

but let me tell you what it did for me I

didn't expect a lot because I had done

had healings done before and it really

didn't do nothing well in this case I

went to her and she had these things

that she did you know with the energy

and stuff like those and there's a

weirdest thing I was sitting there

breathing deep and just kind of letting

it happen all of a sudden I had this

vision of these people or entities

walking out of my sight like they were

walking out of my mind or out of my head

it wasn't something I thought of I

didn't create it it was just something

that I saw when it was done it was like

all the cobwebs and all the muck had

been taken out of my mind

I'll say it would go back to work I was

reading a lot of people in those days

and as I do now but I was able to do it

with such clarity and such comfort that

I never forgot it well luckily enough I

ran into Linda again on Facebook and I

since I'm doing this I think this is a

good time to tell tell people what she

does and how she doesn't well she'll

tell you more about how she does it

anyway she's the founder and creator of

the soul CPR process she's dedicated her

life to the past three decades to

helping people unravel their personal

traumas and challenges in order to find

the true their truest self which is so

important Linda has been called an

artist in the field of energy healing

and rebalancing with a deep and

understanding of modern and ancient

systems of restoring the psyche to

wholeness she provides safe effective

ways of for people to heal Linda is also

an experienced astrologist an intuitive

spiritual guide as well as a popular

teacher her private practice includes

soul CPR holistic that's a holistic

healing for a difficult life events and

trauma the gateways to synchronicity

Tarot astrology

she holds a Master degree in folklore

studies and from Indiana University

she's a certified trauma relief and

recovery and myers-briggs type ology

she'll have to tell you what that is she

has facilitated women's moon gatherings

soul CPR life skills workshops in Dallas

at the Dallas Yoga Center Linda also has

been a speaker and workshop presenter at

North Texas CG Young University

she loves to teach people how to access

and utilize their emotional and

spiritual intelligence so at this time

I'm introducing right now

Linda spike there you go hi Robert how

safe to be here it was such a touching


moment to hear from you to talk to you

and to reflect on when we met and what

we were both experiencing in the 90s at

overtones bookstore in Dallas Texas and

I just wanted to say that for both of us

I know for me but maybe for both of us

it was a it's a very intense time and it

was a time in a way of an of being

initiated into being a light worker and

oh there's something else it's like

being able to handle learning how to

handle so many energy at one time right

so I had never experienced anything like

it again and I kind of hope not I just

remember us sitting in our little rooms

with the whiteboard you knowing and

doing whatever needed to be done

people were we're needing readings they

were needing healing and personally you

know I was very fortunate I got to do

everything that I knew in that room

right depending on what the person

needed and I'm sure you did too

yeah so from that we got like tremendous

amount of experience to be able to kind

of go out into the bigger world and give

what we want to get right so I'm very

I'm very grateful for that time and I'm

grateful to have a connection with

someone from that time who was a witness

yeah what was going on

did it seem like kind of a boot camp to

you yeah it was hardcore and it was like

remember those fair

is a demo seven o'clock and I'll be able

to stand up till 6:00

exactly that's that's a better way of

putting it thank you so much yeah now

what I like about you I've been

listening to little bit of stuff in here

that us on us and I love the way you

bring such a clear sense of both the

feminine and the masculine like the

maskings like a good camp word you know

but you you don't neglect the feminine

talking about the intuitive and bringing

the heart into all that we're doing so

it's really pretty cool yeah we can I'm

Alan snowing oh I wanted to say that a

friend of mine her name is janae

Richards we're doing a little Thursday

night group on soon and it's a small

group but we are talking about so many

amazing things and when you talked about

the feminine on the parts that I was

watching I was reminded of something

that happened this week we were talking

about Mars it's going to go into Aries

in a few days the end of the month I

think it's the 30th and it will be there

for six months because it will do a

retrograde phase in September so is that

okay if I start with a little astrology

I'll just okay so Mars rules Aries and

most people kind of know now let Mars is

like the war planet stuff like that but

what we came to us we talked with health

we're going to have six months here to

really develop our spiritual warrior you

know in an individual way and retrograde

all that means is that the plan is

moving slowly so it appears from the

backwards it's not really moving

backwards of course but it's moving

slowly and it was so slow that we have

this extended period now it can bring

things like war it can

a lot of you go but it also brings the

opportunity for let's say black lives

matter to become an initiation for some

afro-american individuals to actually go

through an initiation to come out the

other side empowered and a spiritual

lawyers to what they're going through so

that was one thing that came out of it

and then the other thing that relates to

the masculine-feminine we've had quite

an uproar with the feminine you know

kind of like pounding the pavement and

being sure that that we're seeing were

occurred and it's a it's an ongoing

thing to try to bring the feminine more

back into balance with the masculine but

what we talked about I thought was so

fascinating that what I'm going to find

my clothes we're moving this was a

clothes from them it's a quote from a

psychologist who joins us on Thursday

night her name is Tara Cole

so here's what she said well we're

moving out of role based identity into

dynamic beingness and partnering and the

dynamic means of course non-rigid so

we're moving out of the old role based

identity upon a man I'm a woman I'm a

mommy and a daddy you know on a I see

guy I'm an IT woman whatever we're

moving out of that into more fluid

dynamic identity so if we look it's like

we're creating we're in the process of

creating new archetype for our being

like the masculine feminine are like you

know we've got now like transgender and

all these other kind of headlines around

gender identity so these people are

moving it out of this rigid identity so

that we can incorporate the masculine

and feminine and in one being

so we don't have to just be one or the

other and I thought you kind of were

expressing that we talked when I heard

you talk about you know the strength we

have to be strong we have to do things

and that's like a masculine energy but

at the same time we have to bring heart

and feeling to it yeah absolutely

in my will my way of thinking is just

that it's if you don't have the

sensitivity and the compassion along

with the strength and assertiveness if

you don't have them both then you're

gonna go in circles you're actually

going to cause a problem instead of

instead of healing it you know I'm

saying yeah and we see that we see the

wounded see the wounded feminine we see

the masculine that is over reacting duty

woundedness and due to being such an and

it's eminence and then we see the

feminine going along with the men in

order to belong in order to stay

entrenched in their own role based

identity so it's a very it's just an

amazing time I know I started to well my

partner Jack and I made away from Dallas

three years ago and I thought well this

will be great I can still talk to my

clients online and do some things but

it's kind of more moving towards

retirement and at that time I had a

reading and I honestly can't remember

where I had to be I think it was in

Dallas with someone I didn't know and I

wanted to know well how's it going to be

in Arkansas and what's going to happen

what's been happening and she kept

talking about my work and I said well

I'm kind of retiring and she said no you

are so dear like they're like workers

contramar your life worth of contact has

not expired and will not expire and I

think that's some one message I want to

give to everyone who will hear this that

it's a white workers we don't expire you

know there's no gold why

there's no IRA at the end of it I've

tried to quit

there's no way in fact since the virus

the corona virus started for one month

everything was silent everything was

quiet and then WHAM all these things

have happened that have speeded up my

participation as a lightworkers and I'm

on the one hand I'm shocked in the other

hand I'm grateful and I'm excited that I

get to be a part of what we're doing and

so I haven't any time it is a

fascinating time so when I use the word

archives I'm thinking about what I've

learned from Touro which I won't talk

about much today except to say that I

think the art types that are in the

Tarot are vital to our understanding and

they are what I call one of the

templates that we use in order to

understand ourselves and then astrology

I've done morality in the past three

years and I did I don't know a long time

because people are they are really

tuning in to that system has a template

for understanding the concept of as

above so below

so horoscope is like it's like a magical

photograph of the moment that we took

breath or the moment we got here on our

train and it kind of is are part of our

blueprint that we're always trying to

understand so that we can transform and

continue on you know with new energy so

I wanted to mention access I told you

that I thought a good topic was like

co-creating new templates a co-creating

templates for new ways of being arms and

earth and Thoreau is one astrology is

one it's a very

big template overwhelming complicated

template in some way so the job of the

astrologer is to make it simple and when

you said that one of the things you

liked about me was I had common sense

and was founded I change have been born

with that and it keeps me from going off

too far but astrology it's like if we

can ground it and make it simple and

give what's important to a person it can

be one of the most important decoders

that we have in understanding ourselves

and the collective now we could talk a

long time today about what's going on

you know SEO logically that relates to

what's going on on planet Earth so more

important is to understand that these

are cycles and when people think like

well what what does that have to do with

what's going on here

it's not like a cause-and-effect it's a

relational connection

so there are astrologers and have been

from the beginning of time who have

followed the cycle of what happens in

the heavens and they kept that that

record going forever so it's a

combination of astronomy and astrology

the astrologer is the one who's like the

historian who writes it down and says

well here's what happened during the Sun

so we are repeating a phenomenally and

huge cycle right now

of death and transformation and it was

kind it was kind of during the plague

you know with current parts of it I mean

not exact the plague it was pretty close

to exact the Spanish flu had some parts

of it the AIDS epidemic had parts of it

so we go through these cycles where we

have wake-up calls that change our

behavior that tear down like you mention

on one show that we're you know we're

we're losing the old ways of being and


to step up and say yes I'm for creating

new structures I'm for creating new ways

of being right you know we don't mean

has to be balanced you know that's what

I'm seeing personally yeah it has to be

balanced we can't get you know to where

we run all totally on emotion but we

can't go might what might makes right

either Oh perfect I love that that's the

whole thing with what I call my soul CPR

was a combination of my certifications

and trauma work and then the energy work

that I've been doing so that's the whole

point that it's not you start with the

emotion you start with the feelings and

then you move it to deeper understanding

that week to actually witnessing your

own behaviors your own adaptive strategy

directly for getting by in this world

and you go wait a minute I think I would

like to do something different here and

then you can paint that and you can just

grieve the past and say hey it got me

this far but goodbye and you know here's

to the new way so if we don't move

beyond the emotional reaction we don't

get anywhere right well you know I was

saying a lot actually this week really a

lot that the emotion is more like like

an indicator like the old radar detector

you know right and as soon as that goes

off then the idea isn't to panic or to


it's to evaluate what it is you're doing

and how you're doing it I live there if

you literally emotion all you do is go

in circles and destroy yourself really

learning about resolving trauma and

difficult life event trauma success

connected with the emotions and of

course it gets lodged in the body that

is good so making it more conscious

is the way out so we can do something

different yeah absolutely yeah yeah well

I think this time that we're going

through now is about that because we're

gonna find out then might makes right

really doesn't work but we're also gonna

find out that ultra sensitivity or ultra

ultra reactive to sensitivity also

doesn't work all right so what's

happening now is what's the Battle of

the two which will ultimately result in

the combination of both oh yeah that is

so cool

yeah Wow I love that oh and make you

feel so good because this process is so

CPR that's kind of what it's about

because the headline is say simple

structures so you may have your ceiling

and then you have simple ways of

understanding what your beliefs and

behaviors been so that you can create a

new container for yourself right yeah

yeah yeah cuz well go ahead no well it's

like when I started I was more of a

knuckle-dragger type and the more I

would let go of some of that the

intuition started and then I found out

that I went totally intuitive where all

I did was live the job and it was

messing me up so I had to find my

balance back do you see them saying yeah

yeah I even had I wind it up I think you

might know this I went into Peru and

hung out with the Indians for a while to

make that happen you know and what it

did was now when I see for example Trump

for example just an example I don't see

the Neanderthal overbearing type that

people see I can see what he's means and

what he meant what he's focusing on but

it's the might makes right mentality

that's screwing it up yeah you know what

I'm saying oh yeah it freaks people out

enough that they're afraid he's gonna

tear everything apart which really he

won't but

he's making him more of a mess by

talking like a crazy man yeah yeah yeah

I think he's a good example of what you

said doesn't work yeah

Pepe has votes might makes right he'll

say we'll just get out there and take

care of it you know we'll bring in the


and bring in the army whatever might

makes right and we know that won't work

and then on the other hand he's ultra

sensitive yeah yes you know he so his

feminine is like right there I mean so

sensitive he gets us going first and

then he lashes out with might makes

right right well that's why he's he

Chloe I'm doing this nobody can I'm

doing this nobody can that's more of his

defensive neck mechanism than it is a

belief see like he doesn't believe

really he's all that okay doesn't really

believe that he's doing that that's part

of his defense against other people tell

them he's no good do you see him Sam

yeah and I was watching him in a in a

town hall thing and this lady said mr.

Trump what advice do you have to an

ordinary person to have the success that

you've had he said the first thing you

do is quit quit telling yourself you're

ordinary and that is excellent access

nobody's ordinary right right and yeah

like when I hear him say I'm the best

I'm the best or whatever he says I never

take it as well he's saying he's better

than me

do you see where a lot of people will do

you say I'm saying Oh like you got

something they're saying they're the

best then you think well [ __ ] he must

think I'm not as good right yeah well

it's not it's not true yeah so what

you're saying is kind of modeling to us

that we need to believe we're the best

yeah absolutely yeah but she that's been

that you know that you hear that from

Tony Robbins you hear that from all

those will people do Carnegie yeah but

they're not as they're not as a rough


as he is why okay so it's that an

educator like he should be you notice an

yeah did you did you see the movie to


no I didn't okay there's a book called

the help they made a movie about flights

in the south for not during slavery but

in the 50s in the city so there's this

woman black woman who is the domestic

worker and she does every day to work

for the family and one of the children

there's a full girl she's really very

connected with and this is what she says

to her everyday you is smart you is kind

you is important

yeah she says the same thing but in this

very saw that's all in that's what

matters to you

like you know when I as my career is

gone my lot of my I have this program

that actually teaches people how to

communicate better

one of the things I do is I have them

ask questions as opposed to make

statements for example right for example

okay your statement could be why you

know you're treating me like crap or

whatever but the and the other side of

that could have been why do you want me

to feel this way what are you trying to

have me feel that's constructive but

it's the same thing but it's

constructive it can work out it could be

worth yeah yes and as opposed to saying

okay you you're right and I'm not I mean

I'm right you're not and try to press I

know yeah yeah oh yeah I'm my

relationship great yeah we're still

living in this paradigm of we're

supposed to listen only to prepare

ourselves to be to react or you know

right five we don't ever really listen

and what you're saying is

I'm listening and I'm going to give you

a question

listen and refund from that right yeah

yeah yeah yeah and the other thing would

be like okay you're saying this and I

feel in this is that what you're trying

to do yeah

because a lot of times people will say

something that'll be taken wrong with

someone else because they're coming off

their baggage too

you know one one phrase you know if you

look at how the early English language

is one phrase can be taken two or three

times different ways so that's it's

tricky way to do it I mean it's a way

they really sell settle things down you

know ya struktur yeah I love that so you

you have a fourth online what's that

well it's actually not a course it's

just I have people who they want I'll

just have the business work so they buy

a block of time and say they're going

into a meeting I'll look into it okay

you're dealing with this guy so here's

how you approach him and then I say okay

he's gonna do this to you he's gonna try

to overpower you so what you do you keep

eye contact and you say are you saying

this oh yeah is this what you need from

me alright that's what yeah yeah there's

a particular counseling model you're

really taking it to a whole other level

and counseling if it's couples

counseling one of the things they do is

like if somebody says count you in the

counter says what happens would you tell

me what happened and says the woman says

well this happened that he said there's

some bottle black and then you turn to

the man you say okay could you please

tell us what you just heard once meaning

can you repeat what she said and the guy

says she said I'm a jerk and I'm not

good enough right yeah yeah yeah so that

you know you're going you're taking that

and really doing something with it

that's a great I was

yeah it's I have like 79 people on that


and uh yeah and it's all over the world

I mean I had a lady not long ago call me

suicidal she was in Beijing and it's

because she took a lot of what was being

told to her at that time she's taking it

all as an offence that she wasn't good

enough and this and this and this

yeah and once we unraveled it she

realized that she wasn't Indian judged

at all do you see yeah once it's

unraveled she started seeing okay I did

take it this way because of this or this

you know exactly what yeah yeah because

he already felt that way the man who

said she thinks I'm I'm not good enough

she said I'm not good enough he already

feels good enough yeah yeah you probably

see this tale and do something you have

like sometimes a guy or a woman will

treat their spouse bad because they

think they're too good like if a man

looks at his wife and he's afraid she's

gonna leave a lot of men will behave in

such a way to make her believe she's not

worth nothing oh really

it isn't cuz he doesn't believe he she's

worth nothing's because he doesn't want

her to think it cuz then she won't think

someone else would be Berta

Wow you see so it's like yeah you know

somebody cheating a lot of times they

don't cheat because they think the

person is better they cheat because I

think the person is easier to impress

correct you say it's just interesting

stuff yeah yeah well I'm really

fascinated that our town we've been

apart for a long time and haven't had

any contact except seeing you on

Facebook or just to that and here

talking with you we're doing a lot of

similar things right cuz it's time for

it this time because it's not work so

maybe that's why it came to me they

called it topic so creating templates or

new ways of being because we well first

of all we have to you know so we have

template and I don't know what the

fundamental thing is but it's like you

just template originally is like a

pattern for like used in industry

you know a metal cutout or something or

a pattern for dress Euston for sewing

and then it's got it applied to a file

that serves as a starting point for new

documents and then it's been applied now

in DNA strand is used by DNA to attach

it's like the mother lode you know and

it replicates itself through a template

right and we're creating other templates

for problem solving for integrating the

masculine and feminine for coming into

our own strength and to create co-create

a different world right so we've got to

put a footnote in with this create a

different world because it goes back you

know of course forever it's ongoing but

the most recent point in this is 2012

when we dealt with the Maya calendar and

we learned that the Maya knew that

26,000 years cycle had completed it's

called the precession of the equinoxes

right and so that calendar there's all

this hullabaloo oh the world is coming

to an end

well as we know it exactly so we are in

that transitional time of the risk

assessment equinoxes where we're moving

into a very new experience and we're not

there and who knows how long it's going

to take but we have to create conscious

templates for getting there or we're

just gonna die right well we need to

peel in we need to be saying that seeing

self development and understand yeah

understanding there's a strength and a

virtue right you know saying what yeah I


yeah the outcome of my program with CPR

is empowerment right the person feels

empowered and strong no matter what's

happened in their life right yeah and

the other thing I just want to say

one more thing on this subject that I've

been hearing recently things like people

worried about the New World Order and

stuff like think that they hear the

phrase we're one and I think that means

we're all supposed to be the same and

that's not the point the incredible

miracle of creation is that we all come

from that same energy that saying

whatever substance but we're all unique

and that's enough to make us realize

that there's something deeply profound

about creation it doesn't mean that we

lose our uniqueness or our individuality

it just means that we keep that concept

that that knowing that heart knowing

that we are all a part of the same thing

but it doesn't mean that we stop having

Christmas or we stop having Ramadan or

you know whatever it is so that part of

our strength and empowerment here's to

not lose that that sense and not think

somebody's trying to put that away

yeah I think the general that newer

lorta thing is a general thing where we

become the serfs and the subjects and

the elite so to speak becomes the

masters with the whip okay okay well we

are there's days when I think hurry up

Frodo and get the ring into the volcano

right you know it's like that to me is a

perfect symbol of this transformation

into another time yeah into another way

of life like we the bring represents

this sort of like power and authority

invincibility power over rather than

power with you know so anyways I was

thinking about the whole idea of

template of course if I said I was

talking about that and one of the first

templates that I can remember being

really impactful to me was

álvarez reach for agreement right me

that's what kind of template that if we

really take it seriously it starts to

change the light and then he added one

so there's be impeccable with your words

and that means inside your head as well

as outside one and then don't think

don't take things personally that you

talked about right can get away from

that boy we make good stress don't make

assumption as psychic and intuitive we

need to make sure people understand that

we're not exactly reading their mind no

no we're not we're not making us

something about who they are or anything

like that and I shouldn't make

assumptions about my friend but you know

it's important that people understand

they can't ever read anybody's mind

that's when they're making a sentence

and then the fourth one he just says is

always do your best and then he added

another one recently I guess he's done

another book and it's like be skeptical

but learn to listen right listen it's

right yeah well you know skeptical being

skeptical should be first thing because

you know it's so easy to get led by

somebody was pretty talk and stuff like

that Wow so it's really important to be

able to say okay yeah it's sounding good

but this is really what's going on here

do you see ya know like in our field in

our field as you know there's no

guardrails and there's nothing to say

what's real it wasn't what isn't you

know no not concretely and so you have

to be skeptical like I have people come

to me still well you know I've never

done it so I'm a little skeptical she

should be skeptical right when you're

dealing with something like this you

should be skeptical absolutely if you're

not then you need look at that dress you

know I'm saying because yeah I read I'm


myself to be skeptical about everything

I here right now because oh my gosh you

know gone are the days when you turned

on the news and everybody has the same

story you know now have all these

different I got is dead I know everybody

you tell me was cool I know and we have

to grow up and understand this

multi-dimensional reality we live in

that we have all these different ways of

proceeding and interpreting behaving

there's so many different ways and what

do we do with that I think that's part

of this movement of shift it's like we

have to accept other people's

interpretation yeah well you know what

people being different was different in

points of view it's kind of like

tomatoes in your salad man yeah without

it you got nothing you know I'm saying

yeah I know it's pretty amazing yeah

that's kind of what I want to say about

the whole template thing of like I just

want to encourage all white workers to

think about not just the details of what

they do but what's the bigger picture

and what is it that they had to offer as

a template for new ways of being in this

new world that was trying to co-create

that will make us all feel loving and

strong and empowered you know and to get

along but to combine what we were saying

about those masculine feminine energy

there's one thing about the Mars going

into Aries we can say I saw found this

one quote about the Rainbow Warriors so

this is like being strong in love and

powerful and compassion are having world

powers to help their voice was one out

the plants and animal because we have a


with everything here on earth yeah you

know you see you see a lot of you know

when I talk to people you know everybody

comes to me now talks to me about you

know things are going bad or getting

worse and stuff like this and this is

they're not getting worse right and I

think it looks a little dark but it's

only going through the worst part of the

transition yeah right in the last few

years we have made such strides in like

animal health I mean take care animals

yeah dealing rice dealing with abuse uh

dealing with runaway kids dealing with

all these things that needs to be done

make credible strides with that yeah and

even now when it seems like the races

are clashing that's not even really

what's happening here because there's no

way we're gonna have a race war because

90% of whites blacks who ever believe

it's cool that the other one is there

you know I'm saying like wow well we do

we didn't have black people in our

culture what we do we didn't have some

Indians or some this or that you know

what I'm saying

right right I mean we would be off we

would be we wouldn't be what we are

what clash is just fear of being less or

lack or free or fear of the other person

thinks more which if we don't understood

that it really is irrelevant right yeah

yeah yeah there are there's actually

been a lot of research and all the

things that Africans brought to America

and particularly to the south and one is

the language because act they had a lot

of tonality in their language sober so

the southerners talk with more lyrical

you know more of things on me you know

that kind of thing

yeah just something simple like that not

to mention heritage because the African

women did little white girls and did

those curls and stuff like they did I

don't know it's just fascinating to

receive inherited came a lot from Africa

yeah so you know we're living in a time

of the shadow about it's like sad all

phenomenal things are happening so we're

living in the shadow and we're trying to

be a part of the change we're trying to

become our own shamans in a way exactly


and we're gonna grow our own soul

because we know that problem can't be

solved from the vibration they were

created right exactly

we have to raise our vibration yeah

exactly yeah and we're using all these

tools we can bring and all these

sentences can to try to raise a

vibration so that we can do something

different now the thing you talked about

that we did so long ago that is a part

of shamanism and shamanism over the

years what I've come to see is that

someone isn't it you know it's an earth

day right yeah well you know it's also a

vibrational situation they use the

animals and you know trees and rocks and

stuff they use it as symbols of just

vibrational change or vibrational

opportunity yeah you know saying right

like I was telling somebody I have this

technique that I've to tell people to do

soon as they meet somebody is to decide

what kind of animal they are and and

they're going well what kind of animal

how do I know an animal they're gonna be

well it it doesn't matter what matters

is how do you see them they see if you

see them as a bear maybe they're

protective but maybe they have a short

temper short quick temper but maybe

they're Pedley you know if it's a snake

maybe whatever correct characters has

you seen a snake but it's just you're

just in intuitively interpreting the

vibration yeah yeah and it really all

comes down to that you know yeah like

what you did for me you helped me reset

my vibrational frequency right it was a

phenomenal phenomenal yeah and it made

everything and made a big difference for

me that time yeah absolutely

yes when the person is receptive

you know it really is beautiful yeah I

can't use my I can't use my shaker Cup

on the phone it really sounds bad but I

had this that's them good be a minute

ago tubes wouldn't it was yeah there

goes that was cool as hell yeah yeah the

goat shows are the things that they go

head so they're not abused animals they

said done any collection right this is

just a little semana John got belt on it

well so I can you to just that that

shaking made the vibration made a

difference in the vibration also yeah

yeah supportive shamanism up trying to

again use a different frequency to solve

the problem that it's going to be

different from this where it was created

well that's the whole thing we have such

a big influence over on our own

vibration that it's phenomenal we don't

have to do feel how we feel you

understand here like when I get really

wore out really wore out I might wake up

totally depressed or even suicidal

actually for about 30 seconds right then

I'll think about what I got to do things

are gonna do and you know I'm gonna go

see the kid today you know go whatever

whatever and I'm back and I'm back yeah

do you say and that's really all there's

to it when I was that wore out I was to

a point where I didn't know what I could

do with it and when I went to you you

did your thing I just relaxed let you do

it and it raised the vibration for me

yeah yeah yeah yeah I get it no I was

good yeah whatever the magic is of that

that you're receptive and your guides

and the sound you know we're known so

much more now about sound vibration and

how good effects are our frequencies and

everything so we're going to do more and

more a lot of that a lot of the shamans

that I've met like in in South America

and Missoula stomach

and Hoonah you know the Hoonah people in

it all of their stuff is really although

it has symbols it's all routed with

vibration although that's why they use

it kuro-san in south america music

Kouros which is you know these chants

they do these chants a lot of these

monks use chance that's to do yeah a lot

of them will use fire you folk you focus

on fire long enough it'll raise your

vibration because the vibrate of the

fire itself has a high vibration yeah do

you say and no that's what that's all

about it's they use a lot of earth-based

symbolism yeah yeah that's one part of

it the second part of it is the admin

block for the ancestors and taking care

of the ancestors appreciating the

ancestors and that's taking us to

another step in our transformation here

on earth that we have got to see appeal

our ancestors and when we think about

ancestors we think about the negative

things we got or the good things we got

or thank you or whatever but they need

our help

things you know the ancestors that they

need our help and trying to like relief

from the old ways as well so that we can

move in the new dimension because they

they help keep us stuck there too and

they're stuck let me ask you this that

you beauteous did you hit that just just

for the just like to ask a question the

question is this do you believe in death

yeah I mean well you know I mean stop

reading here on earth but you know no I

mean we continue right this is what I'm

saying shedding a body the death of the

physical but not of the right the right

person yeah right yeah yeah I've been

telling about in fact I didn't mind I

had my sister's funeral and I was saying

I don't personally believe in death and

I know I got some looks on that one

anyway so but it's why I say it I

decided to decide I decided you could

articulate it that way I don't believe

in death right supposedly the ending of

something but it's just shedding moving

on and the reason I asked you about that

is because you're talking about

helping your ancestors well that implies

if the ancestors are still alive

how they are out there and prone to

effect right yeah and so that just

proves what I'm saying it's just not I'm

saying it yes there is one thing that I

want to say this would be more like I

mean about what you two bringing up it's

sort of like a more esoteric mystical

part of Christianity that I think we

were raised some of us were raised with

I was but I kind of forgotten it a

friend of mine died a few years ago when

I went to the evening selling you know

doing what they call doing I was there

visiting with this partner and he was

more than a friend I shared office and

you know we were close and he was also

like a mentor to me so very very sad

what happened and his partner said let's

go up and and visit him

you know like in his asked if I was okay

so I go up there with him and he says

Linda it's so beautiful isn't it

he she's gone to be renewed now you know

she's not here but she's gone and he did

to be totally reborn I know

yeah I've dealt with a lot of death in

my time I get called every now and then

when somebody's about to die and that

sort of thing and I've always across the

board they always seem to get it figured

out at that time as they step away my

sister died in a couple years ago and

she lived her whole life kind of just


feeling bad about life in herself and

you know my parents we were raised

pretty rough and she was convinced that

she wasn't any good

so she gained like 475 pounds I think

she was and she only five foot tall so

her whole life was a big struggle and if

anything good happen she always winters

when the bad parts gonna come do you say

well she had COPD and we're in the

hospital and she wanted to die she

literally one just shelf of machines I'm

finished I can't do it this anymore

and my niece talked her into letting

everybody come and say goodbye and they

did that and well she looks over at

these nurses and she says this is that's

gonna hurt me and she goes no we won't

it won't hurt you you'll be fine you be

comfortable she said okay all right

let's do it

what she said now when they were cooking

her up to morphine her and so they could

take her off the ventilator she looks

around and she says wow people did love

me yeah it was the most beautiful thing

I've ever seen Wow because she got she

got is like it was a heartbreaking

because she didn't already know

Wow but it was just amazing cuz now she

did Oh beautiful is that I've seen that

times this is not me harder cuz is my

sister of course but you're out court

yeah so yeah there is continuity

continuity of life the guys just how

we're going through this one yeah yeah I

love that

newah T of what so yeah so what do you

think the last of this all this the

tunnel we're going through do you have

any idea when it comes out I have a

prediction oh I'm not sure that anyone

does I think it continues with these

difficulties for at least another year

oh yeah and you know it leads absolutely

I'd say at least another year but we

start a whole new cycle the end of the

year with Saturn and Jupiter and air and

air and Aquarius and that's a reset and

that's like it's 20 years Michael so you


hard to say cycle keep going on and on

and on

back in 8086 I read somebody and I came

to me and I was saying it ever since I

said by 2010 to 2012 there's 14 anything

about my encounters I said we're gonna

go through so much crap yeah now we're

gonna reset the whole consciousness

that's done you're gonna wanna buy a


oh that you've been it's happening just

like that I'm not saying that to be like

I'm right but it's happening just like

that and the prediction I have and

anybody listening to write it down man

within 26 months will be I have up

pretty much a whole different society

Wow we're a little different social

thing you know what I'm saying the norm

will be a little bit more amicable do

you say we will look at police police

behavior yeah the governmental behavior

with more scrutiny and more hands-on do

you see them saying yeah and now that'll

also bleed in these other parts of the

world too

but that's what I'm saying within the

next 20 well it's not to say I'm totally

fixed by then but we'll be in there we

really yeah I do believe that the things

that are happening like one person

texted me and said don't you think that

the L M thing is like out of control and

I'm like no it's over do you know like

this is so important and this is like I

agree that that's a that's going to be a

reset we're not going back no we're not

not at all there's no way to and yeah

it's the other thing what I see I mean

this is horrendous a lot of stuff going

on here Ian hurt I see it as we've had

an infection for the last decades lots

of decades and maybe a century and

what's going on now is the the bleeding

off of that infection gross as that

sounds and you know getting rid of

infection is

always painful yeah that's where we are

yeah what I love mortality over that but

there we are I know I like the symbology

about though we're getting rid of like a

collective toxic insect one yeah well

you know our society was really built I

mean when I was a little kid a lot of

people had pride in how honest they were

or how they handled things but there's a

big lot of them that we're all about

horse trading look I got over on

so-and-so got over on so it's all oh I

know you know this my people my people

like my dad and all those guys they were

all about that

who could nominate who could think smart

do you see

yeah that's an attraction in itself I

agree you see and so it had to come to

the head like this yeah and even as we

watch this is gonna sound a little weird

but as we watch Trump you can actually

watch him little by little he starting

to soften I mean really small yeah he's

starting to soften I mean if he had

enough we'd already had military

involvement and wiping out those people

in Denton Seattle do you say yeah

because that's his mentality that's his

mentality that's how he grew up okay

right but again he didn't because he's

seen okay we can't really get two strong

arms on this so little by little he's

learning and hopefully it'll make it

better for him but even even well as it

goes through he'll go through it we're

going to it we're all going thright yeah

he's through the pot yeah well like you

know it's gonna teach a lot easier ten

black people that not all white people

have a problem with them it'll teach

some people that black people they all

got a problem then we're gonna figure

out people that are really paying

attention gonna figure out that we can't

be without either of ya I'm not talking

the racist I'm not we can't be without

what black people we shouldn't be yeah

right well back paint was supposed to be

here - everybody's here everybody has

their place Yeah right it's like a

tapestry yeah if you have only one color

then you know nothing but a rug

yeah I'd like a piece why he'd slide

it's about the street right exactly and

then we put them all together you know

right yeah yeah yeah well baby without

only running out of time I know

so single Django

how can I thank you Robert this look

great I was like yeah let the people

know how they can get you sure and I

know you're gonna put it out there too

right for astrology at this ww-when

Defrag calm you can find full CPR right

now on Facebook while I'm redoing a web

site so either one of those places

they'll get you Jimmy

so CPR on Facebook okay all right cool

all right good talking to you girl that

was great okay hook up my wing get over

here another time at some point that'd

be great

okay all right guys it's a time is about

up one of the things I always like to

say is always strive to be a person of

action an inspiration to others instead

of a reactive person that inspires no

one have a good day

Robert Caruso Intuitive