Celebration of Death

I see a lot of references being made with regard to soldiers dying for their country, and the heroism it shows. But how many of us really take a good look at what we are doing and why?

When this country first began we had a revolutionary war to release us from the tyranny of the British rule. The Civil War was among other reasons, waged to attain freedom for slaves and the end of the ignorance of that behavior. The First World War and the second were to stop a tyrannical force from taking over Europe. There was the justifiable belief that we would be vulnerable if this was to be allowed to happen. These are all obvious examples of fighting for freedom.

Since then, every time we went into a warlike situation like Viet Nam or Korea, the battle cry was “defense of American freedom.” But in those cases, American freedom was not threatened.

The 911 situation is constantly under scrutiny as a possible “false flag operation[1]”. This event made the American people hysterically afraid of the threat of terrorism. The fear that swept the country provided the war profiteers with the opportunity they needed to sell an unjustified war to a country full of frightened sheep.

It was a fascinating display of power by these warlike puppeteers. They knew if they could scare the American people and fuel their need for revenge, they could then attack anyone they wanted to.  The military industry could then parlay this into billions of dollars of revenue. This worked so well, they became insatiable in their pursuit of wealth and began attacking and threatening other countries. They realized that if they kept people believing in a constant threat, the American people would go along with anything.

They kept the people ignorant by using our corrupt media to make it seem patriotic to verbally attack anyone that doesn’t adhere to that prescribed belief.

As this developed, the government obtained more control of the American people. They now had the means to distract them and keep them from revolting as the economy began to crumble.

(The people who start the wars are NEVER the ones who fight or die in them.)

If only the American people would take ten minutes away from their television sets and computers, and would put as much attention on what is really going on, instead of whether some celebrity is pregnant or not, perhaps then we will be able to stop the insane practice of feeding our young people to the war machine.

Who knows maybe if we did that, the War profiteers will find a way to make their profits by spreading peace and prosperity rather than feeding on the blood of the innocent.

Maybe we can have a day celebrating the life of our children, instead of rationalizing their death.

R. Caruso ©2014


[1]“False flag operations” are covert operations by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own.