Psychic Development for life
Over the years there has been one question that has been asked more than others and that is “Do I have psychic ability?”
The answer to everyone is, Yes
All the talk of someone having the “gift” is rhetoric. If there is a gift at all it is in the ease that you learn it. Some like myself came on it easily (my case almost against my will) some have to work at it a little bit harder. But anyone can do it.
In this class I will demonstrate and walk you through techniques that I have been using for much of my 27 years as a professional Intuitive reader.
The course will have 5 distinct parts. They are as follows:
1. Finding Focus: how to tune in and get the best connection with your client and their acquaintances and their path.
2. Tarot Reading: A straight forward way to become proficient in reading the Tarot cards
3. Inducing a vision. Learn to set a scene that will give you the means to ascertain the relationship and intentions of other people
4. Psychic Shape Shifting: be an animal or another person. Get inside objects. Go to meetings or events and see what you or your client will be dealing with
5. Bringing it all together: using all the techniques in unison.
Most classes’ show you a few things and then you are on your own, to stumble and struggle many times deciding you just don’t have it. At that point all you needed is a little insight to the problem.
By course end you will know you have the ability and know how to develop it. Also you will be able to call me for a full year as you develop to help you through any difficulties you may face.
Although this course will give you the tools to read others. The reason for this class isn’t to crank out more “professional” Readers”. It is to help people develop a god given ability that is inherent in all of us. It will ultimately make life easier and more enjoyable.
This class will be held on Saturday and Sunday June 13th and 14th noon till 3:00pm Both days
At my office at 1113 Hampshire Lane Richardson Texas 75080
The cost is an even $180 per person