It seems to me the problem with our society and I imagine the world is the need to live by absolutes and avoid even-handed compromise. Christians are pushing hard for Christianity to be taught or at least promoted in schools. But not Muslim, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism Hindu, Paganism, Wicca or any of the others.
How can you really force the belief in any one type of theology on anyone without diminishing their rights to their own understanding of life and the universe? If we are going to really teach creationism and the existence of God than we are morally obligated to teach the basics of all religions. That would be a monumental task for sure.
Maybe we should leave the religious teaching to the family or church and just allow a few minutes a day in schools for the exercise of religion in whatever form it is in without judgment.
I hear the demand for the routine pledge of allegiance to the flag in schools and sporting events. This is a technique used in the military all over the world to induce blind obedience.
Maybe instead we could have a couple minutes to reflect on where the country is headed or just silent personal contemplation.
Maybe instead of the pledge, we should have classes teaching our inalienable rights.
We could then pledge allegiance every morning to the U.S constitution, bill of rights, Integrity, and truth, instead of to a governmental system that is largely conducted in secrecy by political sociopaths in the chambers of the greedy and narcissistic.
If we pledge allegiance to truth and integrity everyone would know what that means and it would lessen our tendency to follow and support political sociopaths. Then maybe we will see treachery and unethical behavior with contempt instead as just business as usual.
Maybe then politicians would see it as political suicide to be part of a war that does nothing more than selling military hardware and line the pockets of the greedy. Wars that kill people by the thousands, destroying countless lives while needlessly squandering the lives of the young.