The American people would do well to stop focusing so much on who’s the president and more on the system as a whole. The president isn’t the whole problem or solution.

Just because a president is “for” something doesn’t mean he gets it. There are enough people in and out of government that will see to that.

For example many people are for Senator Bernie Sanders and say for: “I like his honesty and integrity but I don’t want to live in a socialist country”

The likelihood of him being able to turn the U.S into a socialist government is slim to none. But in the process of him trying to do that we may be able to develop a system that employs the best of both systems.

What if we could offer government-funded health care but instead of it being paid for by raising the taxes of working families and small business. It gets funded through the raising taxes on multibillion dollar corporations that are at this point exporting jobs and not paying their part. After all, most of the research and technological advancements have been made through government grants paid for by the average American taxes. To not allow everyone to benefit short-sighted and greedy.

Also with college tuitions: if we are going to compete in the world markets our population needs to be educated and we need as many people as possible involved in our growth and sustenance.  To limit it to just those who with the resources to afford it leaves a huge untapped resource that resides in the population of the under privileged.

We should focus on the honesty and integrity of the candidate in every office not just one that says what we want to hear but is riddled with scandal and proven lack of conviction.

If we want a system we can count on then we need a government staffs with people who are held accountable.