I read a lot on the internet about the abuse of women by men. Within the political arena it is something that is out of control and can’t be denied. Abuse of all forms should be stopped in its tracks. But what I am seeing is a lot of reference to is abuse within relationships coming from the man towards the woman.

Although I agree that this is the case most of the time, it is also true that men are affected by abuse as well. Every man at one time or another receives abuse from the woman who was supposed to love him. Most men are taught that they should never show soft emotions and that being too attentive leaves you open to be used and abandoned. Many men succumb to this treatment and eventually lash out violently or verbally. I am not saying all violence or abuse against women is provoked, and to be clear, there is never a justification for abuse. However, what I am saying is that abuse is on both sides and should be acknowledged in that regard.

How many times have we heard a woman complain about the guy being sneaky or hard to talk to? But we have photos and quotes talking as if it is a virtue for a woman to be verbally vague and manipulative. We have men being slammed for criticizing a woman’s breasts or ass when we have humorous anecdotes about the size of a man sex organ or his ability in bed. The dirt is on both sides of the road folks, and to not acknowledge that is a disservice to the reader and part of the problem between the genders.