In the past 27 years, I have been amazed at the power and possibilities available in this field of study.

The simplicity of the universe gets muddled due to complexities of emotions derived from fear of the unknown, blind belief in control-based rhetoric, and the human predisposition of expecting things to be complicated.

The mechanics of the universe are simple, as is its connection to spiritual, mental, and physical existence. The complication lies in the communication and understanding shared between beings, and the understanding that there are NO bad people, just bad behaviors that manifest due to fear of inadequacy and vulnerability. Although I have no doubt of this fact, it continues to test me most days of my life, yet at the end of the day always proves to be true.

My career has been built on using my intuition and experience delving into the maze of the human mind and spirit. My main task in being here is to find straightforward answers and provide real solutions to the confusing situations my spirit brothers and sisters may be experiencing.

Though metaphysical work is popular and to some fashionable, it is not a parlor game. It’s not a form of entertainment in my opinion, nor is it about being gifted or on a level above others, a ridiculous idea. It is about helping others clear the way to personal growth, and realization of their own power, and the ability to courageously give and receive love.