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Join me at
Addison Conference and Theatre Centre THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY @ 11 AM TILL 6 PM
at the Addison Conference Hall Address: 15650 Addison Rd, Addison Texas, TX 75001.

I will have a booth and offering reading I will also have some of my self-help CDs and

more information about the up coming classes at The Intuitive Academy
I will also be doing a forum called:
Psychic Ability: GIFT or HUMAN NATURE

I will show you that you have the ability by just being human.
I will also give you a technique on how to develop it.

In his
27+ years as a professional psychic Robert
Caruso is well-known to people all over
the world and from all walks of life for his
accurate psychic readings. Robert believes
that developing the intuition that is within
everyone can enhance and even save lives

So I’ll see you at the EXPO
Should be a lot of fun


Are you afraid?

Are you afraid of the ISIS issue? Afraid they’ll come here and kill people you know and love?

We have always had Killers and predators in the country.These are just another type

Are you afraid of Ebola?

We are always dealing with wicked diseases and viruses in this country like swine flu, HIV and cancer to name a few. This is just another one that kills different.

Prepare yourself, stay aware of your surroundings and then relax.

Being aware and prepared isn’t living in fear, it is living in reality.

Are you worried that corrupt politicians and corporations are destroying the environment?

There has always been crooks in politics and big business. Get involved in the system, protest, petition and blog. Vote for a person not a party. There has been a lot of politicians and celebrities that have been destroyed by popular opinion.

In dealing with corporations, buy only from businesses you feel are playing it straight (or close) Even if they are backed by the epitome of evil, shutting off their life’s blood (monetary income and popular opinion) will starve them to a point that they are eaten up by competition.

If you’re prepared it’ll be easy to stay in a positive frame of mind and maintain a high vibrational frequency. The alignment of positive thought, connection with spirit in (which ever form it takes for you) and physical work will keep your life running at optimum level of vibration. Doing so will enable you to more easily manifest things in you need or want.

Look out for you fellow beings, but leave them the space to make decisions and grow.

We are all in this together

Robert Caruso

Professional Intuitive and life coach

“US against THEM” (a Recipe for Destruction)


I saw a picture this morning of a guy with an assault rifle strapped to his back while he was shopping at a local grocery store. It made me think, just how afraid of your surroundings do you have to be to feel you need to carry such a weapon in public. We aren’t in Syria or Iraq the odds of this guy being engaged by a terrorist is slim to none. There is however a possibility of being assaulted. But think about it. If someone was going to assault this guy, they would focus on getting close enough for the attack. Our hero wouldn’t have time to take his rifle off his back, take off the safety (taking for granted he even had it on safety) and shoot it.

Though I don’t carry a gun myself, I support the right of someone to do so if they felt the need. I also support a person’s right to own whatever weapon he or she sees fit. But maybe everyone would be safer and more of a threat to criminals if he had a hand gun concealed strategically on his person. It could be easily retrieved and utilized possibly saving the day for himself and his fellow shoppers. At the same time letting the people who are wondering if this guy was a threat to relax.

But instead we have pro an anti-gun activists battling over if the average citizens should have any guns at all. It takes just a look around to realize there are threats among us. We live in a violent society and because of that it would be irresponsible to not have a plan for that contingency. But a little common sense would be a great thing.

The problem is that in this country, there is always the mentality of “I want my rights! Even if it curtails someone else’s rights.  Any problem in society can be resolved with compromise, but that would require of course that all parties be rational enough to listen to the each other and come to an agreement based on tending to each other’s fears and needs. For example maybe required training for a person to be licensed to own a gun. The criteria being they have to take a course on gun safety and a check to see if there is a history of mental illness. They would be licensed to have guns but not be required to register each gun which addresses the fear of 2nd amendment activist that the government will confiscate their guns at some point.

We live in a “type “of democratic society the idea being that we hire people to decide who is going to get what they want and who isn’t. This of course leaves us with up to 50 percent of the population not getting what they want or need. I read one of the 2016 presidential hopefuls saying addressing the needs of the collective is more important than addressing the needs of the individual. Isn’t it just common sense that if you preserved the right of all individuals it would ultimately save the rights of more of the collective?

There was the debate recently of “Hobby Lobby” company refusing to provide birth control for women. All though I don’t agree with their reasoning it is in my opinion their right to make that stand. They should be required to inform all new hires and employees of that fact giving the employees the information they need to exercise their rights as to whether they want to work there or not. A compromise could be that they provide insurance as they normally would and the employee have the opportunity to add the birth control availability to their policy at their own cost. That way the employee can get what they need and the company doesn’t have to go against their religious beliefs.

We are all human beings. No one really has a right to decide what another is to believe or desire. If we honor EVERYONE’S rights there is a good chance we would be on our way to some level of peace.


Tarot Card Reading

 Tarot Card Reading.

I started years ago reading tarot cards and have always been amazed at the various attitudes surrounding them. I’ve seen people act as if they are the gateway to the spirit realm, wrapping them in silk and guarding them as if another person touching them would render them useless. I have seen folks that sleep with them and then of course those that see them as a game or parlor trick.

Although I don’t really use them unless someone asks for them specifically. I do see them as a tool that can break a barrier keeping you from the information the client needs. In my opinion they’re nothing more than a trigger for the intuition or a source of confirmation when things get confusing.

In one of my first Tarot classes I taught, I waited for everyone to get settled in the classroom. When I saw everyone was paying attention, I acted as if I accidentally knocked the cards off the table. I literally heard gasps as the cards scatter across the floor. I could see the uneasy expressions on many of the students so I asked “OK, now what do I have to do to get them to be readable again?”  There were many answers ranging from burying them in sand, putting them in a crystal bowl and make it ring as crystal bowls do. One woman said I needed to take them home and sleep with them, her idea being that the cards need to absorb my vibration.  I then said “here is what you need to do to make them readable” I gave a pause for effect then said “Just pick’em up, they’re just cardboard with pictures.”” The power is in you”

I don’t feel it’s healthy to attach yourself in any way to an inanimate object whether it be cards, crystals or rabbits foot. Although everything has a vibration and can affect you in some way, it still boils down to your own openness and attention to all the thoughts, images and impulses that make up the language of your intuitive mind.

Albert Einstein said “if you can’t explain a concept simply enough so anyone can understand it, you don’t know it well enough yourself.”

I totally agree with that statement. So much so that I have rendered the tarot classes down to such a degree that I can now teach a person to be proficient in Tarot reading in a matter of 45 minutes.

Remember Intuitive work is as simple as you make it.

See You Soon


Robert Caruso

Professional Psychic and Life Coach


I teach that class at “The Intuitive Academy” at 1113 Hampshire Lane Richardson, Texas

You can check the calendar for class times by going to The Intuitive Academy section of this site.



Munay KI Rites

In the many years I have worked in the metaphysical field as a professional psychic, I have seen healing and energy work come and go. Some are good, most of them a bit silly (imho).

Back in 2010, I was going through an extremely tough time in my life. A time that had me questioning pretty much every aspect of my existence. I was experiencing the sudden death of an immediate family member, the end of a relationship of almost 10 years, and noticing the shameful level of corruption in the metaphysical field ,a field that not only saved my life but I have lived and breathed for 27 years.all in the same weekend.

I have been involved in Shamanism most of my adult life and it so happened two of the shamans I was closest to happened to be in the area. They came over at the critical point and administered the Munay KI Rites. They gave me 2 rites per session per week until I had completed all 9 (it took 5 weeks). After the first two I woke up ad felt like I was in love with the world. I was shown the issues I needed to address and received the feeling of a new beginning. The emotional pain still came and went but I was able to see it for what it was easier.

It was definitely a life saver and helped to change my life and augment my ability as a psychic 100 fold. I have since noticed Munay KI Rites were similar to modalities used by Shamans in the Shapibo Indian tribe in the Amazon Rain Forest during their Ayahuasca ceremonies.

The Munay KI Rites are powerful but they affect everyone different in accordance with whatever they are going through or has gone through.

I recommend it so highly I have facilitated at least 180+ people at the tie of this article.

Munay ki Rites are usually given with no real meditation or visualization. I on the other hand have added it because of the day to day stresses most people go through. It helps to get people in the mode for complete connection.

I now facilitate the Rites to a new group of people every month and I am ecstatic with the results that my groups report. You are invited to get involved in the Munay Ki Rites just give me a call at 469-546-8017 and reserve your spot.




Gender Wars! Really?

I read a lot on the internet about the abuse of women by men. Within the political arena it is something that is out of control and can’t be denied. Abuse of all forms should be stopped in its tracks. But what I am seeing is a lot of reference to is abuse within relationships coming from the man towards the woman.

Although I agree that this is the case most of the time, it is also true that men are affected by abuse as well. Every man at one time or another receives abuse from the woman who was supposed to love him. Most men are taught that they should never show soft emotions and that being too attentive leaves you open to be used and abandoned. Many men succumb to this treatment and eventually lash out violently or verbally. I am not saying all violence or abuse against women is provoked, and to be clear, there is never a justification for abuse. However, what I am saying is that abuse is on both sides and should be acknowledged in that regard.

How many times have we heard a woman complain about the guy being sneaky or hard to talk to? But we have photos and quotes talking as if it is a virtue for a woman to be verbally vague and manipulative. We have men being slammed for criticizing a woman’s breasts or ass when we have humorous anecdotes about the size of a man sex organ or his ability in bed. The dirt is on both sides of the road folks, and to not acknowledge that is a disservice to the reader and part of the problem between the genders.


Child Race

The Child Race

The human race seems to be a child race. Instead of looking for ways to be free and self-reliant, a devastating majority of the population seems to be looking for a replacement for mommy, daddy, and big brother or sister. They are caught in the belief that without someone else holding the future of their life in their hands they will perish or be overtaken by evil. They lack the guts to face life and its trials based solely on their own beliefs. They believe the lie that tells them if they acquire things and the “illusion” of power, then they are self-reliant. While in reality, the power they have can be snatched from them by the sociopath they have put in control.

The government can take your wealth, your property, your freedom and even your life with the stroke of a pen. We have to pay for money they borrow, not only without our consent, but even without our knowledge. We have to pay them to own a house, land or just to park or drive a car. They level laws on us that cost us huge amounts of money and we have for the most part no clue it is happening. They tell us what we can put in our bodies, who we can marry; they try to legislate our beliefs and behavior. Much of the time they use their own religion as a basis for these ridiculous laws. How can you make a law based on religion, when religion by definition is actually only theory that is different from one person to another? When religion doesn’t work as a reason for a law, then they resort to fear tactics and subliminal information. Why is this so out of control?

We seem to be a population that craves rules and rulers. We have a ridiculous civilization to have so many levels of rulers and people in “authority”. It doesn’t seem to be enough to have an out-of-control federal government, but we also have state, county, city rulers. Some folks are forced to pay to have someone tell them how they can live in their own home, in the form of H.O.A’s. When are we going to grow up enough as a race that we don’t need this kind of nonsense? When are we going to stop searching for someone to worship, or a daddy, mommy, or big brother or sister to protect us and tell us what is right? We live in a society that allows and even promotes the idea and practice of having or needing someone else controlling us, and then we complain when we are controlled.

I hear so many republican politicians say they are in support of freedoms, but seek to limit the freedom everyone else can have. Republicans aren’t alone, Democrats also try to pass bills forcing people to do things they don’t believe in based on the needs of someone else. These self-proclaimed demigods tempt young men and women with the idea of becoming a “hero” and “fighting to protect our freedom”, but they are made to destroy people who cannot and do not pose any threat to our freedom at all.

How can we believe that these are moral, family oriented people with a love for life and peace when they order the murder of innocent men, women, and children, all over the world for no verifiable reason? Ask yourself, if the politicians or their family members were made to fight these baseless wars themselves, would there ever be a war at all?  This out-of-control hypocrisy would be comical if it wasn’t so tragically devastating to the lives of so many people worldwide.

When will we develop the courage as a race overall, to devise a rule of law that is based on protecting liberty and the rights of all individuals, and turn from being the inept race of hypnotized cowards that we have become?


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